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EBU Awards - Dimmie Fleming 2017

Audrey Hartley


Dimmie Fleming Award citation - 2017

The 2017 AGM marked the end of an era in Essex Bridge with Audrey Hartley retiring as a member of the Committee as she enters her ninth decade. Aside from her administrative work, Audrey also represented England in the Lady Milne Trophy in 2008. Outside of Essex she has been instrumental in setting up two new clubs in London, based at the Young Chelsea.

On the ECBA Committee, she served a number of roles including Tournament Secretary and Secretary. The latter of these meant taking over from Margaret Curtis who had been Secretary for 55 years. She put her own stamp on the role including amendments to the constitution and setting up the disciplinary committee.

She has been an EBU shareholder and an Essex delegate since 2011, always attending the meetings and never afraid to speak up on behalf of the County.

Whist teaching mathematics at the King Edwards Grammar School, she set up the school Bridge club and is also a County Director, directing many county events over the years. She is the longest serving member at the Chelmsford Bridge Club.

The Essex Committee would like to see Audrey’s contribution to Bridge honoured by the EBU and wish to propose her for the Dimmie Fleming award in recognition of all the selfless work that she has put in over many years for Bridge in our County.

EBU Awards - Dimmie Fleming 2013
EBU Awards - Dimmie Fleming 2013

Tony Philpott has received a Dimmie Fleming award from the EBU. This award is made to members who have made a major contribution to bridge administration over many years at county level. Few such awards are made each year.

Tony has been a member of the association for over fifty years and following a successful national partnership with Bob Rowlands, during which time they won the National Pairs, Brighton Pairs and the Pachabo Cup (for Essex); Tony decided that family life was preferable to bridge at national level.  Since then he has won the main Essex competitions several times and has continuously played for the county 1st team. 

From 1975 until 2013 Tony has been the treasurer of the Essex association and more recently became the first Chairman of the 'Essex Selection committee'. (The association made a loss of £20 in his first year but he followed this with a surplus of £24 in his second year!). In addition Tony has always provided excellent advice to the committee on many matters.

Tony could not attend the annual general meeting of the EBU when the presentations are normally made but chose to receive his award at the Chelmsford Bridge Club. (see photo to the left, where Tony, to the right, is seen receiving his reward from John Williams, the then ECBA Chairman). The ECBA committee offer their heartiest congratulations to Tony and wish him all success in the future.