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December 8
If you are the average bridge player who plays a 26 board session twice a week
How often can you expect :
A Yarborough (no HCP, no 10) Once a session?
Once a month?
Twice a year?
At least one singleton Once a two board round?
Once a session?
Once a week?
6 cards in one suit Once a night?
Four times a night?
Six times a night?
8 cards in a session Once a night?
Once a week?
Once a month?
Your partnership being dealt 26+ HCP Once a night?
Three times a night?
Five Times a night?
Your partnership being dealt 37+ grand slam in NT Once every three month?
Once every year?
Once every two years?
What is the number of different possible auctions ? 128,???,??? = how large a number