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Partners or Team Mates Wanted
Partners / Team Mates Wanted

If you wish to enter on of the ECBA Competitions, but need a partner or Team Mates, please complete the form below. An email will be sent to the Tournament Secretary, and a row added to the Entrants' Spreadsheet. If there is interest, you will be contacted in due course. 

Please note:-

  1. Check the Entrants' Spreadsheet first, to see if anyone is already looking for a Partner / Team Mates for the Competition of interest. .
  2. This is currently an experimental service.
  3. The ECBA does not promise to find you a Partner or Team Mates.
  4. Using the form does not commit you to playing with whoever responds.
  5. Please be thick-skinned. The converse of the above is that others may not want to play with you. 
  6. You will be removed from the "Waiting List" when an entry bearing your name is received via the Entry Form, email, or other route. 
  7. If you want to withdraw your request, send an email to (preferably forward the confirmation email you received) letting us know. 


Partner / Team Mates Wanted - Application Form