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A reminder of some comments made at the AGM. 

Will members please try & park tidily 'cos when we have a full house parking becomes somewhat cramped. 

Also a reminder for members to help in the kitchen - particularly towards the end of the evening.  It is not unusual for the director to spend a considerable amount of time clearing up after play.   If there is a half table, can the last non-playing half ensure the kitchen is clear before they leave.


Visitors are welcome on all evenings, phone the Sec (Sue Kariuki) 01483 271684 or our Chairman (Derek) 01483 272890 first, or speak to any Committee Member so we know to expect you.  Please be aware our start time is 1930hrs, so vistors should be at the Club at around 1910hrs.

Privacy Policy

What personal data do Ewhurst & Ellens Green Bridge Club collect, and what is it used

We routinely collect names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. We use these
for the administration of your membership and the communication of information.
We collect the scores from the games you play with ScoreBridge, these are displayed on our
results pages & forward the scores then to the EBU for the master point & National Grading
System (NGS) scheme.

Where does this data come from?

You supply it when you complete your membership application form.

How is your data stored?

It is stored on our IT Officer’s computer with a protected password.

Who is your data shared with?

With other members of Ewhurst & Ellens Green Bridge Club (printed on our Club card to
facilitate finding partners)
It is also passed on to the English Bridge Union (EBU), of which you become a member
when you join the Ewhurst & Ellen’s Green BC. The EBU shares data with its associated
charity, English Bridge and Development (EBED), since it shares offices & data systems with
them, and also with Surrey our nominated County of allegiance.
Information from your results is also passed on to the EBU for use in its master point & NGS
schemes, unless you have chosen to have your NGS grade kept private, and this may be used
for stratification and handicap purposes.
Your personal data is not passed on by us to organisations other than those indicated above,
whether or not connected with bridge.
Our IT Co-ordinator has access into our part of the EBU database, as does our Treasurer as
this contains invoice data as well. This is via the Club section found on the EBU website. It
is password protected.

How can you check what data we hold about you?

The data held by the Club can be checked by a request to the IT Officer,
Individuals can check their EBU individual personal data by logging into My EBU and going
to Account – My Details on the EBU website. You will need your own password to log in.

Can I opt out of having my details forwarded to the EBU?
You can indicate this by saying “I do not wish you to pass on my contact details to the EBU
and so would like to become an “Anonymous Member”. I understand that this means the
EBU will simply have a pseudonym on my record with my EBU number, and that I will not
be able to enter EBU competitions or receive my EBU benefits including English Bridge

What is the legal basis for collecting this data

We collect personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a
membership organisation and participant in an internationally recognised and regulated,
competitive mind sport.

How long do we keep your data for, & why

We normally keep members’data after they resign or their membership lapses in case they
later wish to rejoin. However, we will delete any former members’ contact details entirely on
Since underlying statistical data, like scores from bridge games, continues to be necessary in
relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected and processed, results from
events used for the NGS are not deleted by The Club or the EBU although they will no longer
be attributed to a player who does not want their data to be kept.
Historical ranking lists and prize lists are required for archiving purposes & names cannot be
removed from them.
We normally keep members’ information after they die. It will be removed if their next-of-
kin so request. We also inform the EBU at this time.