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News Archive - 2014

This page shows old "News Items" published in, or relating to, the calendar year 2014. It includes hyperlinks to the detailed Results, where available.

Items are in reverse-date sequence: the most recent first. 

Your Web Master may in the near future initiate a project to sort these annual pages into a more meaningful Archive, but so far all that has been done is to tidy them up and make the context apparent. In the interim, suggestions from the membership are welcome!

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 15:09 GMT
London Year End Congress - 2014

Essex players had good results in the London Year End Congress.

In the Really Easy Afternoon, Chas Moore and Monica Watters (playing at First Class Bridge Academy in Billericay) were 2nd out of 63 pairs scored across the country.

Phil Mattacks  (Essex) and Partner were 2nd in the Mixed Pairs and 5th in the Swiss Teams.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:54 GMT
Children in Need SIMS - November 2014

On Monday 10th November Sue and Chris Taylor were 4th, Simon Moorman and Sheena Millins were 7th out of 2492. On Wednesday 12th November Jurek and Penny Szczuka were 7th out of 2032.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:56 GMT
Tony Kelvin - November 2014

Congratulations to Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Frank Morrison and Peter Franklin - the  winners of this year's Tony Kelvin Trophy

The combined session results are now published here.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:58 GMT
EBU Autumn Congress - October 2014
EBU Autumn Congress - October 2014

At the EBU Autumn Congress in Eastbourne the Swiss Pairs was won by Essex player Gad Chadha and his partner, Richard Granville.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:56 GMT
Montenegro Congress - October 2014

Well done to the Essex participants in the EBU Overseas Congress in Montenegro.

  • In the Swiss Teams - 2nd Fran Alexander & Graham Foster with Mike Harbour & David Clark and 6th Mary Homer & Albert Kitchin with Peter Oake & Simon Moorman.
  • Also in the Swiss Pairs - 3rd Peter Oake & Simon Moorman.
Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:58 GMT
Grand Master - September 2014

Congratulations to Martin Smith on becoming a GRAND MASTER.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:00 GMT
SBBC Swiss Teams - September 2014
SBBC Swiss Teams - September 2014

Well done to Chris and Sue Taylor (with partners) on winning this Blue-pointed event at the South Bucks Bridge Centre

Click here for the detailed results

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:55 GMT
Club Trophy - September 2014

Congratulations to Mid Essex who won the Club Trophy for 2014.

Their team was Alan Aylott, Margaret Rastin, Jon Ward & Coral Fallon.

For the detailed results, click here

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:01 GMT
Fletcher Trophy - September 2014

Well done to Waltham Forest who won this year's Fletcher Trophy.

Congratulations on a fine performance to Tony Verran & Stuart Dunstan, Laurie & Stephanie Burtt, Colin Elliot & Martin Baker and John Stimson & Ben Hackenbroch.

For detailed results, click here

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:03 GMT
Felixstowe Congress - October 2014

Congratulations to the following Essex Players in the Felixstowe Congress:-

  1. Paul Mollison, Bernie Hunt, Val Mollison and Brian Davies comfortably won the Swiss Teams, and
  2. Chris Chorley, Paddy Murray, Mike Wren and Richard Perryman came third.
  • Pairs:
  1. John Cosgrove and Charles Hook finished 7th out of 26 in the Pairs Final (top section). They were also the top Non Expert pair.
  2. Marcia Levan-Harris & John McCoy were second in the Consolation Final with Richard Perryman & Mike Wren third.

Follow the links (in blue) for more information. 

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:57 GMT
Charity Bridge Event - September 2014

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:34 GMT
Friendly League - 2014
Friendly League - 2014

Congratulations to Hutton on winning the 2014 "Friendly League".

Thanks to Bernie Hunt for hosting the final series of matches and to Graham Foster who instigated the competition.

For more information, click here

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:04 GMT
Summer Seniors Congress - Eastbourne - July 2014

WELL DONE Laurie and Stephanie Burtt who came 6th in the B Final of the Championship Pairs at the EBU Summer Seniors Congress at Eastbourne and 7th in the Swiss Teams who with team-mates were the highest placed Veteran's team.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:13 GMT
New ECBA Chairman - August 2014

“The ECBA Committee members are very pleased to announce that Paul Mollison has accepted their invitation to be the Chairman of the ECBA for the remainder of the year.”

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:59 GMT

Well done to Keith Thomson & William Yeung who won the 2014 Club Pairs, with Alan Bryant & Geoff Webber second and Tanya Genthe & Paul Ewers third.

Click here for the full results. 

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:05 GMT
Warboys - June 2014

Well done to Monty Krimgoltz & Cecil Leighton who won the 2014 Warboys, and to John Williams & Ted Cockle who came second and to Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, third.

Click here for more detail. 

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:05 GMT
George Curtis Swiss Teams - June 2014

Well done on winning the George Curtis Swiss Teams for 2014:  Margaret Curtis & David Sherman with Frank Morrison & Peter Franklin.

Click here for more details. 

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:12 GMT
ECBA Chairman - Resignation - May 2014

With regret the ECBA Committee has accepted the resignation of the ECBA Chairman, John Williams. John has made a huge contribution to the development and promotion of bridge in Essex over the last four years.  

Minutes of the extra ECBA Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 21st May 2014 are now in the document section.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:07 GMT
London Easter Bridge Festival - 2014

Tony Verran and Geoff Wootton won the Swiss Pairs B flight.

The B stratification of the Swiss Teams was won by the team of Pat Johnson, Peter Scotting, Geoff Wootton and Tony Verran, who were fifth overall.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:11 GMT
Teams of Four - 2014

Well done to Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey, Tony Philpott, Nigel Bardsley and Margaret Curtis who won the Teams of Four, the major Essex competition for teams. They will have the opportunity of representing Essex in the EBU Pachabo Cup. They beat Martin Smith, Ted Cockle, Ian Moss and Mike Graham in the final.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 14:11 GMT
Championship Pairs - April 2014

Well done Gad Chadha & Theo Todman who won the Essex Championship Pairs, with David Sherman & Margaret Curtis second. Equal third were Alan Greenstien & Yvonne Dias and Michael Watson & Nigel Bardsley.

Also well done to Simon Moorman & Peter Oake who won the consolation event.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2015 13:54 GMT
Teams of 4 Plate - April 2014

Sue Taylor, Chris Taylor, David Piper and Les Curtis won the Teams of Four Plate beating the Peter Scotting team in the final.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 18:51 GMT
Premier League Winners - April 2014

Congratulations to Peter Scotting and his team, Michael Watson, Phil Collier and Sandy Riach who beat the Barleylands team in the final of the Premier League.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 18:52 GMT
The Seniors Cup - March 2014

Congratulations to Mike Wren on winning the seniors cup, and also to Val and Paul Mollison for coming a very close second in this competition.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 18:54 GMT
Ray Cornell Trophy / Helliar - February 2014

Well done to the Barleylands Team who won the Helliar. (Paul Mollison & Gary Howchen and Simon Moorman & Steve Cade-Bowyer.)

Well done to Chelmsford who won the Ray Cornell Trophy and will represent Essex in the 'Garden Cities'. (Brian Davies & Val Mollison, Audrey Hartley & Alison Spencer, Ted Cockle & John C Williams and Neil Bresler & David Cooper.)

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 18:56 GMT
The Gwen Herga - February 2014

Men - Congratulations to winners Geoff Wootton & Tony Verran and second Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey.

Ladies - Congratulations to winners June Brown & Angela Fenton and second Sandy Smith & Val Mollison.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 18:58 GMT
EBU Overseas Congress (Malta) - February 2014


  • The Malta Swiss Teams: Graham Foster, Simon Moorman, Albert Kitchin and David Clark who were second.
  • The Malta Swiss Pairs: Graham Foster and Simon Moorman who were 3rd equal.
Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 19:00 GMT
Essex Swiss Pairs - February 2014

Well Done to Paddy Murray and Chris Chorley who won this event

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 19:02 GMT
Essex's Newest Grand Masters - January 2014

Well done to Chris and Sue Taylor who have recently earned their Grand Master titles.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2015 19:04 GMT