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Congrats to the following members who have achieved new Masterpoint Rankings:

Evelyn Richards -  Ruby Life Master - 1500 MP

Congrats from your Fiddlehead Family


Unit 230 - 2020 Race Leaders

As at October 6, 2021

Based on the ACBL Unit Race Results the 2021 leaders are:

2021 Helen Shanbrom - Ace of Clubs


0-5 Ruth Hawkes

5000-7000 Mary Cotter

> 10,000 Garnet Demerchant


2021 Mini McKenney


0-5 Ruth Hawkes

5000-7000 Mary Cotter

> 10,000 Garnet Demerchant


News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

  Welcome Back Games Aug 16-27
All games held between August 16 and August 20th are Super Welcome Back games. We are celebrating our return to "green".
All games held between August 23 and August 27th are Welcome Back games. We are celebrating the return to face to face play. 
All games held during those 2 weeks will be awarding extra black points. We look forward to seeing more of us returning to face-to-face play, but please remember to wear your masks in all public areas of the building outside our playing area. Also if this is your first time returning since the province has returned to "green", you will need to bring proof of your double vaccinations.
Last updated : 10th Sep 2021 09:21 EDT
  Important changes and the summer schedule at Fiddlehead

Our AGM was held on May 20th, the Board was re-elected with only 1 change. Mary Cotter stepped down as Member at Large and Mike Whelton has taken her place. Minutes of the meeting, President’s Report and Financial Statements can be found on the website under the Members Section.  We have been very fortunate to come through the past year with a small surplus.  Please take a few minutes to review what has been posted from the Annual Meeting.

Fiddlehead Bridge Studio Inc.

Important Changes

  • On-line registration is no longer required for in-house games, except for Wednesday evenings (to ensure a 4-table minimum).
  • Virtual games hosted by FBS are no longer available.
  • FBS games at the venue will continue to follow Covid protocols until August 2, 2021
  • In person FBS games are as follows, with no cap on the number of players:
  1. Monday afternoon 1:00
  2. Tuesday morning  9:30
  3. Wednesday evening 6:30 (must register, minimum 4 tables)
  4. Thursday afternoon 1:00

Please arrive 20 minutes early to ensure preferred seating and allowing time for the Director to set up the game according to the number of players.  We hope to see you soon!


Premier Higgs has provided a pathway to Green with vaccinations the key to being restriction free. 

 Have a great summer.

 Sharon Nussey

Last updated : 10th Sep 2021 09:25 EDT
  BBO Account Setup links

BBO Account setup

BBO Account Setup

BB$ buying

BB$ Buying

Last updated : 15th May 2020 10:31 EDT
  ACBL is now offering special awards for face-to-face games. 
Hi all
ACBL is now offering special awards for face-to-face games. 
  • Clubs are allowed to run 8 weeks of Welcome Back games between July 1 and Dec. 31. These will replace the Club Championship games which allowed only one per quarter.
  • Clubs may also run 2 weeks of Super Welcome Back games in the same period. These will replace the Upgraded Championship games.
  • Clubs may also run any of the special games that they are accustomed to. We have always run special games in October for Jane Johnson month.
This will give all of us many opportunities to earn extra points between now and December 31. Starting this Monday, July 5th, Fiddlehead will run 2 full weeks of Welcome Back games. Find your partners. Bring back some of our members who we have not seen. Bring new partners. Let's have some fun at the club.
See you at the tables.
Last updated : 15th Sep 2021 12:21 EDT
  Fiddlehead Games all in club after today

Hello all,

Please announce to all of your members that Fiddlehead will run its last online bridge game on Monday night June 14 at 7:15pm. (We are hoping that we have seen the last of the lockdowns and we can move on.) We want to see all of you on Monday night for our last kick at online bridge. Fredericton opened our club to face-to-face (F2F) play after NB returned to the Yellow Phase. It has been a huge success and most of our members have returned to F2F play. For those who have not returned to F2F play, we are very happy that the NB Bubble of games will continue to welcome all of you and all of us.

All of us at Fiddlehead want to thank all of you for making the NB Virtual Bubble a success story. It allowed all of our clubs to survive and thrive during the pandemic. We have met so many players virtually and we are anxious to meet all of you F2F. Personally, I can't wait for our next game in Belleisle.

Carol Airst, Manager

Fiddlehead Bridge Studio

Last updated : 10th Sep 2021 09:26 EDT
  Request a Partner

If you are a visitor please email our partnership chair

If you are a member looking for a full time partner, please post this on our bulletin board

If you are looking for a temporary partner please follow the instructions below;

After you have completed your password re-set via your email, you can now request a partner:

1. Go to Fiddlehead Bridge Studio site (via Google or however you have the site saved)

2. Type in your email address and password. 

3. Select the "membership" tab from the menu on the left side. This will take you to the request partner page.

4. Check your email box and check the date  (scroll down or use your down arrow after clicking on the page, to see your dates) for which you request a partner THEN HIT "CONFIRM". 

5. This will automatically place your name etc as requesting a partner, on the "request a partner" page.

6. If someone contacts you to play, go back into the membership page and de-select your request by un-checking the box and then click "CONFIRM".

7. Before you request a partner, go to the membership page and see if someone is already looking for a partner for that day


Last updated : 9th Jul 2021 03:21 EDT
  Comprehensive update to the ACBL Alert Procedure (Copy)


Updates on ACBL’s Alert Procedures

Players Cheat Sheet

ALL players must understand that with conventional bids that are ALERTABLE you simply ALERT the bid in F2F bridge, online you MUST type in your partnership agreement when you make the bid.  When asked about the bid, please give a FULL explanation.  It is NOT the opponents responsibly to know the convention or your methods.


Announcement changes:

No-Trump transfer responses:

After partner OPENS 1 or 2 NT:

  • responder bids 2 - Transfer to Hearts or 2 transfer to Spades - The Announcement for this is to simply state the suit ie: 2= “Hearts” & 2 = “Spades”. 
  • Players using 4-way transfers – responding 2 to specifically show clubs will AnnounceClubs”; and a 2NT response showing diamonds will sayDiamonds
  • Responder bids 2 as an unspecified minor suit requiring opener to bid 3 - this is NOW and Alert.  If asked you will describe your agreement.
  • Responding over interference with a DOUBLE (Stolen bid) to show the next higher suit – you will Announce the specified suit.  (1NT, 2♥, Dbl – AnnounceSpades”)

Short Club Players:

This new Alert mainly pertains to Precision players and players who use a canape method of bidding.  This must be Pre-Alerted at the beginning of the round to make sure the opponents are prepared for the bid. 

If you play a “short club” non-forcing you must state the minimum number of clubs (opening 4-4-3-2 hands with 1, most common)

Announce –“could be as short as 2”, if you agree to open 4-4-4-1 hands 1 as well, then Announce could be as short as 1”

Traditional Negative Doubles are NOT alertable, but if the double shows just one suit or something other than a traditional Negative double it MUST be alerted



  • Any NATURAL jump shifts (especially in an uncontested auction) whether they are strong, weak or intermediate.
  • Direct cuebid or jump for a Michaels bid is NOT alerted.  If the direct cuebid shows anything other than Michaels or Unusual 2NT they MUST be alerted.


  • Jump in other minor for inverted minors (limit raise), or jump in other major for a limit raise, fit-showing jumps, and Bergen raises.

Support Doubles and Redoubles are NO LONGER Alertable

            ***NOTE Experienced players using Support Doubles should still explain to a newish player that the double is NOT penalty and shows 3-card support for partner’s major.  Many new players do not know what a ‘Support double’ is and may get confused.

2 Opening Bids - If partnership agreement is that a 2 opening bid may be based on one long suit or just 9+ tricks it MUST be alerted.  No alert required for normal 22+ points (or hands with more winners than losers).

Flannery players (and similar conventions), responders will by-pass a 4-card spade suit to bid a forcing NT, this must be Announced as “Could have 4 Spades”.


Slam investigating cue-bids or ace asking bids are NOT to be alerted during the auction.
BUT at the end of the auction the declaring side is obligated to disclose all information without any prompting from the opposition of cuebids. Ie showing 1st or 2nd round control.

And now the detailed version

The ACBL Board of Directors unanimously approved a comprehensive update to the ACBL Alert Procedure at their November meeting, the first major overhaul in 20 years. The new procedures go into effect Jan. 1, 2021. The full document is available here.

Bridge has never been a game of secret agreements. Your opponents are entitled to know just as much about what your bids mean as you do. Alerts have always been about making that process easier. Whether or not a call requires an Alert, you have an obligation to explain all of your partnership understandings related to that call upon the request of an opponent.


The first changes are at the beginning of the round. As before, you must pre-Alert the opponents if you play canape methods or different systems depending on seat or vulnerability (but not just because you play different ranges for opening 1NT). Additionally you now are required to pre-Alert if you play a system that includes at least one one-level opening bid that is not natural or that is forcing. This can be as simple as saying, “We play a strong club” or “We play 1♣ could be short.” You are no longer required to pre-Alert if you lead low from small doubletons. However, if you play this, it must be included in your answer when a declarer asks about your leads and carding.

Alert changes

The new Alert procedure starts from the principle that natural calls are not Alerted, and that artificial calls are Alerted. It then gives the deviations from that principle, spelling out the natural calls that must be Alerted (for example, a response to a one-level opening bid that is not forcing), and the artificial calls that do not require Alerts (for example, Stayman). The most common calls that have had their Alertability changed are as follows:

·        In an uncontested auction, no natural jumpshift (whether weak, intermediate or strong) requires an Alert.

·        A direct cuebid that is not Michaels (showing both majors over a minor, or a major and an unspecified minor over a major) requires an Alert.

·        Support doubles and redoubles no longer require an Alert.

·        An opening 2♣ bid that does not meet the definition of Very Strong requires an Alert. (This tends to apply to partnerships who agree to open 2♣ on hands with good playing strength, but many fewer high cards than normal. See the Convention Chart for the exact definition to see if it applies to you.)

Announcement changes

There were also a few changes to Announcements, with the biggest change for transfers. Instead of saying the word “transfer,” the Announcement is now the name of the suit being transferred to. For example, in the auction 1NT–2♥, where partner’s 2♥ showed spades, instead of Announcing “transfer,” you will now Announce “spades.”

This Announcement is used in any situation where your partner is showing length in a specific other suit, as well as for doubles or redoubles that show the next suit up. For example, if you play that 2♠ shows clubs in the auction 1NT–2♠, then you would announce “clubs.” However, if you play that 2♠ shows either minor in the auction 1NT–2♠, then you must say “Alert,” even if the 1NT opener is expected to always bid clubs.

An example of the rule for doubles is if you play that after a 1♣ opening is overcalled with 1♦, that a double shows hearts (and says nothing about spades as a traditional negative double would), then you would announce “hearts” when your partner doubled. Traditional negative doubles are never Alerted or Announced.

Instead of saying “could be short” for a non-forcing minor-suit opening that might contain fewer than three cards, you must say the minimum number of cards in the suit, as in “Could be one.”

If you have the agreement to routinely bypass a four-card spade suit to bid a forcing or semi-forcing 1NT over 1♥, then you add “could have four spades” to the “forcing” or “semiforcing” Announcement. This is most likely applicable to pairs playing Flannery.

Delayed Alerts

The rules for delayed Alerts have slightly changed, with the main difference being that at the end of the auction, the declaring side should explain any delayed Alerts and point out any control bids that were made during the auction without a requirement for the defense to ask about them. By having the declaring side explain these calls without prompting, there should be fewer cases of the person not on lead asking about calls before they should.

Learning curve

In any time of change, there will be people who make honest mistakes trying to apply the new rules, and there are no automatic penalties for making a mistake. As with the old rules, be guided by the principle that the goal of the Alert procedure is to let the opponents know what you play.


Last updated : 9th Jul 2021 03:29 EDT
  See who needs a partner

On the home page:

Go to "calendar" and it will show you who needs a partner for the entire month, or at least for all of the scheduled games within the month, once the game director schedule is updated.


Last updated : 7th Mar 2017 03:34 AST
  Tip of the Week

Insufficient Bid!

If you make an Insufficient bid, do not rush to change it. You have options and you also have restrictions. Call the Director and have him/her outline your options. The opponents do not have the option to tell you what to do.

Director Please!

Many players are hesitant to call the Director because they feel they are "ratting out" their opposition. The role of the Director is to ensure equity in the game. Please remember everyone in the room is, actually, playing everyone else in the room, so the Director has to ensure that there is no unfair advantage on any given hand that might benefit or penalize the other players in the room. Therefore, call the Director when there is any irregularity. BTW, the correct way to summon the Director is to put your hand in the air and say " director please".

Claims and Concessions:

If, as declarer, you can see that you will definitely win all the remaining tricks, or a definite number of the remaining tricks, please claim, but in doing so remember that you must make a statement as to how you will play the rest of the hand, and this must include a reference to how you will handle any trumps still held by the defenders (otherwise they can argue that you had forgotten they were still out). Equally, as defender, if it’s totally obvious that your side will win (or lose) the last, say, two or three tricks, please make a claim (or concession). Remember a claim is not a simple show of your hand and stating that you have the remainder of the tricks!

Be Aware

We all occasionally encounter situations where we are not sure what partner’s bidding means. There exists an added responsibility if that uncertainty arises from a convention you and your partner have agreed to play. In these situations, you should tell your opponents all you know. Sometimes, the director will even ask you or your partner to step away from the table so that the opponents can talk openly with the remaining player. The actively ethical player does everything possible in these situations to bring his opponents back to even terms to remove any possible disadvantage accruing to them from his side’s failure to have a complete conventional understanding.   


Ghost Busters.

If you notice any irregularity in your score the Director is the person to call. From the Director you will receive instructions on how the game score will be corrected, if that need be.

Last updated : 26th May 2017 04:23 EDT
  Slow Play

There will always be occasions when you have a particularly difficult hand, or something goes wrong and you have to call the director and end up finishing boards late.  However, consistent slow play to the extent of repeatedly holding up the next table or the pair following is not fair on them, and can result in the spoiling of their game.  They are usually rushed to make up the time you lost.

To help speed things up:

1.  Arrive in good time to allow the director sufficient time to set up the game.

2.  If you are on lead, please make your lead before writing the contract down on your card; if dummy, put down your hand before writing down the contract.

3.  Keep discussions of the hand just played until after all the boards are played at your table, and then only if there is sufficient time.

4.  Try to keep to a reasonable speed for your bidding and play.  You are allowed 15 minutes for two board rounds and 20 minutes for three board rounds.

5.  If you finish a round late, please make every effort to catch up during the next one; as Audrey Grant says, if you can't play well, at least play fast!

Last updated : 13th Feb 2019 13:42 AST
  Email from Fiddlehead Bridge Club

When you registered as a member of our club and provided us with your email, it was with the implied agreement that you would accept occasional email from our club keeping you up-to-date of club news and notices from someone responding to your partner request and forgotten password reset.

If you no longer wish to receive email from our club please use the UNSUBSCRIBE option on the email you have received. Do not use the JUNK option.

If people use the JUNK option, your email provider may block all email coming from BridgeWebs for all members of all clubs that use that email provider.

If you can't find any email from us, please check your junk mail folder. If email from our club is in your junk mail folder please add to your contacts list. If this doesn't allow future email from our club to appear in your inbox, please contact us.

Thank You

Last updated : 16th Oct 2019 11:50 EDT



  1. Members must wear a well-fitting mask (their own) from the time they enter the building at 800 St. Mary’s Street until they leave the building at the end of the game. Face Shields are not to be worn unless there is a serious health issue with the member.
  2. Members must be healthy and not suffering from any of the covid-19 symptoms.
  3. Members should not arrive for the game before 30 minutes of game time.
  4. When members arrive, they must use the hand sanitizer and thoroughly sanitize their hands.
  5. They should find a table as quickly as possible and sit down.
  6. Members should have only $5.00 bills ($10.00 for a couple) for the table fee. We do not want to make change.
  7. While members are in the bridge room and not playing at a table, they must remain 2M (6Ft.) from other members whenever possible.
  8. Members should have their own writing implements; the club will not provide pencils/pens for the present time.
  9. Members will write their names on the bidding boxes.
  10. East/West will carry their bidding box to each table as they progress through the game.  If there is a Howell movement, everyone will carry their bidding box with them as they move.
  11. North is the only one to handle the bridgemates.  North will enter everyone’s number into the machine, show the machine to each player to verify the score (no one else is to touch the bridgemate).
  12. There will be no snacks, coffee, tea, water for the present time. If members want a beverage, they must bring their own, but are discouraged from doing this, and will not be permitted to drink the beverage at the playing table.
  13. All members must sanitize their hands once each round is over and before east/west moves to the next table.
  14. Please do not touch any of the cabinets/cupboards in the game room unless asked by the Director.
  15. When the game is finished, players are to sanitize the tables and chairs with the Lysol spray
  16. Members should leave the building while maintaining the required social distance.
  17. Results of the game will be found on the website and ACBL Live.  The TV monitor will not be on in the club room.


Last updated : 10th Sep 2021 09:27 EDT
  Current Game Schedule as of June 17, 2021



updated June 17, 2021

Monday afternoon 1:00 Open Pairs on site

Tuesday morning   9:30 Open Pairs on site

Wednesday evening 6:30 Open Pairs on site⋇ (must register on line, 4 tables minimum)

Thursday afternoon 1:00 Open Pairs on site


Last updated : 19th Jun 2021 13:36 EDT