Behaviour at the bridge table
Participation in County events has declined drastically over the past few years.   There are probably several reasons for this, but the main one that has come to the attention of the ECBA Committee is the bad behaviour of a few players.   The Committee has therefore decided to implement a policy of zero tolerance for anyone who commits any of the following offences or anything else which the Committee considers to be unacceptable.   
1.         Rudeness, intimidation or insinuation.
2.         Aggressive or patronising behaviour towards opponents, partner or officials.
3.         Derogatory comments concerning opponents’ or partner’s bidding or play.
4.         Gloating over good results.
5.         Objecting to a call for the Director.
6.         Disputing a Director’s ruling during the game (filing an appeal is the correct procedure).
 If you consider that a player has been guilty of any of the above offences (or anything else which you consider to be unacceptable), please call the Director immediately.   Complaining after the event is too late for any retribution.
 Penalties for infractions are severe.   Please be aware that a fine of up to 50% of a top at pairs or 6 IMPs at teams will be imposed at the Director’s discretion.   This penalty is not appealable.