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A reminder of some comments made at the AGM. 

Will members please try & park tidily 'cos when we have a full house parking becomes somewhat cramped. 

Also a reminder for members to help in the kitchen - particularly towards the end of the evening.  It is not unusual for the director to spend a considerable amount of time clearing up after play.   If there is a half table, can the last non-playing half ensure the kitchen is clear before they leave.


Visitors are welcome on all evenings, phone the Sec (Sue Kariuki) 01483 271684 or our Chairman (Derek) 01483 272890 first, or speak to any Committee Member so we know to expect you.  Please be aware our start time is 1930hrs, so vistors should be at the Club at around 1910hrs.

Competition Winners
Club Trophy Page
The 2012 Awards are as follows
The Top Pair - Derek Gardner & Allan Brown
John & Betty Gale Trophy (teams)            Tony Hodge & Carole Warde
The Beryl Roseman Elephant for the most improved player over the year goes to Shelagh Warde
.  This is calculated by taking members average over the first 4 sessions of the year & comparing it with the last 4 sessions of the year.
2013 Awards
Top Pair:  Alex Harding & Adam Lea
Team Winners: Alison Gardner & Pat mortimore
Beryl Roseman Trophy: David Saker.
2014 awards
Top Pair  Carole Warde & Tony Hodge.
Team Winners  Val Howland & Peter Bond
Beryl Roseman trophy for most improved player:  Sue Kariuki
2015 Awards
Top Pair David & Rosemary Hickman
Team Winners  Tony Hodge & Carole Warde
Beryl Roseman trophy for the most improved play   Marjory Brown.
2016 Awards
Top Pair Tony Hodge & Carole Warde
Team Winners Tony Hodge & Carole Warde
Beryl Roseman Trophy for the most improved Player is Roy Glasper
2017 Awards
Top Pair.   Tony Hodge & Carole Warde
Team Winners. Roy Glasper & Alan Goldsmith
Beryl Roseman Trophy for most improved player is Lorraine Bullbeck
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