For the year 1st May 2012 to 30th April 2013


Minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting of the ECBA,

held on Saturday 18th May 2013 at Little Baddow Memorial Hall.


Present:   Mrs M Curtis (Hon President), J Williams (Hon Chairman), Mrs A Hartley (Hon General Secretary), B Hunt (Hon League Secretary), 4 other Officers and 22 other members.

Apologies for absence: E. Cockle, N. Cook, W Godber, D Green, C Megahey, I. Moss, P O’Gara, A Philpott, S Riach, M. & S. Smith, J Sutcliffe, B Telford and M Wright,


1.     Hon Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Dr John Williams welcomed those present and outlined the plans for the evening.  He congratulated a number of Essex members who had done well during the past year in competitions further afield, in particular the B Team who had won their section of the Metropolitan Cup for the second year in succession.  He recorded his thanks to Tony Philpott, who was not present.  He reported that Tony was retiring after many years of hard work as Treasurer of the ECBA and also as Chairman of the Selection Committee.  He had expressed an interest in remaining on the Committee and it had been agreed that he should be co-opted to the Committee.  The Committee members had invited Mrs Linda Fleet to take over as Treasurer and they were delighted that she had accepted nomination.  John reminded the members that four years ago he promised to undertake the Chairman’s role for three years and further, if required and if he felt able.  He was keen for new blood on the Committee.

He thanked all members of the Committee for their support and hard work over the year.  

2.     Minutes of the last meeting

These had been previously circulated to all members.  They were agreed to be a correct record and acceptance was proposed by Dennis Valtisiaris, seconded by Mrs Linda Barker and signed by the Chairman.

3.   Matters arising

      There were no matters arising.

4.   Hon Secretary’s Report

This is attached in full.  Its adoption was proposed by Peter Oake, seconded by Alaric Cundy and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mrs Audrey Hartley for her report and hard work over the year.

5.     Hon Treasurer’s Report

In Tony Philpott’s absence the Treasurer’s report was presented by John Williams.  Copies of the Income and Expenditure Accounts and the Balance Sheet were circulated at the meeting. The Treasurer’s Report is attached in full.  It was agreed to leave the election of an Examiner of the Treasurer’s books for the coming year to the ECBA Committee when Mrs Linda Fleet’s preferences were known.  Tony wrote that the hand over to Linda was going along smoothly.  Its adoption was proposed by Dennis Valtisiaris, seconded by Mrs Linda Barker and agreed by the meeting. 

6.   Subscriptions 2013/2014

      The County part of the P2P subscription for the coming year would be 5p (a reduction of 1p).  Direct membership subs remained at £6 and there was no fee for clubs.  Acceptance was proposed by Dennis Valtisiaris, seconded by Mrs Linda Barker and agreed by the meeting.

7.   Hon Tournament Secretary’s Report

This is attached in full. Its adoption was proposed by Mrs Mary Homer, seconded by Peter Oake and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mr Ted Cockle.

8.     Hon League Secretary’s Report

This is attached in full.  Its adoption was proposed by Alaric Cundy, seconded by Frank Morrison and agreed by the meeting.  The Chairman thanked Mr Bernie Hunt.

9.  Amendments to the Constitution:

The following amendments to our Constitution were presented by Mrs Audrey Hartley.  The first was a recommendation from the Laws and Ethics Committee of the EBU, the second a clarification asked for by Ian Moss and Mrs Audrey Hartley and the third a recommendation from the EBU Chairman.  John Williams pointed out that he and Mrs Audrey Hartley had gone through the Constitution very carefully and tidied up a number of items including the numbering of some paragraphs.  The acceptance of these amendments was proposed by Frank Morrison, seconded by Alaric Cundy and agreed by the meeting.

a.   After 13.6.5: “The County Association will deal with any disciplinary allegations referred to it from its affiliated clubs using the Disciplinary Procedures set out in this constitution.  This may involve investigation, a hearing and an appeal, however if a proper hearing has already been held then the County Association should only convene an appeal hearing. Normally no action will be taken in respect of a complaint relating to an alleged offence which occurred three months or more prior to a formal complaint in writing made to the appropriate Officer.”

b.  4.10.1 iii) is an active, bona-fide member of an affiliated bridge club in Essex.

Changed to

4.10.1 iii) is an active, bona-fide member of a bridge club affiliated to Essex.

c.   3.6 an insertion in the 4th line:  …..accounts duly examined, for each Annual General Meeting, after which an Independent Examiner for the following year will be elected.

9.   Election of officers

      All of the current Committee members were willing to stand again with the exception of Tony Philpott. Mrs Linda Fleet had been proposed by Tony Philpott and seconded by Mrs Audrey Hartley for the position of Treasurer.  All were elected unopposed.

10.  Any Other Business

Simon Moorman said that he would like to see more done for middle ranking players to improve their game.  Many players wanted to improve but playing with partners of a similar standard to their own with no mentoring was not making this possible.  Dennis Valtisiaris said that he and Mrs Nicole Cook were discussing the possibilities of improvers’ classes.  John Williams said that the Chelmsford Club had been giving bridge tuition on Tuesday afternoons which was proving so popular that they had found it necessary to hold a second class on Wednesday afternoons.  They were hoping to persuade members of the classes to join the Chelmsford Club as they gained greater confidence.  It was agrees to invite Simon to the next ECBA Committee meeting to discuss his ideas more thoroughly.


The trophies and prizes were presented by the President, Mrs Margaret Curtis and she and Mrs Audrey Hartley were thanked and presented with bouquets.  There was then a cheese and wine buffet and followed a game of bridge.



Hon Treasurer’s Report


Income and Expenditure Account for the 2012/2013 Season


























P2P, Club and other EBU Income






Less Life Members



























































Accommodation, refreshments and T.D.'s






Cost of Duplimate hands and Bridgemates






Tournament Directors







EBU and other charges
















Donation to Charity








Prizes (including Sponsorship prize)









































Prizes and EBU Fees
















Interest Received Gross







Surplus on  joint EBU events
























County matches








Printing and stationery







AGM Current Season







AGM Previous Season







Tournament Director Course
















Postage and telephone







Engraving and repairs







Web Site









Bridgemate Purchase







Bidding Box Purchase/Cards

























Excess of Expenditure over Income (2012 Surplus)





Less transfer to Tollemache Reserve Fund






Less transfer to New Equipment Fund






Less transfer to Youth Development Fund















The Sponsorship of £200 was kindly provided by Barbara Cornell in memory of her late  husband

Ray Cornell and presented to the club entering the Garden Cities Trophy. 

























Stock of ties,spoons, vouchers





and stamps



















Entry fees due and payments in advance

























On current account and in hand





On Business Bonus Account





Skipton Building Society 90 Day Account

















Hire of halls,fees in advance and prizes
























New Equipment Fund





Youth Development Fund (see Note 1)




Tollemache Reserve Fund ( see Note 2)




Capital account






Excess of Expenditure over Income (2011/2012 Surplus)


























I have examined the books and records of the Essex Contract Bridge Association and, in my opinion, these give a true and fair view of the financial position as at 31/03/2013


Note 1: The Youth Development  Fund represents funds originally donated by the Thurrock Club on their closure with the express wish that they be used to develop youth Bridge.  The Fund was subsequently topped up by the ECBA.

Note 2: The Tollemache Reserve Fund is to cover the extra costs involved on occasions when Essex qualify for the final.

Note 3: It is the policy of the committee to write off expenditure on trophies, cards, boards and stationery in the year of purchase.

Hon. General Secretary’s report 2012 - 2013

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.  This is my second report to you as the General Secretary of the Essex Contract Bridge Association.  This year has been more tranquil than the last and I am getting a better understanding about what the job entails.

At home

So, what have we achieved during the past year?  We have continued as usual with our normal competitions.  We had one small hiccup with a last minute change in venue, but only one pair failed to get the message and I offer them my sincere apologies; other than that everything went smoothly.  We tried out one new venue – Writtle Village Hall.  This proved to be a very airy room, plenty of space, good kitchen facilities with tables and chairs provided.  The parking was a little difficult for some but everyone found a space not too far from the hall.  There is a car park opposite on the far side of the duck pond and parking is allowed on the streets that criss-cross the Green.

Further afield

Several of our members have taken part in competitions further afield; Green Pointed One Day Events organised by neighbouring counties, EBU congresses and overseas tournaments and cruises.  In these, some of our members have been very successful as mentioned by John earlier.

Inter-county Competitions

We have also continued to take part in the Eastern Counties Leagues.  Tony Philpott has been Chairman of the Selection Committee for several years but has now resigned and I thank him for his work there.  Ian Moss has replaced him as Chairman and Keith Thompson has now joined the three team captains to form this Committee.  There are eight counties that take part in the Eastern Counties Leagues though Cambridge University are often not able to field a C Team.  This year the Essex A and C teams were 5th and the Essex B team 3rd.  We also took part in the Metropolitan Cup, where, for the second year in succession the B team won their section.  This year we did not take part in the Pachabo but we did enter a team in the qualifying round of the Tollemache; sadly the team did not qualify for the final.

This year’s new events

When your Chairman was visiting Essex Clubs many members said they wanted more competitions where ordinary club members didn’t have to play against strong players.  “Play with an Expert” and “Pro/Am” are aimed at less experienced players giving them an experienced partner to introduce them to a wider range of players.  This year we are introducing a new competition aimed at middle ranking club players which we hope will prove popular.  On the 9th of June we are holding an invitational event for Essex’s strongest players.  Parallel with this will be the new Club Pairs Competition, open to Essex players who are not members of the A, B or C squads.  We have asked all clubs to select up to four pairs to represent their club.  There will be medals for the first three places and a prize for the club whose top two pairs have the highest combined score.  We will also invite the top pairs to form a team of four to represent Essex as the third C team in the Metropolitan Cup should they so wish.  Providing events for the enjoyment of ordinary club members is something very dear to John William’s heart and I thank John for all his efforts in that direction over the past year.

The Afternoon Pairs League

After a successful pilot we decided to run two leagues each year.  They will be on the fourth Thursday of each month at Barleylands.  The Spring League will be in March, April and May, and the Autumn League in September, October and November.  At the moment we only have one division.  Ideally lots of pairs would enter and form several divisions so that players would play against others of a similar standard to themselves.  It is an attractive form of the game in that pairs play matches of approximately eight boards against each other pair in their division.  Eight board matches are much more satisfying than the two or three board matches one plays in club duplicate.

The Teams of four Leagues

Following on from the Afternoon Pairs League there is a similar opportunity to play longer matches against players of a similar standard in our team leagues.  Because Essex is a large county there are two leagues, one for teams in the South and East of Essex and another for teams in the West of Essex. Matches are played in homes though some teams are starting to use club premises where these are available.  The home team provides a modest supper which compensates for the expense of the travel for the away team.  Matches are of twenty-four boards playing twelve boards against each of the opposing pairs.  Team games are regarded by many as the finest form of the game.  I know I am talking to the converted in many cases but I am keen to encourage ordinary club members to join the leagues.  Division one is for our top ranking players, the next levels are for middle ranking players and so on down to a beginner’s league which is also open to non affiliated players. 

Thanks to our tournament organisers

It is thanks to Ted Cockle, Bernie Hunt, Nicole Cook and one or two other non Committee members who organise and run the Competitions and Leagues that they run so smoothly.  They do a great job.


Our website has a huge number of “hits” during the year so we must be doing something right there.  Sandy Riach continues to work hard to keep the website and its additions in a logical format and up to date.  Sometimes there is too much being required of the home page and Sandy is concentrating on keeping the home page simple while continuing to accommodate everyone’s requests.  Thank you Sandy.

Disciplinary Panel

During the year we had a very good response to our appeal for Essex members to sit on a Disciplinary Panel.  We now have a Panel of nine members and I extend my gratitude to them for volunteering.  I had planned a meeting of this panel but have not yet found a convenient date.  The Panel Members have been given a copy of the Constitution and recommended to read the EBU Bye Laws that relate to Conduct and Disciplinary Committees.   I am pleased to report that we have not received any written complaints of bad behaviour during the last year and so have not yet needed to call on their services.  With respect to disciplinary problems I do recommend to all clubs, whether Member or private, affiliated or non-affiliated that they have a Constitution approved by the EBU.  There are example Constitutions on the EBU website and John and I would be happy to help if needed.

Orange Book

The Orange and Tangerine books which list systems, conventions, alerting etc are to cease on July 31st to be replaced by one book to be called the Blue Book which comes into force on August 1st.  The change in colour was made because of the confusion between the various editions of the Orange book.  The Laws & Ethics Committee promise that the Blue book will be shorter and clearer – I very much hope it will be. They say they do not intend to make many changes but among other things there will be a small extension to the announcements currently in use to include continuations after a strong 2NT and a requirement to alert unusual, high level bids above 3NT during the first round.  They also are removing level 3 as most competitions are now played at level 4.  If clubs wish to restrict level 4 in any way there will be a list of recommend exclusions.

Blue Points

We ran our first Blue Pointed event in January and we are to hold our second in June.  The first was our Swiss Pairs Competition and the second will be the George Curtis Swiss Teams on June 30th.  A few clubs have elected to hold their own Blue Pointed events, notably the Woodham Ferrers’s all Swiss Congress in the Winter, Collier Row Swiss Teams in the Spring and Mayflower’s Charity game in the Autumn.  If any club is interested in running a Blue Pointed event please consult with me first so that we can fix a good date in the Essex calendar.

EBU and Charity Status

I have to report that Dick Green has resigned as an Essex Shareholder and on your behalf I thank Dick for his contribution towards Essex’s views at the Shareholders’ Meetings.  The Committee have appointed Keith Thompson as Essex’s third Shareholder.  Margaret Curtis and I are the other Shareholders.  Last year, I reported that, at the EBU’s October Shareholders Meeting in the previous year, it had been agreed that the EBU should investigate whether the EBU should apply for charity status or not.  Over the past year it became clear that it was not sensible to continue with Charity Status for the whole of the EBU but that for a small part of the EBU’s activities it could work very well.  Consequently the EBU are applying for Charity Status for the Educational part with the aims of furthering education in schools and among the youth of today and also to promote bridge through out the population.


I was on the ECBA Committee from 1994 to 2001 and the only members still on the Committee from those days are Tony Philpott and Margaret CurtisBoth have been of enormous help to me in my role of General Secretary. Tony has been a very easy Treasurer to work with and I am sorry that he has resigned but I am very relieved that he wishes to remain on the Committee.  I have known his successor for a long while and I am sure Linda and I will work well together.  Again, a great many thanks to Margaret, for being only at the end of a phone line when ever I need to use her experience or to ask for her advice.  And of course thanks to all the Committee and many others for their input into our efforts to provide an enjoyable programme of activities and events for all members of our association.  Bridge is what we are here for, so without their hard work we would have no bridge outside the club environment.  Thank you.  Thank to everyone who helps or participates – without you life would be very dull!

J Audrey Hartley 18 May 2013


Hon Tournament Secretary’s report – 2011/12

This year the county moved into the 21st century by buying 30 Bridgemates and two servers.   This means that we don’t have to hire them any more from other clubs, which will lead to a saving for the County.

For some of our competitions we had an increase and some a decrease but generally the total number of competitors is about the same as the previous year.

We introduced two new events this year, the Pro/am and the day time pairs.  The Pro/am is similar to the “play with an expert” but the difference is the non-experts find their own Pro partners.  The number of entries for the day time pairs has been fairly low but all the competitors have enjoyed the format of the event.

Payment by BACS has been increasing in leaps and bounds during the year.  Approximately nearly 40% of all the money received for the entries comes via BACS payments.

My major moan (the only one) for the year is that two out of the three knockout competitions that I am responsible for have not been completed before the AGM.  Therefore I have agreed with the members of the ECBA committee a set of rules for arranging matches.  As a result of these new rules no match will be allowed to go beyond the date for that particular round.  If a match is not played by the specified date one or even both teams will be eliminated from the competition.  This is harsh I know (someone described me as being hard) but this seems to me the only that we can complete the competitions before the AGM.  I will enforce these rules rigidly!

 Nicole Cook has directed most of competitions over the past year but in addition Audrey Hartley and Val Mollison have also directed – and I thank them all for carrying this, sometimes, tricky task!

Ted Cockle  May 2013




Hon League Secretary’s report – 2012/13

Quite simply a boring season for the secretary.

No withdrawals, no disputes not much for me to do.

Before going further I wish to thank Bill West for maintaining the League results and tables on the website, they are always updated promptly even when he is on holiday.

There were no surprises in the leagues, most teams performed as expected. In the First Division South East there was a final day escape for one team who avoided relegation.

We had 19 teams in the South East

Division 1 eight teams   Division 2 six teams      Division 3 five teams

Two teams will be relegated from Division one but only one team will be promoted from Division two

We had 8 teams in the West playing in one Division

Next season: I have had applications from two new teams, one in the West and one in the South East.

I propose next season to give the SE Division One Teams a working date for each fixture. These may be varied if both captains agree. I believe that  an early arrangement of dates will prevent any problems later in the season.

I will also adopt the same strategy as the Competition Secretary in the League Cup and also this season’s Premier League where there is a play by date. If this date passes then both teams will be eliminated. This situation should not arise as the fixtures will be published earlier than usual. Closing date for entering the league and league cup is June 30th, I will assume that all current league teams wish to continue and there is no need for them to apply

Bernie Hunt May 2013





A Division                                   B Division                                   C Division

1    Hertfordshire            107         1    Hertfordshire            108         1    Hertfordshire             90

2    Suffolk                      87         2    Northamptonshire      98         2    Northamptonshire      83

3    Bedfordshire             84         3    Essex                       86         3    Bedfordshire             64

4    Norfolk                      82         4    Norfolk                      74         4    Cambs. & Hunts.       64

5    Essex                       70         5    Suffolk                      69         5    Essex                       48

6    Northamptonshire      60         6    Bedfordshire             62         6    Norfolk                      37

7    Cambs. & Hunts.       44         7    Cambs. & Hunts.       54         7    Suffolk                      34

8    Cambridge University 26         8    Cambridge University   9              




1st   Martin & Sandy Smith, Paul & Val Mollison

2nd  Peter Scotting, Phil Collier, Sandy Riach & Michael Watson



1st      Sandy Riach & Jacek Lapszys                           2nd  Peter Oake & Rob Elliott



Sandy Riach & J Lapszys




1st Martin Smith, Ted Cockle,                                 

      Ian Moss & Mike Graham                                        

2nd Peter Oake, Robert Elliott,                                

      Bernie Harrison, Dave Duffy & Gad Chadha             



1st      David Clark & Sandy Riach                             2nd     Yvonne Dias & Alan Greenstein

3rd      Val Mollison & Brian Davies                            4th      Graham Foster & Richard Register



Seniors’ Summer Pairs                                          Seniors’ Autumn Pairs

1st      Simon Moorman & Steve Cade-Bowyer           1st      Graham Foster & Richard Register

2nd    Paul & Val Mollison                                        2nd     Simon Moorman & Steve Cade-Bowyer

3rd      Ian Moss & Peter Oake                                   3rd      Ian Moss & Peter Oake

4th      Chris & Sue Taylor                                          4th      Keith Thompson & Richard Postle

5th      Alan Aylott & Margaret Rastin                         5th      Cecil Leighton & Monty Krimgoltz

6th      Roger Bright & Bob Hair


Seniors’ Spring Pairs                                             Final seniors’ Cup

1st      George Vede & Maureen Vede                        1st=    Ian Moss

2nd     Ray Clarke & Albert Kithchin                           1st=    Peter Oake

3rd      Mary Homer & Linda Fleet                               3rd=    Steve Cade-Bowyer

4th      Michael Wren & Richard Perryman                   3rd=    Simon Moorman        

5th      Cecil Leighton & Monty Krimgoltz                    5th=    Graham Foster

6th      Ian Moss & Peter Oake                                   5th=    Richard Register



May 2012    Tue    9th      A Kitchin & S Moorman          Jan 2013     Mon   5th   P Nettlingham & G Chasmer

                  Thu    2nd R Elliott & S Riach                                             6th   A Kitchin & R Clarke  

Jul 2012      Mon   7th   M & S Smith                                            Tue    3rd   D Cooper & J Williams

Sep 2012    Mon   1st      A Coral & D Sherman                                        4th   A Webster & P Archer

Oct 2012     Tue    1st   P Bennett & D Balch               Feb 2013    Wed  6th   A Greenstein & Y Dias

                           9th   A Segal & D Embleton           Mar 2013     Mon   6th   P Mollison & B Hunt

                  Wed  2nd     C & S Taylor                                                     7th   I McLauchlan & A Hartley

Jan 2013     Mon   1st      P Mollison & B Hunt                                 Wed  7th   P Murray & P Sullivan



1st      Audrey Hartley, Alison Spencer, John Williams & David Cooper

2nd     Catriona Lovett, Mike Harbour, David Tennet & Theo Todman

3rd      Ian Moss, Nicole Cook, David Sherman & Frank Morrison



1st            Robert Elliott, Peter Oake, Winnie Godber & John Stimson           

2nd     Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey, Jill Tattersfield & Roger Tattersfield

3rd           Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Ian Moss & Frank Morrison



1st                  Loughton –             Michael Watson, Nigel Bardsley, Patrick O’Gara, Wendy Colman

                                          Marion Cook, John Birch, Sue French & Rod Hudson

2nd        Hutton –                  Fran Alexander, Dennis Valtisiaris, Theo Todman David Tennet

                                          David Clark, Sandy Riach, Simon Moorman & Peter Oake



1st         Collier Row             Robert Elliott, Kit Charlton, Ann Savory & John Rowden

2nd        Lingwood                Alan Rodger, Alan Jones, Lional Thacker & J Murray

3rd         Loughton 3             Keith Thompson, Ray Green, Pat Watson & Graham Olliffe



1st         Winnie Godber, John Stimson, Sue Taylor & Chris Taylor

2nd        Peter Oake, Robert Elliott, Mike Graham & Ian Moss



1st                  Laurie Burtt & Stephanie Burtt                      4th         Catriona Lovett & Mike Harbour

2nd        Sandy Riach & Pat Watson                          5th         Bernie Hunt and Judith Moorman

3rd                 Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting                      6th         Chris Taylor & Sue Taylor



1st                  John Leake & Sheila Evans                          5th=       Ray Clarke & Bernie Hunt    

2nd        Stuart Dunstan & Tony Verran                      5th=       Ashley Nicklin & Graham Foster

3rd                 Peter Oake & Simon Moorman                     7th         Winnie Godber & John Stimson

4th         Chris Taylor & Sue Taylor                             8th         Richard Perryman & Mike Wren



1st                  Janet Starkey & Mike Harbour                      3rd                 Marcia Levan-Harris & Graham Foster

2nd        Tanya Genthe & Nicole Cook                       4th         Jeff Jones & Bernie Hunt


HELLIAR TROPHY  (to be renamed as the Ray Cornell Trophy)

1st                  Thorpe Bay B                    Roger Bright, Bob Hair, Paddy Murray & Jill Hair      

2nd        Mountnessing A      Roger Tattersfield, Jill Tattersfield, Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy

3rd                 Mountnessing B      Margaret Curtis, Frank Morrison, Alan Eames & John Sutcliffe

4th         Thorpe Bay A          Graham Foster, Richard Register, Allan Greenstein & Yvonne Dias

5th         Hutton A                 Peter Oake, Simon Moorman, Sandy Riach & David Clark

Thorpe Bay won the Ray Cornell prize and the right to represent Essex in the Garden Cities Trophy


ESSEX PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP The first four qualify to represent Essex in the Corwen.

Final                                                                               Consolation

1st      John Sutcliffe & Chris Megahey                    1st     Ted Cockle & John Williams

2nd     Margaret Curtis & David Sherman                 2nd     Peter Oake & Simon Moorman

3rd     Ian Moss & Mike Graham                              3rd      Jacek Lapszys & Manny Marks

4th     Graham Foster & Paul Ewers                        4th      Sandy Riach & Robery Elliott

5th =   Audrey Hartley & Albert Kitchin                       5th      Richard Perryman & Mike Wren

5th =   Ray Clarke & Bernie Hunt                                6th      Tony Philpott & Nigel Bardsley

HEAT – Spoon winners

1st         David Piper & Frank Morrison                      2nd     John Sutcliffe & Chris Megahey



Ladies:                                                                   Gentlemen:                       

1st                  Wendy Colman & Pat Watson                      1st=       Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy*

2nd        Winnie Godber & Sue Taylor                        1st=       John Williams & Ted Cockle

3rd                 Jill Hair & Yvonne Dias                                1st=       Frank Morrison & Ian Moss

                                                                              4th         Jacek Lapszys & Sandy Riach

                                                                              * won the trophy by the split tie procedure   



Ladies                                                                    Gentlemen

1    Sue Taylor                    35                                 1    Peter Oake                    46

2    Winnie Godber              34                                 2    Robert Elliott                 42

3    Margaret Curtis              26                                 3= Sandy Riach                 37

4    Audrey Hartley              19.5                              3= Ian Moss                       37

5    Val Mollison                  19                                 5    Bernie Hunt                   33

6    Catriona Lovett              15                                 6    Martin Smith                  30

7    Pat Watson                   12                                 7=  Peter Scotting               28

8= Sandy Smith                 10                                 7= John Stimson                28

8= Alison Spencer              10                                 7=  Mike Graham                 28



(Premier Grand Master, Grand             (Life Master, Premier National              (Star Premier Regional

Master & Premier Life Master)             Master & National Master)                         down to Regional Master)

1    Mr C Taylor             13010            1    Mr S Moorman        10339            1    Mr M Harbour            7421

2    Mrs S Taylor            12951            2    Mr R Perryman          9317            2    Mrs M Rastin             7379

3    Mr M Wren              12932            3    Mr E Marks               8784            3    Mr A Mundy              6482

4    Mrs M Curtis            7861            4    Mr R Register            7978            4    Mr D Tennet              4675


 (Star Premier Master down                 (Star Master, Advanced Master,           (District Masters, Area Master,

to Tournament Master)                        Master & County Master)                     Club Masters & Local Master)

1    Mr D Clark                5648            1    Mrs P Johnson          5500            1    Mr M Tempest           2172

2    Mrs P Clark               5413            2    Mr A Aylott               4977            2    Mr I Wilson                2140

3    Mr F Morrison           5325            3    Miss C Wood            4481            3    Mr P Meyer               1394

4    Mr S Margutti            4436            4    Mr B Davies              4137            4    Mr M Wildig              1348

Ranks shown are as at 01/01/2013.  Total points column includes net points.




Division 1
1. Loughton Collier:
 Phil Collier,Michael Watson,  Peter Scotting & Sandy Riach
2. Redbridge: Margaret Curtis, Richard Green, Tony Phillpott & Nigel Bardsley



Division 1

1. Barleylands: Peter Oake, Rob Elliott, Dave Duffy & Bernie Harrison.

2. May & Baker: Jill & Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey, Ted Cockle & Martin Smith.


Division 2

1. Academics: Ray Clarke, Albert Kitchin, Paul Mollison, Gary Howchen & Bernie Hunt.

2. Unit 4+2: Linda Fleet, Mary Homer, Tim Connett, Steve Ensor & Theo Todman


Division 3

1. Leigh Thorpe: Sally Brown, June Atkins, Alan Goss & Pat Nicklin
2. Weakenders: Coral Fallon, Jon Ward, Margaret Rastin & Alan Aylott





May   Corwen Trophy:                                              6th     P Oake & S Moormen

                                                                              10th   M Curtis & D Sherman

         Kent GP:                       Swiss Teams:             8th     R Elliott, A Kitchin, T Todman & D Tennet


June  Riviera Congress:          Swiss Pairs:               1st     S Riach & D Clark

         Berks & Bucks GP:       Swiss Pairs:               8th     R Perriman & M Wren

         EBU Spring Congress: A Pairs Final:             6th     G Chadha

                                             Swiss Teams:             6th     W Godber, J Stimson, M Campbell & B Hackenbroch


July   Herts/Essex GP:           Swiss Pairs:               3rd    J Stimson & B Hackenbroch

                                                                              5th     M Curtis & D Sherman

                                             Swiss Teams:             7th     S Taylor, C Taylor, J Tattersfield & R Tattersfield

         EBU Summer Seniors:   A Pairs Final:             4th     S Burtt & L Burtt

                                             B Pairs Final:             1st     A Cohen & R Register

                                                                              5th=   M Curtis & D Sherman


Sept  Surrey GP                     Swiss Pairs:               2nd    J Williams & D Cooper

         Hertford GP                  Swiss Pairs:               2nd    P Johnson, P Scotting, T Verran & R Tatur

         Metropolitan Cup:                                           1st     Essex B Team


Oct    Marmaris Congress:      Swiss Pairs:               1st     P Oake & SMoorman

                                             Open Pairs:                1st     P Oake & S Moorman

                                             Mixed Pairs:               1st     M Homer & A Kitchin

                                             Mens’ Pairs:               4th     P Oake & S Moorman

                                             Swiss Teams:             1st     P Oake, S Moorman, M Homer & A Kitchin

         Felixstowe Congress:    Swiss pairs:               1st     M Smith & S Smith    

                                                                              5th     P Oake & S Moorman

                                             Swiss Teams:             1st     P Mollison, V Mollison, B Hunt & B Davies

                                                                              3rd    P Oake, S Moorman, R Elliott & S Riach


Nov   Middlesex GP:              Swiss Pairs:               2nd    A Mayo,

                                                                              7th     S Riach & J Lapszys

                                             Swiss Teams:             1st     P Johnson, P Scotting, B Gladman & T Verran

         EBU Seniors’ Congress:Pairs A Final:             4th     M Curtis & D Sherman


Feb   Fuereventura Congress:Pre-Congress Pairs:    6th     L Burtt & S Burtt

                                             Swiss Pairs:               7th     L Burtt & S Burtt

                                             Open Pairs:                6th     L Burtt & S Burtt


Mar   National Pairs Final:                                        1st     G Chadha

         Easter Festival:             Swiss teams:             8th     P Oake, S Moorman, I Green & A Green

                                             Swiss Pairs B flight:   1st     T Verran & G Wootton

         Portland Pairs:              Welwyn Heat:             2nd    M Curtis & D Sherman – 46th overall.


Essex Contract Bridge Association



Mrs M Curtis

Vice President:

R Green

Hon. Chairman:

J C Williams

Hon. General Secretary:

Mrs A Hartley

Hon. Treasurer:

Mrs L Fleet

Hon. Tournament Secretary:

E Cockle

Hon. Membership Secretary:

N Bardsley

Hon League Secretary:

B Hunt

Hon Schools & Youth Liaison:

G Foster

Hon. Teachers’ Liaison Officer:

A Cundy

Hon. Webmaster::

S Riach

Members of the committee:

D Valtisiaris, Ms N Cook, Keith Thompson

Co-opted to the Committee:

T Philpott



Delegates to the EBU:

Mrs M Curtis, Mrs A Hartley, K Thompson

Senior Tournament Director:

Ms N Cook

Regional Representative for Clubs:

D Valtisiaris

Hon. Auditor:

J Cordingley



County Representation:


Chairman of Selection Committee:

I Moss

A Team Captain:

P Oake

B Team Captain:

B Hunt

C Team Captain:

Mrs M Vede

Committee Member:

K Thompson



Hon. Chairman

Dr J. C. Williams


Bassetts Lane

Little Baddow

Chelmsford CM3 4DA

Hon. General Secretary

Mrs J. A. Hartley

168 Broomfield Road

Chelmsford CH1 4HF

Tel: 01245 355830