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December 4 Psyche


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This guy who loves to psyche is playing in a two session pair game with his favourite partner. He is psyching like mad and most of them are not working. After the session his partner tells him that he doesn't want to play the second session if this psyching continues. The guy, not wanting to lose his favourite partner, promises not to psyche in the next session. In fact, he says, "If I psyche I will give you £20.00 each time I psyche. " This sounds okay to his partner, so they begin to play the second session. Near the end of the session, the psycher, on his best behaviour, sits down against a guy he really dislikes. The psycher is the dealer. He pulls out a £20.00 note and hands it to his partner saying:

Here's that twenty pounds I owe you; one spade!


                                                                                                                                             Many thanks to Eddie Kantar

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