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Mixed Pairs
Mixed Pairs Championship (including the Flitch)


The Essex Mixed Pairs Championship is a one day two session event.

The Flitch Trophy, presented by Mr & Mrs Fletcher, is awarded to the highest placed married pair with the exception of the winners.


Sunday, 6th December 2020, 13:00 ( - 20:30)


Barleylands, CM11 2UD


Tea, coffee and biscuits are available throughout.

Please note that we will NOT provide food at the break between sessions.  Please bring your own food.



Holders of Championship: Ian Moss & Audrey Hartley
Holders of the Flitch: Ann & Terence Clark


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Mixed Pairs - History

Click on the Year for more information (where available)

2019 Winners Ian Moss & Audrey Hartley
2nd Paul Spencer & Sarah Street
3rd Robert Elliott & Tanya Genthe
Flitch Ann & Terence Clark
2018 Winners Robert Elliott & Maureen Huntingsford
2nd Adrey Hartley & Ian Moss
3rd Stephanie & Laurie Burtt
Flitch Stephanie & Laurie Burtt
2017 Winners Graham Beeton & Susan French
2nd John Stimson & Winnie Godber
3rd Steve Cade-Bowyer & Pat Johnson
Flitch Martin & Sandy Smith
2016 Winners John Stimson & Winnie Godber
2nd Richard Perryman & Mary Homer
3rd Steven Coulter & Val Card
Flitch Martin & Sandy Smith

Winners Audrey Hartley & Ian Moss
2nd Margaret Curtis & David Sherman
3rd Ray Clarke & Linda Fleet
Flitch Terence & Ann Clark
2014 Winners Richard Register & Tanya Genthe
2nd Richard Perryman & Mary Homer
3rd June Brown & Charles Hook
Flitch Chris & Sue Taylor
2013 Winners Val & Paul Mollison
2nd Marcia Levan-Harris & Alan Aylott
3rd Angela & Bill West
Flitch Angela & Bill West
2012 Winners Laurie & Stephanie Burtt
2nd Sandy Riach & Pat Watson
3rd Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting
Flitch C & S Taylor
2011 Winners B Hunt & J Moorman
2nd L Fleet & S Moorman
3rd A Greenstein & Y Dias
Flitch C & S Taylor
2010 Winners M & S Smith
2nd R Hudson & S French
3rd J & R Tattersfield
Flitch J & R Tattersfield
2009 Winners L & S Burtt
2nd W Coldham & P O'Gara
3rd M & S Smith
Flitch M & S Smith
2008 Winners C Lovett & M Harbour
2nd P & V Mollison
3rd L & S Burtt
Flitch P & V Mollison
2007 Winners M Curtis & D Sherman 
2nd N Cook & G Chadha
3rd C Fallon & J Cosgrove
Flitch B & A West
2006 Winners A Segal & F Morrison
2nd A Savory & R Clarke
3rd M Homer & T Fox
Flitch B & A West
2005 Winners P Watson & J Mansfield
2nd V Clifford & R Clarke
3rd S Shupick & M Krimgoltz
Flitch S & C Taylor
2004 Winners J Stimson & W Godber
2nd A Greenstein & Y Dias
3rd M Curtis & D Sherman 
Flitch L & S Burtt