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29th May 2020 22:09 BST
BBO On-line Swiss Pairs
29th May 2020 17:04 BST
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BBO On-line Swiss Pairs
BBO On-line Swiss Pairs

BBO Swiss Pairs tournament

In most respects it will be the same as normal Swiss Tournament but using BBO
It will be played as 6 matches of 8 boards using a dulicated set of boards.
Each match will be played as teams of four but results will be scored as match points across the field
Due to practical limitations it will played on Sundays over six weeks.
For more information contact Nigel Richardson

This is an open competition. No club or association membership is required.
Help will be available to players who are unfamiliar with BBO see BBO Introduction

The entry fee per pair will be £15 (£12 for Exeter members) payable to Exeter Bridge Club.
Note - substitute partners (or pairs) will be permitted.

The start will be on Sunday 31st May commencing at 11am and/or 2pm.

Note that although each match is played in a teams format the results are collated as match points.
That vital over trick or extra 10 points in No Trumps may make all the difference.

Entries now closed.

Details of assignments for first round (pdf download) - please review!

For players setting up matches the following help files are available Set Up Instructions & Loading Deal Files.
Match lineups will be set on Friday evening and published here. A host for each match will be identified.
The host will be responsible for confirming the time of the match and setting up the match with the supplied deals.
After the matches the scores will be recovered and the match pointed results published on the Exeter website.