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23rd May 2023 21:14 BST
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Our fourth  ONLINE  YEATS  COUNTRY  BRIDGE  CONGRESS will be held over the weekend of Friday 9th June to Sunday 11th June 2023 - more details later.  All welcome.




Welcome to fob - Irish Bridge Results

Sligo (Yeats Country) Charity Bridge Congress BBO June 9th-11th 2023


Friday 9th - Mixed Pairs 7.30pm - 10.20pm

Friday 9th - Inter "B" Pairs 7.30pm - 10.20pm

Friday 9th - Novice Pairs 7.30pm - 10.00pm

Friday 9th - Open Pairs 7.30pm - 10.00pm

Friday 9th - Fast Friday Open Pairs 8.15pm - 10.00pm

Saturday 10th - Congress Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm (Minimum 30 brds)

Saturday 10th - Area Master Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm 

Saturday 10th - Inter A Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm

Saturday 10th - Inter B Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm

Saturday 10th - Novice Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm

Saturday 10th - Open Pairs @ Saturday 11th - 1 Session 7.30pm

Sunday 11th @ 7.00pm Congress Teams (30 boards)

Sunday 11th @ 7.00pm Congress INTERMEDIATE Teams (24 boards)

Sunday 11th - Gala Open Pairs @ 7.30pm

Sunday 11th -Inter B Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm

Sunday 11th -Novice Pairs 1 Session 7.30pm

Feel Free to Join us on BBO

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'Sligo and Friends’ Schedule
Monday nights - Sligo and Friends at 8.15 pm - 10.05 p.m.  Open - All Welcome.
Tuesday Nights - we have three separate pair games i.e. one for 'Novices', one for 'Inter B' and a third game for 'Intermediate A' players - All Welcome.  
Also on Tuesday Nights we have our 15 board 'Individual' competition at 8.15 p.m. playing 'Acol' weak no-trump, 4 card majors, stayman, weak two openings.
Wednesday Nights - Sligo and Friends at 8.15 pm - 10.15 p.m.  Open - All Welcome.
Thursday Nights - we have our Friendly Intermediate Pairs at 8.15 pm - 10.15 p.m.  All Novices and Intermediates Welcome.
Friday Nights - Sligo and Friends - Fast Friday (6 mins per board) at 8.15 pm - 10.00 p.m.  Open - All Welcome.

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Web Site
Web Site

For information and results on games organised by

Discuss a few hands with your partner from our Sligo and Friends games

Starting January 2023 we will be picking two interesting and instructive boards each night to hopefully help us all improve our game.  If we can learn one little thing each night we play we will be very popular partners in no time at all.

You will find these hands in the menu at the left hand side of your screen.  Enjoy.


#44355 Sligo & Friends - Fast Friday OPEN FOB
#40262 Friendly Inter A & B Pairs (Sligo Ireland) FOB
Phoenix Bridge Club - Wed 31st May 2023 - Section A