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COVID Information

We are very excited to re-open our Club on Monday 3rd August and are looking forward to welcoming you back at our bridge tables.


We have taken every precaution that we can envisage to make you safe:

  • We have completed a risk assessment that is displayed on the club's notice board.
  • We currently limit sessions to 4 tables.  There is a booking system; if there are more then 8 pairs booked, the extra pairs will be on a reserve list.
  • Our tables have perspex screens.  
  • Each table has its own set of boards.
  • We play a Mitchell movement to ensure that only one player touches the bridgemate.
  • We sanitise everything that has been touched or was in use during a session.
  • We use different tables, bidding boxes, bridgemates and boards for consecutive sessions, allowing at least 72 hours to pass before reuse.
  • We use gloves when handling tables, boards, bidding boxes, bridgemates, boards and refreshments.


Please take note of the following guidlines:

  • Please do not join a session if you display any of the following symptoms: raised temperature, dry cough, loss of smell and taste, general unwellness.
  • Please use hand sanitiser when you enter the club.
  • Please keep social distancing to other players of at least 1m at all times.
  • Coffee, teas and chocolate bars are readily laid out.  Please use a tissue when you touch the hot water dispenser or kitchen taps.  Leave the empty cups in the kitchen sink.
  • Please take a bidding box on entry and keep it with you at all times.
  • North is in charge of the bridgemate.  He/she will enter the score, show it to east for approval, and then will press the approval button.