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December 3 Hand Analysis

enlightened smiley     Thank you to Marc Chawner for providing this interesting hand and the analysis below    smiley  enlightened


This must be one of the strangest hands that is possible to be dealt at the bridge table.

If we look at the makeable tricks analysis, we can see that the best contract that North/South can play in, is 3 Spades by South. After West leads a minor suit, declarer will cash 3 top club tricks and the ace of diamonds. Now when the queen of diamonds is led from the table, South will discard their last heart and will therefore only lose 4 spade tricks.

Meanwhile, as we can see, the best contract for East/West is also 3 Spades, this time by East. Whatever, South leads, East will cash one top spade and 5 top hearts and exit a club and wait for 3 more spade tricks.

So, if this hand ever appeared at the bridge table, it would be a race between South and East to see who could bid their best contract of 3 Spades first.

However, that is not the end of the story. Seeing that both sides are not vulnerable, once South or East has bid their optimum contract of THREE Spades (+140), it would be down to their opponents to then ‘Sacrifice’ in FOUR Spades seeing that only concedes -100.