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Brian Moreton

In Memoriam by Bernie Hunt:

Sadly Brian passed away on Sunday 31st May.  

Brian only started to play bridge seven years ago, but he soon became an accomplished bridge player.

He ran the Friday afternoon supervised sessions together with Terry, and always shared his in-depth bridge knowledge with the learners.

On Wednesday mornings Brian used to play with his friend Alan.  There were several ladies who would always ask to be on "Brian's table".   As there was only room for two each week, Ann, who ran the session, had to make sure that he was shared equally amongst the ladies across the weeks.

When I bought an interactive board a few years ago, little did I know how complicated the setup would become.  Brian came to my rescue;  he wrote the programme to run it from scratch, he set up  interfaces and supporting files, and he created elaborate interactive teaching presentations that would have put many young computer wizards to shame.  Brian soon became fully responsible for the board, and it was his pride and joy to make it run smoothly and working without fail.

Last September, Brian took over running the teaching class and captivated his audience with his great powerpoint lessons and his entertaining teaching style.  His daughter, Eleanor, told me that he really enjoyed getting back to teaching as he had taught at the Anglo European school in Ingatestone before retiring. 

Behind the scene, Brian edited all the booklets about bridge topics and brought order into everything he touched - the computer files, the teaching notes, he even tamed the cable chaos for - in his words - health and safety reasons.

Brian's passing will be a great loss to the club.  We all will miss him as a bridge partner, a teacher, a mentor and, above all, as a true friend.