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ECL Duties & Conduct
ECBA Squad Captains Duties - April 2015

  1. Squad captains will be members of the Selection Committee (SC).
  2. At the start of each selection year (usually February) they will meet and discuss the composition of their pools with the full SC. The details of the existing pools at the time will be available to the SC. The final selections will be agreed by the SC. It is expected that the composition of pools will be subject to on-going review with SC members making recommendations for discussion at any time.
  3. Once pairs’ availabilities are to hand the squad captains will allocate players to matches. Some liaison between squad captains will be required where players may be available to play in more than one squad.
  4. They will appoint a match captain for each division and ensure that he/she is familiar with the duties attendant on that role.
  5. They, or the Chair, will liaise with the ECBA Membership Secretary to advise players of their squad selection.
  6. By agreement one named member of the SC will act as first point of contact for representatives of other counties to deal with enquiries about practical matters eg venues.
  7. One week before each event the squad captains will confirm that all selected players and reserves remain available.
  8. The Chair will confirm in good time that booked venues and caterers remain available.
  9. Squad captains will monitor players’ performances and report any positive or negative trends to the committee.
  10. They will liaise with other members of the SC to select the teams for the Metropolitan Cup.
  11. The A squad captain and Chair will make recommendations to the SC for the composition of the Tollemache Cup team.
  12. The squad captains will submit a short report to the sub-committee if there are significant matters arising during the season eg technical strengths or weaknesses and conduct.
  13. The A squad captain will assist in preparing any reports on teams’ performances for the Chair to present to the main committee.
  14. If a squad captain is unavailable another SC member will assume temporary responsibility for his or her duties.

3rd April 2015

ECBA Team Captainsí Duties - April 2015

Team captains are effectively ambassadors for the County and as such have to observe a certain protocol. These points mainly relate to Eastern Counties League matches but the principles apply to all occasions.

  1. Team captains will introduce themselves to opposing captains and extend appropriate hospitality to visiting teams. The A team captain (“Match Captain”) should take the lead in matters of hospitality.
  2. Captains should ensure they can make contact with other team members directly and/or County officials should there be any significant delay to arrivals on the day.
  3. They should ensure all of their own team is present and seated in the correct orientation.
  4. They are responsible for collating scores and reporting results to their squad captains.
  5. At the end of matches the captain is expected to thank the opponents appropriately.
  6. In the event of a dispute captains should record the facts and act in a fair and objective manner.
  7. Team captains will hold half-time team talks as appropriate in order to encourage team-mates and resolve any outstanding problems.
  8. After the match team captains should make a short report to their squad captains highlighting any significant events.

3rd April 2015

ECBA County Representation Players' Code - April 2015

County representation is an honour and for many players represents the pinnacle of their achievement in Bridge.

The County expects that players will value their place and conduct themselves in a manner which is a credit to themselves, their team-mates and the County.

The County requires all representative players to adhere to these specific points:-

  1. To take every reasonable step to arrive at matches in good time ie. at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start.
  2. To ensure they have a contact phone number and have provided their team captain with their own number. This is particularly important for advising of delayed arrival at matches.
  3. At Eastern Counties League matches to stay at the venue during breaks and be sure of being ready for re-starts. It is not acceptable for players to absent themselves during breaks for the purpose of socialising away from the venue. Likewise players should remain at the venue at the end of the match until all formalities are complete.
  4. To treat each match not only as a competition but also as a social occasion and to behave in a cordial manner to opponents and team-mates alike.
  5. To encourage team spirit and avoid any action which may damage team morale.
  6. All players must have a convention card which conforms to prevailing EBU regulations.
  7. At the table:
    1. To introduce themselves to the opponents (first names need only be stated and seem to be the accepted norm).
    2. To behave in a civil manner at all times, including in the event of the need for a director’s ruling.
    3. In the event of a situation that a player believes has been dealt with unsatisfactorily by the director he/she should report the circumstances to their team captain at the next interval. Players should not enter into dispute with officials or opponents in an attempt to seek redress.
  8. The County discourages consumption of alcohol prior to, or during, matches.
  9. Players are not permitted to make substitutions on their own initiative. In the event a player is unable to play at short notice the squad captain must be informed. In these circumstances the nominated reserve pair will normally be asked to play. Any other substitution is at the discretion of the squad captain.

3rd April 2015