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Bernies Quizzes
Bidding Quiz No.2

World Championships 1996, Rhodes, Greece

Your partner siitting North opens 1♥.
What's your bid.
The clue is that all the Souths bar one bid the same thing
What was the bid made by all bar one?

More tomorrow

1NT. THE "Dustbin Bid"
It is three denials
1. I do not have four of your suit and probably not three
2. I do not have four of a suit above yours
3. I do not have 10+HCPs

For those of you who read your bible it could be called the St Peter bid

Because the Bulgarian South had bid "2 over 1" showing 10+ HCPs his patner used old fashioned Roman Keycard Blackwood and South bid 5 showing one of the "Five Aces"
Thus the Bulgarians were in 6♣ -1. The rest of the room were in either 3NT by South with the  K protected on the lead or 5♣ by North


You are sitting South and you are playing Standard English, 4 card majors with a weak No Trump. What would you bid?


There are technically two correct bids.

The experts bid 2 Clubs to give partner as much room to rebid as possible.

2NT is technically correct, but this bid is not available to those who use the "Jacoby 2NT" bid showing a game going hand with major suit support.

2 Spades is an underbid. I can understand why as you have HCP too many and a Spade less than you should.

3 Spades is a guess when 3NT may be the right contract if partner only has four Spades.

If you bid 2 Hearts you need to look at the frame on the wall at the club. 1 Spade (pass) 2 Hearts shows 5+ Hearts and 10+ HCPs. The logic is that you are not allowing partner to show their hand if they have five Spades and four or five Diamonds and a weak hand where they cannot Reverse.

You can cope with partner bidding 3 Clubs as you now know they have five Spades. They would bid No Trumps if they didn't have five Spades and four Clubs.



Play of the hand test

West has opened 3♠ Vulnerable. North doubles (they might have bid 3N) South bids 4 

The opening lead is ♠ K     What card do you play at trick one?

No need to answer as the answer is there for you   Email Bernie for any queries

You can count ten tricks so what is this all about. 

You have to play a small Spade at trick one and a small Spade at trick two and a small Spade at trick three!!!

If you play the Ace of Spades at trick one you lose £100 instead of winning £620

If you listened to the auction you would realise thae that East is void in Spades