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SE & West Essex - Archive
SE & W Essex League 2014-15 Final Standings

The league results and tables are now hosted on the EBU Website. For your convenience, links are provided in the table below:

Essex South East Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Essex West Division 1    


Last updated : 4th Nov 2018 10:45 GMT
Teams & Final Positions

The uninitiated may find the team names in the above tables somewhat cryptic, so the team captains are provided in the table below, as are team members where known:

League Rank Team Name Captain Other Team Members
W Division 1 1 Waltham Forresters Tony Verran Stuart Dunstan, Andy Barker, Phil Mattacks
2 Loughton Collier Peter Scotting  Phil Collier, Michael Watson, Sandy Riach, Jacek Lapszys
3 Redbridge Margaret Curtis Nigel Bardsley, Alan Coral, David Sherman, Frank Morrison
4 Hatfield Heath Adrienne Tinn Hazel Miles, Michael Shine, Edward Cirket, Sara Barnett
5 New Foresters John Stimpson  
6 Goodmayes Billinge Warren Colman  
7 Loughton Cookies Marion Cook Susan French, Zuby Skinner, John Birch, Richard Newson, Tim Haubrick
8 Loughton O’Gara Pat O’Gara Pat Watson, Wendy Coldham, Pat Johnson
N/A The Good Guys Martyn Caswell  
S E Division 1 1 May & Baker Jill Tattersfield  Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey
2 Ultra Vires Graham Foster Simon Moorman, Jill Hair, Steve Cade-Bowyer
3 Barleylands Peter Oake Robert Elliott, David Clark, Alan Green
4 Hanley Rick Hanley Graham Beeton, Mike Sherer, Jeff Orton, Eric Newman
5 The Academics Paul Mollison Ray Clarke, Nicole Cook, Bernie Hunt, Gary Howchen
6 Taylor’s Dummies Sue Taylor Chris Taylor, David Piper, Les Curtis, Richard Perryman, Paddy Murrray
7 Crowstone Alan Cohen Allan Greenstein, Yvonne Dias, Richard Register
8 Chelmsford Green Audrey Hartley Alison Spencer, John Williams, David Cooper, Neil Bresler
S E Division 2 1 Ladies and the Tramps Catriona Lovett Mike Harbour, Sandy Smith, John Sutcliffe, Alan Eames
2 Chelmsford Blue Val Mollison Brian Davies, David Sparkes, Richard Eason
3 Unit Four Plus Two Linda Fleet Tim Connett, Steve Ensor, Albert Kitchin, Mary Homer
4 STC A T Chas Read Pat Read, Derek Roast, Steve Monk, David Aquino
5 Silent Trumpers Angela Fenton Ann Morgan, Monica Watters, Dave Hope
6 Weakenders Coral Fallon Jon Ward, Alan Aylott, Margaret Rastin
N/A Leigh Thorpe Alan Goss June Atkins, Sally Brown, Pat Nicklin
S E Division 3 1 Hutton Blue Maureen Vede George Vede, Dave Brace, Roger Bacon, Eric Field
2 Derek's Dominoes Wendy Williamson Derek Stewart, Angie Spittal, Lorraine Butler
3 Hadleigh Castle Barry Newman Alan Bryant, Geoff Webber, Tony Guest
4 Southend & Leigh Sally Brown Andrew Mundy, David Clark, Patricia Clark, Paul Cast
5 Never on Mondays Marcia Levan-Harris John Cosgrove, John McCoy, Alastair Robertson
6 Upstarts Janice Ashby Gary Howchen, Terry Stevens, Catherine Gilmore, Dorothy Reynolds


Last updated : 4th Nov 2018 10:46 GMT