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Mixed Teams of Four
Mixed Teams of Four


The Essex Mixed Teams of Four for the Allen-Sopp Bowl is a single session event for teams of 4 open to all members of the ECBA. 

Each team must contain at least one man and at least one woman and will play as many of the other teams as possible. 


Sunday, 3th May 2020, 13:00 ( - 16:30) 


Barleylands, CM11 2UD


*** This competition is to be held on the same day as the ECBA AGM ***


Tea, coffee and biscuits are available throughout.


Holders:  Paul Hickson & Ian Yeats, Cathy Macnaughton & Maureen Walker


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Mixed Teams of Four - History

Click on the Year for detailed Results

2019 Winners Paul Hickson & Ian Yeats, Cathy Macnaughton & Maureen Walker
Runners-uo Audrey Hartley & Ian Moss, Simon Moorman & Frank Morrison
2018 Winners Val & Paul Mollison, Bernie Hunt & Sheena Millins
Runners-up Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy, Tanya Genthe & Richard Register
2017 Winners Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting, Jacek Lapszys & Sandy Riach
Runners-up Roger & Jill Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey
2016 Winners Margaret Curtis & David Sherman, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison
Runners-up Audrey Hartley & Alison Spencer, Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner
2015 Winners Robert Elliott & Coral Fallon, Simon Moorman & Albert Kitchin
Runners-up Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting, Tony Verran & Stuart Dunstan
2014 Winners Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Peter Franklin, Frank Morrison
Runners-up Martin & Sandy Smith, Angela & Bill West
2013 Winners Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Ian Moss, Frank Morrison
Runners-up Alan Cohen, Richard Register, Yvonne Dias, Allan Greenstein
2012 Winners Audrey Hartley, Alison Spencer, David Cooper, John Williams
Runners-up Catriona Lovett, Mike Harbour, David Tennet, Theo Todman
2011 Winners Ian Moss, Nicole Cook, Frank Morrison, David Sherman
Runners-up Marion Cook, John Birch, Rod Hudson, Susan French
2010 Winners J Stimson, W Godber, C Elliott, M Baker
Runners-up A Cohen, R Hair, A Greenstein, Y Dias
2009 Winners Alan Cohen, Bob Hair, Allan Greenstein, Yvonne Dias
Runners-up John Stimson, Winnie Godber, Colin Elliott, Martin Baker
2008 Winners R Elliott, M Huntingford, S Riach, A Savory
Runners-up A Cohen, R Hair, A Greenstein, Y Dias
2007 Winners T Beer, P Oake, N Cook, G Chadha
Runners-up M Curtis, S Prince, R Cornell, M Homer
2006 Winners C & S Taylor, V Clifford, M Harbour
Runners-up D Clark, A Hartley, P & V Mollison
2005 Winners A Coral, I Sheril, I Moss, L Seymour
Runners-up R & J Tattersfield, M & S Smith
2004 Winners W Coldham, P O'Gara, P Watson, J Mansfield
Runners-up T Beer, G Phipps, D Cooper, L Fleet
2003 Winners I Moss, B Kerr, I Sheril, A Coral
Runners-up A & E Green, A Clark, D Clark