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ECL 2016/17 Teams & Results

The schedule and results for the year appears in the table below. The 2016-17 season is now over, and the highlight was that the "B" Team won their division, and so are eligible for the National Inter-County League Final which is provisionally scheduled for Sunday 9th July at Coventry Bridge Club.

So, well done to the "B" Team, who won all their matches apart from one narrow 9-11 loss:  Bernie Hunt (Captain), Paul & Val Mollison, Brian Davies, Peter Scotting, Pat Johnson, Fran Alexander, Ashley Nicklin, Graham Foster, Pat O’Gara, Sue French, Mary Homer, Richard Perryman, Monty Krimgoltz, Cecil Leighton, Allan Greenstein, Alan Cohen, Audrey Hartley, John Williams, Mike Harbour, Steve Cade-Bowyer, Dennis Valtisiaris & John Sutcliffe. 

In consequence, the "B" Team has earned the right to compete in the Inter-County Leagues National Final to be held in Coventry on Sunday 9th July 2107. We wish them well!

Thanks also to all who represented the County over the 2016/17 season!

The Tollemache Qualifier was held in Birmingham over the weekend of 19th/20th November 2016. For more information and the team selected, follow this link

This page includes links to the ECL tables on the EBU Website and to the Butler-scored spreadsheets / reports (when available).

© =Team Captain "A" TEAM "B" TEAM "C" TEAM RESERVES↓
EBU ECL Division 1 EBU ECL Division 2 EBU ECL Division 3
Captain: Robert Elliott Captain: Bernie Hunt Captain: Maureen Vede
Tel: 01708 727557 Tel: 01268 533961
Mob: 07973925315
Tel: 01277-623379
3rd April 2016
13:00 Start
P Oake © & R Elliott P Mollison © & V Mollison G Allen © & H McVeigh A: TBA
F Morrison & P Franklin P Scotting & P Johnson T Todman & D Tennet B:  W Coldham & P O'Gara
M Curtis & D Sherman M Homer & R Perryman L Butler & D Warren C: A Aylott & J Ward
S Dunstan & T Verran M Krimgoltz & C Leighton G Waller & A Sawyer    
Result: Lost 1 - 19 Result: Won 14 - 6 Result: Won 14 - 6 Butlers (Excel)
3rd July 2016
Roydon Village Hall,
3 High Road
IP22 5RB
13:00 Start
P Oake © & R Elliott C Leighton & M Krimgoltz D Tennet © & T Todman A: P & V Mollison
T Cockle & J Williams A Greenstein & A Cohen A Aylott & J Ward B:  M Homer & R Perryman
R Register & J Sutcliffe P Johnson & F Alexander J Brown & A Fenton D Valtisiaris & A Kitchin
P Franklin & F Morrison P & V Mollison B & A West C: S Ensor & T Connett
Result: Won 17 - 3 Result: Won 18 - 2 Result: Drew 10 - 10 Butlers (Excel)
Cambs & Hunts
10th July 2016
13:00 Start
C Taylor © & S Riach P Scotting & P Johnson B West © & A West A: P Franklin & F Morrison
D Sherman & M Curtis P & V Mollison A Bryant & G Webber B:  M Homer & A Kitchin
T Verran & S Dunstan F Alexander & G Foster C Fallon & J Ward C: M & G Vede
S Moorman & S Cade-Bowyer A Hartley & J Williams L Butler & D Warren    
Result: Lost 0 - 20 Result: Won 15 - 5 Result: Lost 9 - 11 Butlers (Excel)
4th September 2016
Stamford BC,
McKenzie House
Exeter Gardens
Stamford PE9 2RN
14:00 Start
A Cundy © & J Sutcliffe V Mollison & B Davies S Ensor © & T Connett A: R Elliott & P Oake
T Cockle & J Williams P O'Gara & S French K Thompson & G Oliffe B:  N/A
P Franklin & F Morrison P Johnson & P Scotting A Sawyer & G Waller C: T Todman & D Tennet
B Hunt & P Mollison R Perryman & M Homer A Fenton & J Brown    
Result: Lost 4 - 16 Result: Lost 9 - 11 Result: Lost 6 - 14 Butlers (Excel)
Cambridge University
27th Nov 2016
Cormack Room,
University Centre,
Granta Place,
Cambridge CB2 1RU
14:00 Start
N Bardsley © & T Philpott No "B" Team No "C" Team A: J Williams & T Cockle
M Chawner & P Spencer B:  N/A
A Hartley & I Moss C: N/A
P Franklin & F Morrison    
Result: Won 15 - 5 Butlers (Excel)
15th Jan 2017
13:00 Start
C Taylor © & S Riach M Harbour & S Cade-Bowyer P Murray & C Chorley A: T Cockle & J Williams
M Chawner & P Spencer B Hunt & P Mollison S Millins & G Howchen B:  TBA
D Sherman & M Curtis F Alexander & A Nicklin A Aylott & J Ward C: M Vede & G Vede
T Verran & S Dunstan D Valtisiaris & J Sutcliffe L Butler & D Warren © Hands: TBA
Result: Lost 3 - 17 Result: Won 14 - 6 Result: Lost 3 - 17 X-IMPs: SummaryDetail

26th Mar 2017
Blackbourne Centre, Elmswell IP30 9UH
14:00 Start

T Verran & S Dunstan B Hunt & P Mollison C Chorley & M Wren A: S Riach & C Taylor
M Chawner & P Spencer B Davies & V Mollison G Allen & H McVeigh B:  R Perryman & M Homer
R Elliott © & R Register P Scotting & P Johnson L Fleet © & A Kitchin C: A Aylott & J Ward
A Cundy & J Sutcliffe P O'Gara & S French M Vede & G Vede    
Result: Won 13-7 Result: Won 16-4 Result: Won 14-6 Butlers (Excel)


General Notes
  • In advance of the match date any problems or queries should be referred to the relevant Squad Captain (Robert, Bernie or Maureen).
  • Any problems on match day should be referred to the relevant team captain for the day.
  • Please would all reserves note that they are expected to remain available right up until the match start time as illness/emergencies can happen at any time.
  • The "A" Team Captain should send the match results sheets for all three teams, together with the completed and signed Result Sheet, (home matches only) to Keith Thompson as soon as possible after the match.