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Board 3 Saturday 27th June

Today sinteresting hand. South clearly has a 2♣ opening bid.
North should always make a "Waiting Bid" of 2 .
Now we come to the critical moment.
Should South bid 2NT to show 23-24 balancedish or should they bid 2 ?
Route 1. 2NT rebid then North should bid 4NT which is a "Quantitative Bid"
It says to partner "If you are minimum please Pass, if you are maximum please bid 6NT"
You need to do this in case we only have 32 HCPs missing two Aces.

Route 2 South rebids 2 . North should now bid 2NT as a second waiting bid to see if
South has another suit. Much to North surprise South bids 3♣ .
At this point North visualises 6♣ /7♣ /6NT/7NT.How do we get there?
There is a fairly new convention known as Minorwood. When a minor suit has been agreed
a bid of four of that minor asks about the Five "Aces", the K♣ is the fifth Ace.
4 =1 or4  4 = 0 or 3  4♠ = 2 or 5 without the Q♣  and 4NT would be 2 or 5 with Q♣ 
It is extremely rare that South will have all five "Aces" but it happened today.
After South bids 5♠ North can ask for Kings by bidding 5 (its 5 because 4N and 5♣ would be to play)
South now bids 5 to say "I either have K  or the other two Kings" North now knows it is K  as they have ♠ K.
We now eliminate 6♣ and 7NT as possible contracts. 6NT is now safe and will score better than 6♣ .
7NT is unlikely as we are missing  K. We know partner has  AKxxx at least. Two of our losing Diamonds can go
on  AK  If partner has J we can make 7♣ , if partner has a 6 card Heart suit they can set up winning Hearts.

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