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Starting Time For Bridge

Please Note Our Club Game Starts at 7.15 Sharp, So it would be very helpfull

if everyone made an effort to attend by 7.05 in order to help the Tournament

Director(s) plan for numbers

Our Clubhouse
Our Clubhouse
Welcome to Foxhall Bridge Club
Sofia's Wish To Dance

Hi Folks,

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who supported our charity game for Sofia's Wish To Dance. Because of your generosity, it was a great success, and thankfully helped to bring Sofia's dream come true. They managed to achieve their target and are now setting in motion their plans to bring her to America to have her operation. It's heartwarming to see how generous people can be when called upon to support a worthy cause, and all of you have shown generosity, in spades,(no pun intended) Give yourselves a big pat on the back you all deserve it.



Link To CAVBC Website

Hi Everyone,

As it looks like it will be some months yet before we return to face to face bridge, on-line bridge has become our lifeline. Foxhall has teamed up with Bayside Bridge Club to form FoxBay our virtual bridge club. FoxBay has teamed up with CAVBC, an association of bridge clubs in the Clontarf area, consisting of Vernon, St. Anthony's, Clontarf, Raheny and St, Gabriel's.

Bridge is available five night's a week Monday to Friday and is open to all members of the CAVBC and FoxBay. Results of all competitions are available on CAVBC's website along with advise on how to make the best of your online experience, the link to CAVBC's website is below

CAVBC Website



Brain Teaser

Ok I'm sure by now you are all climbing the walls, so here's a little brain teaser

to help you exercise your grey matter and hopefully while away al little of

the time that we all have in abundance these days.


The lead is the jack of spades. Can you see how to make 7 No Trump?

East                                              West

7.                                                       A.K.Q.

A.K.                                                  Q.J.10.

A.Q.J.                            2

A.K.Q.                                           J.

(Answer Tomorrow if you haven’t figured it out by then )

FoxBay Virtual Club
FoxBay Virtual Club
FoxBay Virtual Bridge Club