For the year 1st May 2011 to 30th April 2012


Minutes of the 65th Annual General Meeting of the ECBA,

held on Saturday 5th May 2012 at Little Baddow Memorial Hall.


Present:   Mrs M Curtis (Hon President), R Green (Hon Vice-President), J Williams (Hon Chairman), Mrs A Hartley (Hon General Secretary), E Cockle (Hon Tournament Secretary), B Hunt (Hon League Secretary), Officers and 23 members of the committee and other members.

Apologies for absence: A. Cundy, A Philpott, N Bardsley, J Birch, M Cook, B Telford, S Taylor, C Taylor, J Lestrange, J Lestrange, B Hair, J Hair, L Burtt, S Burtt, S Moorman and F Morrison


1.     Hon Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Mr John Williams welcomed those present and outlined the plans for the evening.  He congratulated a number of Essex members who had done well during the past year in competitions further afield, in particular Cecil Leighton, who in October 2011 was awarded the very prestigious EBU Silver Medal award for services to bridge and Nicole Cook who had won a place in the team to represent England in the Lady Milne.

He reported that he had continued to visit and play at Essex clubs and had now visited 19 of the 28 ECBA affiliated clubs. He had less success with non-affiliated clubs but he had tried to encourage them to consider themselves as part of the Essex scene telling them of our events, particularly those for which their members are eligible, and offered them the opportunity to have their club details on our website. He hoped that by being friendly that eventually some might see the advantage of affiliating.

He said that in September he would be holding a meeting which he hoped all clubs would attend to discuss two matters.  Firstly, the new events we had started, designed to attract wider participation, and to ask what other events might appeal to club members.  And secondly, to explain the new EBU initiatives including Blue points, the National ranking project, the consultation on turning the EBU into an educational charity etc 

He recorded his thanks to Jill Hair, who was not present.  Jill was retiring after many years of hard work both on the committee and in Essex and the ECBA had decided to award her life membership and present her with the award of “Good Friend of Essex Bridge”.  Ian Moss was also retiring from the Committee, he had been co-opted for the last year and contributed excellently to the work of the Committee.  John hoped to be able to persuade him to rejoin at some stage in the future.

He reminded the members that two years ago he promised to undertake the Chairman’s role for three years and further, if required and if he felt able. He said he wished to pursue two or three pet projects related to trying to help intermediate players progress and he could easily undertake these as Chairman or as an ordinary committee member, which ever the membership wished.

He thanked all members of the Committee for their support and hard work over the year.  

2.     Minutes of the last meeting

These had been previously circulated to all members.  They were agreed to be a correct record and acceptance was proposed by A Kitchin, seconded by C Lovett and signed by the Chairman.

3.   Matters arising

      Item 1. The Chairman had, as promised visited several more affiliated clubs.

      Item 7. We had continued our focus on reducing cost and were proposing a further reduction of the County’s portion from 7p to 6p and were hoping to continue to reduce it.

4.   Hon Secretary’s Report

This is attached in full.  Its adoption was proposed by P Oake, seconded by M Homer and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mrs Hartley for her report and hard work over the year.  He presented her with a bouquet.

5.     Hon Treasurer’s Report

In T Philpott’s absence the Treasurer’s report was presented by J Williams.  Copies of the Income and Expenditure Accounts and the Balance Sheet were circulated at the meeting. The Treasurer’s Report is attached in full.  Its adoption was proposed by J Peacock, seconded by V Mollison and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mr Philpott.



6.   Subscriptions 2013/2014

      The County part of the P2P subscription for this coming year would be 6p which is a reduction of 1p from the year before.  T Philpott in his report suggested that the figure for 2013/2014 should be set at a maximum of 6p but that we would make every effort to reduce this.  That this should be adopted was proposed by D Valtisiaris, seconded by P Oake and agreed by the meeting.

7.   Hon Tournament Secretary’s Report

This is attached in full. Its adoption was proposed by M Smith, seconded by M Homer and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mr Cockle.

8.     Hon League Secretary’s Report

This is attached in full.  Its adoption was proposed by V Mollison, seconded by C Lovett and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mr Hunt.

9.   Election of officers

      All of the current Committee members were willing to stand again with the exception of J Hair. G Foster has been proposed by J Hair and seconded by J Williams for the vacant position.  All were elected unopposed.

10.  Any Other Business

The Chairman said he had received a request that the AGM should be held on a different weekend and at a different venue.  He promised to air this under Any Other Business.  He pointed out that next year’s AGM would be on May 18th.  Ideally we like the AGM on the second Saturday of May but that was the day the Village used their Hall for their annual Open Gardens weekend.  He pointed out that the Little Baddow Hall was extremely convenient for parking, kitchen, access to entrances, equipment and very reasonably priced.  P Oake suggested using Barleylands for all events as it had many similar attributes and a number of other venues were suggested; however, members from the west of the County agreed that they had been unable to find any new suitable venues.  J Williams said that his aim was to try to cover the whole of Essex with a fair distribution of our meetings but the Committee would consider it further.  As there was no further business Dr Williams closed the meeting


The trophies and prizes were presented by the President, Mrs Margaret Curtis and she received a bouquet of flowers with thanks.  This was followed by a cheese and wine buffet and closed with a short game of bridge.



Hon Treasurer’s Report

Income and Expenditure Account for the 2011/2012 Season


                                                                 2011/2012            2010/2011

                                                                   £          £             £          £

P2P, Club and other EBU Income              6353                    5723

Less Life Members                                        96                      138

                                                                             6257                    5585


Fees                                                          9770                    9120


Accommodation, refreshments & T.Ds        5194                    4613

Cost of Duplimating & Bridgemates              796                    1112

Tournament Directors                                   498                      869

EBU and other charges                                923                      997

Prizes                                                        1170                    1132

                                                                 8581                    8723

                                                                             1189                      397


Receipts                                                      600                      580

Prizes and EBU Fees                                   230                      230


370 350

Interest Received Gross                                              5                         5

Surplus on joint EBU events                                 1560                      815

9381                     7152



County matches                                         2194                      903

Honorary secretary's expenses                       Nil                      900

(2011 includes travel, telephone etc.)

Printing and stationery                                  169                    1157

AGM 2011/2012 Season                               340                       Nil

AGM 2010/2011 Season                               199                      700

Tournament Director Course                         119                       Nil

Meetings                                                       79                      486

Postage and telephone                                459                      474

Engraving and repairs                                  305                      199

Web Site                                                       97                      116

Bidding Box Purchase/Cards                        168                        74

Sundries                                                        57                      302

                                                                 4186     4186        5311     5311

Excess of Income over Expenditure                      5195                    1841

Less transfer to Tollemache Reserve Fund                  Nil                    1000

Less transfer to New Equipment Fund                     2500                       Nil

Less transfer to Youth Development Fund               1198                       Nil

                                                                             1497                      841


Balance Sheet as at 31/03/12


                                                               2011/2012            2010/2011

                                                                     £                      £


Stock: ties, spoons, vouchers and stamps    306                      377


Entry fees due and payments in advance      250                      709


On current account and in hand                     559                      142

On Business Bonus Account                       9004                  13999

Skipton Building Society 90 Day Account  10000                       Nil

                                                               20119                  15227


Hire of halls,fees in advance and prizes       1037                    1341

                                                               19082                  13886



New Equipment Fund(see Note 4)               2500                       Nil

Youth Development Fund (see Note 1)        2000                      802

Tollemache Reserve Fund ( see Note 2)       1000                    1000

Capital account                                        12085                  11243

Excess of Income over Expenditure            1497                      841

                                                               19082                  13886


Note 1: The Youth Development Fund represents funds donated by the Thurrock Bridge Club on their closure with the express wish that they be used to develop Youth Bridge. The ECBA has topped up this Fund by £1198 to cover planned activities.

Note 2: The Tollemache Reserve Fund is to cover the extra costs involved on occasions when Essex qualifies for the final.

Note 3: It is the policy of the committee to write off expenditure on trophies, cards, boards and stationery in the year of purchase.

Note 4:  This fund is to cover substantial expense expected in the near future.



I have examined the books and records of the Essex Contract Bridge Association and, in my opinion these give a true and fair view of the financial position as at 31/03/2012



Balance Sheet.  Under Cash you will note the Skipton Building Society Account that was opened during the year which originally was paying 2.0% Gross interest although that reduced to 1.80% in January 2012. Still this is a better rate than that paid by Barclays.

The other 2 items of note are the creation of a New Equipment Fund of £2500 and an increase in the Youth Development Fund to £2000. Both these were achieved by a transfer from our surplus with particular projects in mind.



Income and Expenditure Account.  The key items here are P2P, Club and other EBU Income.

At first glance it may appear odd that when we reduced P2P from 9p to 7p our income has gone up. However because the EBU paid us 2 months in arrears in the 2010/2011 year we only received 10 months of income.  In the current year we therefore received 2 months at the old 9p rate and having said they pay us 2 months in arrears for some reason the February 2012 payment normally received in April was put through by the EBU at the end of March. We received 13 months income in the year.

For next year, with P2P reduced to 6p, I would anticipate income including direct members and BFA to be in the region of £4500/£5000.

Competitions.  Overall a much improved performance only partly aided by a credit adjustment of £216 where we did not, as anticipated, enter a team in the Pachabo.  Our prize structure has remained unchanged since 2005 and will be reviewed this year.

Interest Received.  Our 1st Interest from the Skipton Building Society was not due in the year.

Joint EBU Events.  The surplus of £1560 was almost double as compared to the previous year.

County MatchesThe cost of £2194 was more than double the previous year largely due to us entering a team in the Tollemache which we had not done in the previous year. We now employ a caterer for our home Eastern Counties Matches and had one more match than we were expecting as the re-arranged match with Bedfordshire became a home rather than an away match. We will benefit next year as they will now host a match that would have been our home match for the 2012/2013 season.

Honorary Secretary’s Expenses.  Now nil but not due to us being mean to Audrey! These are now dispersed amongst other cost headings.

Printing and Stationery.  At only £169 this is an amazing result.  Going back over 10 years, and before we changed printers, in one year we spent over £5400.

Meetings.  These costs are considerably reduced as they are now held in members’ houses rather than a hired room.

Tony Philpott 10th April 2012


Hon. General Secretary’s report 2011 - 2012

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.  This is my first report to you as the General Secretary of the Essex Contract Bridge Association.  At the last AGM I was caught by surprise when I was asked to take the minutes as, at that point, I had not been elected to the position.  However it was much easier that I expected as most of the reports were given to me either by email or paper copy.

Firstly I would like to say a special thank you to Margaret Curtis.  Hers was a tough act to follow but she has been incredibly helpful throughout the year.  It was very comforting to know that she was only the other end of a phone line when ever I needed to tap into her experience or ask for advice.  Thank you, Margaret.

It has been a busy year and your Committee Members have been working hard often with more than one hat on, and they have accomplished a lot.  On your behalf I thank them all.

New events.  Your Chairman is very keen to involve clubs and their members in County activities; to that end he has been visiting clubs and asking them what they want from the County.  Many said they wanted more competitions where ordinary club members didn’t have to play against strong players.

To that end we have introduced some new competitions which we hope will attract more of the ordinary club members to take part. 

Pairs League.  During April, May and June we are running a pilot Pairs League.  When this is fully operational it should be formed into divisions of approximately ten pairs so that competitors play against opponents of about the same level.  During each of three afternoons each pair will play approximately eight boards against three other pairs so that at the end of three afternoons they will have played against all of the pairs in their division. The first three games of the pilot are held on one Thursday afternoon each month.  If it is successful then we hope to run three sessions each year; September, October and November; January, February and March; and May June and July with pairs being promoted and demoted as in football.  Do encourage members of your clubs to take part.  Your comments on which afternoon and afternoon or evening will be welcome.

PRO/AM.  The “Play with an Expert” has been very successful and we decided to introduce another competition along similar lines.  This one is called PRO/AM.  Each pair entering should consist of one less experienced player and one more experienced player.  But this time we are leaving it to players to find partners for them-selves.  We ask clubs to encourage stronger players to pair up with less experienced players from their club and enter this competition.  If you do want to enter but don’t know an appropriate partner the organisers will be pleased to help. The competition will be on July 1st at Barleylands.

The Queen’s Jubilee.  For the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics we have decided to celebrate with a rather novel competition on June 5th designed to appeal to all standards.  The aim is that players will be formed into groups of similar standards and will play three short sessions of bridge, the first will be teams, the second pairs and the last an individual.  There will be a lunch between the first two sessions and tea and biscuits in the second break.  We hope the novelty of this competition will attract many players.  If it proves popular we will hold another during the Olympics.

Christmas Party.  The Christmas Party was a last minute addition to our programme of events and was only advertised on the Website.  It was held at Barleylands.  The food was fantastic and the bridge was great fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to people I don’t usually meet.  Most of the money went to a Charity chosen by the winners.

Website.  Over the year Sandy Riach has been hard at work revamping the Website and reorganising it and the additions into a logical format.  He has been very receptive to suggestions and requests have been installed within 24 hours.  Sandy, the Website is fantastic – thank you.

Disciplinary Panel.  During the year we have dealt with two disciplinary matters; as a result of these and advice from the EBU Laws and Ethics committee we have advertised on the website for volunteers with appropriate experience in court procedure and legal matters to be part of a Disciplinary Panel. From this we will be able to form Conduct and Disciplinary Committees much more quickly if or when we need them in the future.  If you know of anyone else who would be willing to be part of this Panel please let me know.  We also wish to make two changes to the Constitution which will be on the AGM agenda next year.  One is a slight change to the wording in the definition of a Full Member of the Association and the other is an inclusion recommended by the Laws and Ethics Committee to define more clearly the role of the County in helping Clubs if they encounter disciplinary problems.  I also wish to recommend to all clubs, whether Member or private, affiliated or non-affiliated that they have a Constitution approved by the EBU.  There are example Constitutions on the EBU website and John and I would be happy to help if needed.

Programmes and AGM Report.  The programmes of events and the AGM report are now done in-house.  They are published on the website and paper copies are sent to Club Secretaries and to those members who don’t have internet access; if you know of any member who can’t access our website please let me know.

Blue Points.  There is an exciting addition to the Master Point scheme which will start next year.  Blue Points!  Blue points are designed to be halfway between black points and green points with 3 blue points being equivalent to one green point.  A blue pointed event has to be a two session competition. All clubs can hold up to two blue pointed events and a county can hold up to four blue pointed events in any year.  Any club wishing to hold such an event will need to apply first to their County to agree the date so that it fits into the calendar and then to the EBU for permission to hold the event.  More details will be found on the EBU website.  The County are considering applying to change one of their team events and perhaps the Swiss Pairs to blue points.  Your comments on this are welcome.

EBU and Charity Status.  At a Meeting in October the Shareholders of the EBU approved that there should be an investigation into whether the EBU should apply for charity status or not.  At the more recent Shareholders’ Meeting in April progress on this issue was reported but a written report had not been circulated.  A more detailed report is being published in the next two months and will be further discussed at the Chairmen’s Meeting in July.  Your Shareholders and your Chairman will discuss this issue when they receive more information.

Thanks should also go to Ted Cockle, Nicole Cook and Bernie Hunt for organising and directing our competitions and for coming up with so many new ideas for our entertainment.  When all is said and done – bridge is what we are here for, so without their hard work we would have no bridge outside the club environment.  Thank you.  Thank to everyone who helps or participates – without you life would be very dull!

J Audrey Hartley 5 May 2012


Hon Tournament Secretary’s report – 2011/12

The total number of pairs competing in Essex events (excluding the leagues) was slightly down on the previous year but still higher than the previous two years; last year 474 pairs played in all competitions compared to 481 in the previous year.  I have produced a one page summary showing the number of entries for each competition for the last four years; I have printed off a number of copies for the AGM.  Some extra statistics; 103 individuals took part in the 3 seniors, this increased to 169 in all the pairs events (excluding the play with an expert) and when you include all the team events it goes up to a total of 224 competitors.  The total membership for Essex is 1975.  

Some of the competitions had an increase and some a decrease; for example the George Curtis had 13 teams this year compared to 7 last year, but the Tony Kelvin only had 7 teams compared to 11 for  the previous year.    The day time seniors are still proving popular; we run three separate events and there were 30 pairs on two of the occasions and 31 on the third one. 

We introduced a new event this year which was a Christmas party at Barleylands.  Although only 12 pairs took part I understand they all enjoyed themselves.  In the coming year we will be introducing three new events.

Over the past year most people have been entering competitions via E:mail; these either come via our web-site or normal E:mail.  From an administrative point I can easily confirm I have received the entries but the downside is that on the day someone (quite often that is me) has to collect the entry fees and that is normally a lot of money!  Over the year the total amount of entry fees is just under £10,000.  This year we’ve introduced electronic payments and we received a total £455 during the year.  As result of proving that we can accept electronic payments successfully the committee have decided that whilst competitors can still pay on the day it will cost them an extra pound per person.

In addition to Nicole Cook and myself directing the tournaments Audrey Hartley, Bernie Hunt and Richard Register have also directed, - so I would like to thank them

Finally I would like to point out that have I taken on a new and valuable responsibility which is, Chief (I always think it’s good to have chief in the title as it makes you feel important) Lost Property Officer – for example at the Essex pairs 3 coats, 1 jacket, 1 cardigan and 1 large umbrella were left behind! 

Ted Cockle  May 2012


Hon League Secretary’s report – 2011/12


Before I say anything else I wish to express my thanks to Bill West who has put all the results and league tables on the ECBA website.

Apart from one all matches were completed by 29th April.

There have been some really good performances in all divisions

In West Essex there was only one division of eight. Waltham Foresters (T Verran, S Dunstan, P Mattacks  and A Barker) have won the division comfortably scoring 109/140 VPs, Hatfield Heath were second and Redbridge were third.

In South East Essex there are three divisions of 7 teams.  Division 1: May and Baker (J & R Tattersfield, A Cundy, C Megahay, T Cockle and  M Smith) are first with a score of 110/120 VPs, followed by Taylors’ Dummies (74) and Barleylands (71).  One team have failed to complete 50% of their fixtures and will be withdrawing completely from the league next season.  This means that only one team will be relegated.

Division 2: was won by a new team, Ultra Vires (G Foster, J Hair, S Cade-Bowyer and S Moorman) with a score of 95/120 VPs followed by Chelmsford Green (66) and Academics (65).

Division 3: was won by the Hadleigh Castle (B Newman, G Webber, J Sargent and S Larkin) scoring 82/120 followed by Derek’s Dominoes (80) and Weakenders (62)

Bernie Hunt May 2012





A Division                                   B Division                                   C Division

1    Suffolk                    101         1    Northamptonshire     108         1    Northamptonshire      95

2    Hertfordshire             94         2    Essex                      101         2    Hertfordshire             77

3    Bedfordshire             73         3    Hertfordshire             90         3=  Essex                       70

4    Norfolk                      71         4    Cambs. & Hunts.       71         3=  Norfolk                      70

5    Northamptonshire      68         5    Norfolk                      63         5    Cambs. & Hunts.       59

6    Essex                       63         6    Bedfordshire             60         6    Bedfordshire             34

7    Cambs. & Hunts.       56         7    Suffolk                      40         7    Suffolk                      15

8    Cambridge University 34         8    Cambridge University 22              




1st   Peter Scotting, Phil Collier, Sandy Riach & Michael Watson.

2nd Sue Taylor, Chris Taylor, Winnie Godber & John Stimson.



1st            Graham Foster & Richard Register            2nd Sandy Riach & David Clark



Margaret Curtis & David Sherman.



Championship                                                       Plate

1st Peter Oake, Robert Elliott,                                 1st Sandy Smith, John Sutcliffe,

      Bernie Harrison & Dave Duffy                                  Linda Fleet & Mary Homer

2nd Graham Foster, Richard Register,                       2nd John Williams, Brian Davies,

      Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey                                 Val & Paul Mollison



1st      Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner                        2nd     Laurie Burtt & Alan Coral

3rd      Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey                        4th      Dave Duffy & Bernie Harrison









Seniors’ Summer Pairs                                          Seniors’ Autumn Pairs

1st=    John Birch & Pat O’Gara.                                1st      Albert Kitchin & Catriona Lovett

1st=    Sue Taylor & Chris Taylor                                2nd     Sue French & Jill Day.

3rd      Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting                         3rd      Dennis Valtisiaris & Robert Elliott

4th=    Richard Perryman & Michael Wren                   4th      Eddie Cirket & Hazel Miles

4th=    Peter Williamson & Derek Stewart                   5th      Jean Rance & George Rance

6th      Sandy Smith & John Sutcliff                           6th      Margaret Curtis & David Sherman

Seniors’ Spring Pairs Final seniors’ Cup

1st      Graham Foster & Richard Register                  1st=    Pat Johnson

2nd     George McGuffin & Joan McGuffin                 1st=    Peter Scotting

3rd      Theo Todman & David Tennet                         3rd=    Chris Taylor

4th      Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting                         3rd=    Sue Taylor.   

5th      Cecil Leighton & Monty Krimgoltz                    5th=    Dennis Valtisiaris

6th      George Vede & Maureen Vede                        5th=    Michael Wren



12/09/2011     1st      A Coral & D Sherman                10/04/2012     14th    B West & D Cooper

13/09/2011     1st      A Kitchin & A Eames                 11/04/2012     6th      M Marks & J Lepszys   

                     9th      P O’Gara & J Birch                                         20th    M Rastin & A Aylott

                     10th    A Coral & D Sherman                12/04/2012     14th    R Elliott & S Riarch

27/02/2012     10th    R Perryman & D Johnson         



1st         Ian Moss, Nicole Cook, Frank Morrison & David Sherman

2nd        Marion Cook, John Birch, Rod Hudson & Susan French

3rd         Peter Scotting, Phil Collier, Pat Johnson & Michael Watson



1st                  Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Frank Morrison & Ian Moss      

2nd        Marion Cook, John Birch, Len Garcia & Sue French

3rd                 John Stimson, Winnie Godber, Martin Baker & Peter Richardson



1st                  Chelmsford –          Martin Smith, Sandy Smith, John Williams, David Cooper,

                                          George Rance, Jean Rance, Val Mollison & Brian Davies

2nd        Waltham Forest –    Winnie Godber, John Stimson, Collin Elliott, Anne Catchpole

                                          Ken Ralph, Phil Mattacks, Stuart Dunstan & Tony Verran



1st         Loughton B             Sandra Fenton, Jackie Chesler, William Yeung & Harish Dhawan

2nd        Loughton A             L Raven, R Newson, K Mitchell & C Ollive

3rd         Loughton C             Keith Thompson, Ray Green, Pat Johnson & Charlie Cook



1st=       Paul Mollison, Val Mollison, Chris Taylor & Sue Taylor

1st=       Roger Tattersfield, Jill Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey



1st                  Bernie Hunt & Judith Moorman                     4th         Mary Homer & Tom Fox

2nd        Linda Fleet & Simon Moorman                     5th         Sue French & Rod Hudson

3rd                 Allan Greenstein & Yvonne Dias                   6th         Dennis Valtisiaris & Frances Alexander



1st                  John Stimson & Winnie Godber                   5th         Margaret Curtis & David Sherman    

2nd        David Clark & Dennis Valtisiaris                   6th         Robert Elliott & Sandy Riach

3rd                 Paul Mollison & Val Mollison                        7th         Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey

4th         Bernie Hunt & Ray Clarke                             8th         Bernie Harrison & Dave Duffy






1st                  Bobbie Hall & Phil Mattacks                         4th         Patti Nicholson & Bernie Hunt

2nd        Maureen Killey & Mary Homer                      5th         Stephanie Pyne & Peter Oake

3rd                 Janet Starkey & Gad Chadha                       6th         Jane Huxter & Angela West



1st                  Waltham Forest A       Colin Elliott, Martin Baker, Winnie Godger & John Stimson   

2nd        Lingwood A            Ray Jones, Nick Hunt, Steve Ensor & Tim Connett

3rd                 Thorpe Bay B          Roger Bright, Bob Hair, Richard Perryman & Jill Hair

4th         Thorpe Bay A          Graham Foster, Richard Register, Allan Greenstein & Yvonne Dias

5th         Hutton A                 Dennis Valtisiaris, Simon Moorman, Sandy Riach & David Clark

Thorpe Bay have won the right to represent Essex in the Garden Cities Trophy


ESSEX PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP The first four qualify to represent Essex in the Corwen.

Final Consolation

1st     Tony Philpott & Nigel Bardsley.                    1st     Rod Hudson & John Birch

2nd     Peter Oake & Simon Moorman.                     2nd     Anthony Verran & Stuart Dunston

3rd     Ted Cockle & John Williams                         3rd      George Wilcox & Alan Cohen

4th     Margaret  Curtis & David Sherman                4th      Allan Greenstein & Yvonne Dias

5th      Alaric Cundy & Chris Megahey                        5th      Lionel Thacker & J Murray

6th      Frank Morrison & David Piper                         6th      Alan Coral & Laurie Burtt

HEAT – Spoon winners

1st         Tony Philpott & Nigel Bardsley                     2nd     Peter Oake & Simon Moorman



Ladies:                                                                   Gentlemen:                       

1st                  Carol McCue & Linda Barker                        1st         Albert Kitchin & Chris Taylor

2nd        Linda Fleet & Mary Homer                            2nd        Alan Cohen & Richard Register

3rd                 Pat Johnson & Marion Cook                        3rd         Roger Tattersfield & Bill West

                                                                              4th         Michael Wren & Chris Chorley


Ladies Gentlemen

1    Sue Taylor                    30                                 1    Chris Megahey              42

2    Margaret Curtis              29                                 2    Alaric Cundy                 41

3    Winnie Godber              28                                 3= David Sherman             35

4= Audrey Hartley              18                                 3= Chris Taylor                   35

4= Val Mollison                  18                                 5    Peter Oake                    30

6= Marion Cook                 17                                 6    John Stimson                28

6= Mary Homer                  17                                 7    Simon Moorman            26

6= Jill Tattersfield               17                                 8    Frank Morrison              25

9= Linda Fleet                    16                                 9    Robert Elliott                 24

9= Sue French                   16                                 10   Graham Foster              23



Leader Board Level 4                        Leader Board Level 5                              Leader Board Level 6

(Star Masters, Tournament                  (County Masters, Masters,                        (Unranked, Club Masters,

Masters, Premier Masters)                  Advanced Masters)                                   District Masters)

1    Mr F C Morrison      5108              1    Mr A Aylott             5136              1    Mr. N Sussman       4038

2    Mr D F Clark           4893              2    Mrs P Johnson        3593              2    Mr. A J Flaherty       3061

3    Mr T Todman           4589              3    Mr. M H Rand          3439              3    Ms H I Banks          2236

4    Mrs P Clark             4397              4    Mr B Davies            2470              4    Mrs. S Thorburn      2101

Ranks shown are as at 01/01/2012.  Total points column includes net points.



Division 1
1. Waltham Foresters:
Tony Verran, Stuart Dustan, Phil Mattacks & Andy Barker.
2. Hatfield Heath: Adrienne Tinn, Michael Shine, Roy Young and Hazel Miles


Division 1

1. May and Baker: Jill & Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey, Ted Cockle & Martin Smith.

2. Taylor’s Dummies: Sue Taylor, Chris Taylor, Winnie Godber and John Stimson

Division 2

1. Ultra Vires: Graham Foster, Jill Hair, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Simon Moorman

2. Chelmsford Green: Audrey Hartley, Alison Spencer, David Cooper, John Williams & Neil Bresler.

Division 3

1. Hadleigh Castle: Barry Newman, Geoff Webber, John Sargent & Steve Larkin
2. Derek’s Dominoes: Angie Spittal, Lorraine Butler, Wendy Logan and Derek Stewart



May      Kent GP            Swiss Teams                    6th      G & M Vede, C Lovett & M Harbour

                                                                           8th      M Wren, R Perryman, C Chorley & P Murrayth


            Norfolk GP       Swiss Teams                    9th      R & J Tattersfield + team mates

            EBU BH W/end Pairs A Final                    16th    R Elliott & S Riach

June     Beds GP           Swiss Teams                    5th      C Megahey, A Cundy, G Foster & R Register

July      EBU Seniors     Pairs A Final                    3rd      R Register & A Cohen

                                                                           6th      C Leighton & partner

                                    Pairs B Final                    3rd      L & S Burtt       

                                                                           4th      M & S Smith

                                                                           8th      Y Dias & J Hair

                                    Swiss Teams                    4th      R Register, A Cohen & team mates

                                                                           7th      L & S Burtt, P & M Burrows

                                                                           9th      C Leighton & Team mates

Sept     Met Cup            B Division                        1st      Essex B team

                                    C Division                        2nd     Essex C team

            Surrey GP         Swiss Pairs                      10th    R Perryman & M Wren

            Herts GP           Swiss Teams                    1st      S & C Taylor, D Clark & S Riach

                                                                           5th      A Catchpole, N Freake, D Schiff & P Mattacks

Oct       EBU Kos          Swiss Pairs                      4th      M Wren & S Evans

                                    Open Pairs                       2nd     M Wren & S Evans

                                    Swiss Teams                    4th      M Wren, S Evans, & team mates

            Felixstowe        Pairs                                2nd     P Oake & S Moorman

                                    Teams                             2nd     D Cooper & team mates

            EBU W/end       Teams B Final                  8th      R Register, Alan Cohen, A Greenstein, Y Dias

                                    Swiss Teams                    9th      R & J Tattersfield, M & S Smith

Nov      EBU Seniors     Pairs A Final                    10th    A Greenstein & Y Dias

                                    Pairs B Final                    3rd      C Leighton & Partner

                                    Swiss Pairs                      8th      M Wren & C Chorley

Jan       EBU                 Lady Milne Trials              3rd      Nicole Cook and partner

Feb      EBU Marbella    Pre Congress Pairs          8th      M Wren & S Evans

                                    Swiss Teams                    2nd=   M Wren, S Evans, & team mates

March   EBU Ranked     Regional Masters             2nd     D Tennet & T Todman

            Beds GP           Swiss Teams                    5th      R & J Tattersfield, C. Megahey & A Cundy

                                                                           7th      M Wren, R Perryman, P Murray & c Chorley

            London GP       Swiss Teams                    7th      W Godber, J Stimson, & team mates

            National Pairs Regional Finals Qualifiers:            M Curtis & D Sherman, G Foster & R Register,

                                                                                    P Oake & R Elliot, and R Perryman & P Murray

Apr       EBU Easter       Swiss Pairs A-flight          13th    C Lovett & M Harbour

            Norfolk             Pairs Championship         4th      S & C Taylor

                                                                           9th      R & J Tattersfield



Essex Contract Bridge Association



Mrs M Curtis

Vice President:

R Green

Hon. Chairman:

J C Williams

Hon. General Secretary:

Mrs A Hartley

Hon. Treasurer:

A J Philpott

Hon. Tournament Secretary:

E Cockle

Hon. Membership Secretary:

N Bardsley

Hon League Secretary:

B Hunt

Senior Tournament Director:

Ms N Cook

Teachers’ Liaison Officer:

A Cundy

Hon. Webmaster::

S Riach

Member of the committee:

D Valtisiaris, G Foster

Co-opted to the Committee:

K Thompson



Delegates to the EBU:

Mrs M Curtis, Mrs A Hartley

Regional representative for clubs:

D Valtisiaris

Hon. Auditor:

J Cordingley



County Representation:


Chairman of Selection Committee:

A J Philpott

A Team Captain:

P Oake

B Team Captain:

B Hunt

C Team Captain:

Mrs M Vede



Hon. Chairman

Dr J. C. Williams


Bassetts Lane

Little Baddow

Chelmsford CM3 4DA

Hon. General Secretary

Mrs J. A. Hartley

168 Broomfield Road

Chelmsford CH1 4HF

Tel: 01245 355830