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Nat. KO Teams 2014-15
National Competitions - 2014/15

Main Competitions

Competition Team Name Essex Players R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
NICKO (Web Link) Mountnessing B David Tennet, Tim Connett, Steve Ensor, Albert Kitchin, (Theo Todman) Won Bye Won Lost
Mountnessing A Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey, Les Curtis, David Piper, Jill & Roger Tattersfield Won Bye Lost
Southend & Leigh A Graham Foster, Fran Alexander, Graham Randall, Geoff Wootton Won Bye Won Won Lost
Chelmsford A Martin Smith, Ted Cockle, Tony Philpott, John C Williams Won Bye Won Won Lost
Crockfords (Web Link) Chadha, G Gad Chadha, (David Tennet, Theo Todman,) ... Won Bye Won Lost
Verran, T Tony Verran, Andrew Barker, Stuart Dunstan, Phil Mattacks Won Bye Lost
Gold Cup (Web Link) Tony Verran Tony Verran, Stuart Dunstan, Phil Mattacks, Andy Barker, Peter Scotting, Phil Collier Won Lost
Gerard Faulkner Salver
(Web Link)
Dennis Valtisiaris Dennis Valtisiaris, John Sutcliffe, Peter Oake, Frank Morrison, Ian Moss & Mike Graham Won Won Won Lost
Hubert Phillips Bowl
(Web Link)
Sue Taylor Sue & Chris Taylor, Sue & Paul Chapman, Graham Pollack Won Lost


Plate Competitions (First Round Losers)

Competition Team Name Essex Players R1 R2 R3 R4 QF
NICKO Plate (Web Link) Loughton A Peter Scotting, Phil Collier, Jacek Lapszys, Sandy Riach, Michael Watson Won Won Lost
Loughton B Patrick O'Gara, Wendy Coldham, Susan French, Pat Johnson, Pat Watson Won Lost
Chelmsford B Audrey Hartley, David Cooper, Richard Eason, Alison Spencer Won Won Won Lost  
Young Chelsea D Gad Chadha, Mike Graham, ... Won Won Won Won Lost
Crockfords Plate 
(Web Link)
Taylor S Sue and Chris Taylor, Graham Pollack, Paul Chapman Won Bye Lost
Silver Plate (Web Link) Tony Verran Tony Verran, Andrew Barker, Phil Collier, Stuart Dunstan, Phil Mattacks, Peter Scotting Won Bye Lost