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Landmark Promotions
These are Master, Regional Master, Life Master and Grand Master. 
Date Rank Player
  Jan-20 Master Fred Saxton
  Jan-20 Master Sarah Street
  Dec-19 Master Maureen Hoge
  Nov-19 Master David Boyle
  Nov-19 Master Anne Convery
  Nov-19 Master Kris Krishan
  Nov-19 Master Con Mannix
  Nov-19 Master Chris Martin
  Nov-19 Master Maurice Mincer
  Nov-19 Master Susan Taylor
  Nov-19 Master Alan Veats
  Oct-19 Master Anna Clegg
  Oct-19 Master Vinaychandra Gandhi
  Oct-19 Master Sarah Mabey
  Sept-19 Master Diana Funnell
  Aug-19 Master Dorothy Barber
  Aug-19 Master John Clarke
  Jun-19 Master Carolyn Veats
  May-19 Regional Master Colin Scott
  Apr-19 Grand Master Peter Scotting
  Apr-19 Master Colin Sinclair
  Mar-19 Grand Master Peter Scotting
  Mar-19 Master Chas Moore
  Feb-19 Life Master Pat Johnson
  Feb-19 Master Val Poter
  Jan-19 Master Gurdeep Singh
  Dec-18 Master Ramnik Jain
  Dec-18 Master Pascaline Mower
  Dec-18 Master Colin Priestman
  Dec-18 Master Carol Smith
  Dec-18 Master Amarjeet Singh
  Dec-18 Master Andrew Smith
  Nov-18 Regional Master Marcia Levan-Harris
  Nov-18 Master Tony Dwiar
  Oct-18 Regional Master Cathryn Fox
  Oct-18 Master Pat Elliott
  Oct-18 Master Janet Starkey
Sept-18  Master Andy Billinge
  Sept-18 Master Sue Bowman
  Sept-18 Master Steven Munt
  July-18 Master Chris Hart
  July-18 Master Margaret Kleyn
  July-18 Master R. Major
  June-18 Master Janice Ashby
  June-18 Master Jeffrey Bowman
  June 18 Master Trevor Butler
May-18 Master Tony Coeshall
Apr-18 Life Master Patrick O'Gara
Apr-18 Master Carol Webb
Mar-18 Master Martyn Neill
Mar-18 Master Heather Oliffe
Mar-18 Master Andrew Penny
Feb-18 Life Master Lionel Thacker
Feb-18 Master Wallace Friede
Feb-18 Master Alison Godfrey
Feb-18 Master Sue Sawyer
Feb-18 Master Norman Smith
Dec-17 Master Raymond Connew
Dec-17 Master Graham Meldrum
Dec-17 Master David Wolfe
Nov-17 Life Master Jacek Lapszys
Nov-17 Master Carol Gedda
Nov-17 Master Raymond Webb
Oct-17 Master Anne Sanders
Sep-17 Master Robert Orange
Sep-17 Master Peter Sullivan
Aug-17 Master Peter Hunter
Aug-17 Master Monica Watters
Jul-17 Life Master Graham Beeton
Jul-17 Regional Master Anthony King
Jul-17 Master Patrick Instone
Jul-17 Master Paul Meyer
Jul-17 Master Lee Robinson
Jun-17 Master Merryn Eves
Jun-17 Master Terry Stevens
May-17 Regional Master Andrew Black
May-17 Master David Aquino
May-17 Master Fanny Griffin
Apr-17 Master Alistair Donald
Apr-17 Master Neil Grandy
Apr-17 Master Audrey Nicholas
Apr-17 Master Michael Wildig
Mar-17 Master Ann Owen
Mar-17 Master Mary Perkin
Feb-17 Master Ronald Misell
Jan-17 Master Jane Huxter
Dec-16 Master Gerry Seal
Oct-16 Life Master Paddy Murray
Oct-16 Master Ray Nathan
Sep-16 Master Tony French
Sep-16 Master William Yeung
Aug-16 Master Brian Ormsby
Jul-16 Master Evelyn Elman
Jun-16 Life Master Tony Verran
Jun-16 Master Ted Munt
May-16 Regional Master Stuart Dunstan
May-16 Master Petra Bromfield
May-16 Master Tricia Kitchin
May-16 Master Frank Lockhart
Apr-16 Life Master Ted Cockle
Apr-16 Master Keith Mitchell
Apr-16 Master Richard Postle
Jan-16 Grand Master Peter Oake
Jan-16 Master Gillian Meagher
Jan-16 Master Alex Tanner
Jan-16 Master Jennifer Wells