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Starting Time For Bridge

Please Note Our Club Game Starts at 7.15 Sharp, So it would be very helpfull

if everyone made an effort to attend by 7.05 in order to help the Tournament

Director(s) plan for numbers

Link To CAVBC Website

Hi Everyone,

As it looks like it will be some months yet before we return to face to face bridge, on-line bridge has become our lifeline. Foxhall has teamed up with Bayside Bridge Club to form FoxBay our virtual bridge club. FoxBay has teamed up with CAVBC, an association of bridge clubs in the Clontarf area, consisting of Vernon, St. Anthony's, Clontarf, Raheny and St, Gabriel's.

Bridge is available five night's a week Monday to Friday and is open to all members of the CAVBC and FoxBay. Results of all competitions are available on CAVBC's website along with advise on how to make the best of your online experience, the link to CAVBC's website is below

CAVBC Website



Our Clubhouse
Our Clubhouse
Welcome to Foxhall Bridge Club
Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful new year. It has been a difficult year for all of us, so here's hoping 2021 brings something better. Stay safe (and Sober) wink I've attached a link below to a document from the DNR wishing you all a merry Christmas and advising about arrangements for the Norma Madden Trophy and The McLoughlin Cup.

Best Wishes From DNR.docx

McHugh's Centra's Support For FoxBay

A Very Big Thank You To McHugh's Centra And Wine & Dine

Hi Folks,
As we advised earlier, FoxBay is planning on returning the funds we recovered from BBO to our members who contributed to the fund. In order to do this, we plan to award vouchers to the winners in our club games in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We will start to award the vouchers from the 10th of November, as next week some of you may wish to play in the Sims Pairs rather than our club game.
The prizes will be a €25.00 voucher for first, €20.00 for Second, and €15.00 for third.
We approached McHugh's Centra in Greendale to purchase the vouchers, and they have very generously agreed to give us extra vouchers to the value of 10% of the fund. The McHugh family and Wine and Dine have been extremely supportive of our club and our charity games over the years, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their generosity.



28th January 2021
FoxBay Virtual Club Results
4th February 2021
FoxBay Virtual Club Results
11th February 2021
FoxBay Virtual Club Results
FoxBay Virtual Club Results
Scorer: JOHNFT
#13571 Pairs OPEN Clontarf VBC (StG)
Scorer: JOHNFT
FoxBay Virtual Club Results
Scorer: Michael Okeeffe