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Learn Bridge in a Weekend

Next dates for this noted 2-Day beginner weekend:

  • April 18th/19th 2020 - Paddington W2 3BP


Greater London Cancer Bridge Tournament
Greater London Cancer Bridge Tournament

Picture Shows Players At A Recent Final at the Royal National Hotel

The Cancer Research UK 44th Annual Greater London Bridge Tournament 2020 is now in progress.

The tournament is for pairs and runs from September to May.   Initially, players play in small local leagues of four or five pairs, playing chicago bridge matches either at your home or that of your opponents.  After a 1st round from September-December, league winners and runners-up advance to a second 'group stage' from January-April.  The leading 32 pairs from the second phase then play in a duplicate bridge final, which for the last few years has been held at the Royal National Hotel in London.

This annual bridge tournament provides players of all standards with an enjoyable social experience whilst supporting the hugely worthwhile work of Cancer Research UK.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links to find out further information about some of the events listed here:

English Bridge Union -

London Metropolitan Bridge Association -

Middlesex County Bridge Association -

Cafe Bridge Information -

Bridge with Ned Paul -

Welcome to Bridge Events in London

In play at Young Chelsea BC, principal venue for LMBA Events

Bridge Events in London
Bridge Events in London

WELCOME to this web site. This website is intended to list - in one place - all special open-to-all bridge events in London. 

The listing is intended to inform potential players of the full range of bridge events available in London, and also to allow organisers to avoid calendar clash.  Included are not only special club events - e.g. weekend swiss events, memorial tournaments, etc. but also social and charity events and cafe bridge drives within the M25.  Also listed are  'official' county events from both London (London Metropolitan Bridge Association) and Middlesex (Middlesex County Bridge Association), and EBU National Events where these are in London.

Specifically excluded are events put on by clubs that are aimed exclusively or primarily at their members. And for regular weekly duplicates, check the appropriate club's own website.

Event orgnisers are encouraged to send in details of their events for inclusion in this list and where a web link for further infomation is available this will be published too. Ideally your event flyer will be available online as a google doc or similar so, by sending me the link to post, a single click will allow interested players to see full information.

To send details of your events please contact the operator of this site Ned Paul via email -

Cafe Bridge

There is a huge range of Cafe Bridge events both within the London metropolitan area and outside.  Please check out Victor Lesk's calendar page to see the full list.

Results On This Website
Results On This Website

Event organisers are encouraged to post results on this webiste.  For 1-off events players are not always certain where to look and sometimes posting is not as prompt as players or interested connections would like. 

Most scoring systems can upload results to Bridgewebs quickly and efficiently.  If uploading please use the Bridgewebs site title 'eventsinlondon' and the password - all lower case - is the name of that handy 2♣ convention that we use to respond to 1NT. 

NB This is not the main password to the site and is limited to uploading results only.

Allfrey Team Retains 2020 Lederer

In an exciting finish Team Allfrey (Alexander Allfrey, Andrw Robson, Tom Paske and Ed Jones) retained the Lederer Trophy that the same team won last year. Team Ireland were 2nd and a team led by Zia Mahmood finished 3rd. This star-studded invitational teams event is staged annually by the LMBA.  Ten teams competed over the weekend of  February 22rd/23rd at The Royal Automobiole Club in Pall Mall.  Full details here.

Beckenham Cafe Bridge 2021
Director: Victor Lesk
Scorer: Victor Lesk
Wandsworth Cafe Bridge 2021
Director: David Muller
Scorer: Victor Lesk
#13375 ILB Inter-Livery Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Richard Banbury
Molesey Cafe Bridge 2021
Director: Victor Lesk
Scorer: Victor Lesk
#84740 Breakaway Charity Fundraiser
Scorer: Richard Banbury
#22675 Inter-Livery Bridge (ILB) Fund Raiser
Scorer: Richard Banbury
#67997 Interlivery (ILB) Bridge Duplicate Pairs
Scorer: Richard Banbury
#65054 ILB Pairs
Scorer: Richard Banbury
#7395 Inter-Livery (ILB) Bridge Competition
Scorer: Richard Banbury
Princess Alice Hospice - Richmond Friends' Committee Duplicate Bridge & Supper
Richmond BC, TW1 2PG
Director: Richard Banbury