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The Presidents Prize 2019 takes place on the 3rd April and Summer Party on the 10th April.

Welcome to Enniscrone Bridge Club
Freeman Trophy
Anne Freeman presenting John Duffy with 1st prize in the Freeman Trophy Also in picture Sally Egan President
Anne Freeman presenting the Freeman Trophy to John Duffy Also in picture is our President Sally Egan and other winners
Halogue Malone 3rd place Freeman Trophy Competition with Anne Freeman and Sally Egan
Nora Kennedy 5th place Freeman Trophy Competition with Anne Freeman and Sally Egan
Walter Doherty 4th place Freeman Trophy Competition with Anne Freeman and Sally Egan
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Congratulations to John Duffy winner of the Freeman Trophy being presented by Anne Freeman. Also in the picture L/R Kevin McLoughlin 2nd, Nora Kennedy 5th, Sally Egan President, Halogue Malone 3rd  and Walter Doherty 4th.

Christmas Party 2018
  • Christmas Party 2018
  • Christmas Party 2018 3
Fr Seamus Hevernin Memorial
Fr Seamus Hevernin Memorial

Congratulations to Mimi Franklin and Michael Walkin The Winners of Fr Seamus Hevernin's Memorial Night


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3rd Place Anne Freeman and Mary O'Doherty
3rd Place Anne Freeman and Mary O'Doherty
Founding Member AnneFreeman & T.D. Huey Daly
Founding Member AnneFreeman & T.D. Huey Daly
End of Season

So we come to the end of another season. A huge congrats to all the members and their great support for the club throughout the year which makes the club such a success. Congratulations to our outgoing President Nora Kennedy and the wonderful year she has had. Also we wish our incoming President Halogue Malone all the best in the new coming season. Please go to the News Page to see all who featured.

And of course last but by no means least a huge Congrats to the winners of the 2016 Presidents Prize Enniscrone

                                           Kay Jacob & Laura Doherty

End of Season

A huge Congrats to Ber Cawley on winning the Freeman Trophy.

Ber just pipped Johnny Fleming to the title by 1/100 of a per cent.

Well done to all who featured and to all who took part.

Roll On 2016 !!!!!!!!!!

Also a big congratulations to the winners of the turkey drive Xmas 2015 Marie Clarke & Ber Cawley pictured with our President Nora Kennedy

Roll On 2016 !!!!!!!!!!
Individual Results
  Name Session 1 Session 2 Total
1st Ber Cawley 55.23 66.31 60.77
2nd John Fleming 56.25 65.27 60.76
3rd Jerry Boland 57.77 60.73 59.25
4th Christy McDonagh 60.14 56.97 58.56
5th Walter Doherty 57.59 59.13 58.36
6th Agnes Moran 65.56 50.33 57.95
7th Marie Clarke 55.23 59.13 57.18
8th Teresa McLoughlin 59.38 52.99 56.19
9th Laura Doherty 57.59 54.61 56.10
10th Halogue Malone 65.56 45.95 55.76
11th Agnes McElvanna 54.27 56.97 55.62
12th Mairead McDonagh 60.14 47.62 53.88
13th Teresa Ford 40.75 65.27 53.01
14th Kevin McLoughlin 59.38 43.05 51.22
15th Sally Egan 46.16 59.13 52.65
16th John Duffy 50.00 54.81 52.41
17th Breege Cafferty 54.78 48.83 51.81
18th Des Sweeney 50.00 53.61 51.81
19th Nora Kennedy 42.54 60.73 51.64
20th Kathleen Jacob 50.19 52.99 51.59
21st Carthage Cusack 54.78 47.04 50.91
22nd Jack Kennedy 57.77 44.04 50.91
23rd Brendan McElvanna 54.27 47.04 50.66
24th Roger Cawley 34.82 66.31 50.57
25th Anna Ryan 40.75 59.13 49.94
26th Anne Freeman 45.60 54.08 49.84
27th Mollie Tuffy 48.21 48.83 48.52
28th Stella Ruttledge 42.09 54.61 48.35
29th John Wims 42.09 53.61 47.85
30th Breege McSharry 48.21 45.95 47.08
31st Eugene Ryan 39.42 54.08 46.75
32nd Dympna Hannon 40.50 50.33 45.42
33rd Mairin Wade 42.54 47.62 45.08
34th Mary O Doherty 45.60 40.07 42.84
35th Jacqueline Kilcullen 39.42 44.04 41.73
36th Felim Clarke 34.82 43.05 38.94
37th Loretto Tuffy 0.00 60.78 30.39
38th Ena Horkan 0.00 60.78 30.39
39th Anne Fleming 56.25 0.00 28.13
44th Ita Faughnan 0.00 54.81 27.41
40th Delia McCooey 50.19 0.00 25.10
41st Nora Gilhawley 46.16 0.00 23.08
42nd Odette Casey 0.00 46.15 23.08
43rd Mary Walsh 40.50 0.00 20.25
Bridge with an Athmosphere
Bridge with an Athmosphere
Enniscrone Bridge Club was founded over ten years ago and has grown from a small gathering of two or three tables to a membership of twelve tables. This is thanks to a hard working committee and the determination of one of the founding members, Anne Freeman. Enniscrone Bridge Club played their bridge originally in Enniscrone Golf Club but has since moved to the beautiful Diamond Coast Hotel. Enniscrone Bridge Club takes great pride in the fact that they have kept the social element as a massive part of the club. They continue a great tradition of a break for refreshments during the Club Night so people can socialise. The club takes place every Wednesday night at 7:45 pm and all visitors and new members are welcome. The new season starts 9th September and finishes mid April.
Results!!! Results!!!! Results!!!!

Looking for results outside the are a couple of useful links

New Season
New Season

The new season is underway! We wish our new President Nora Kennedy the best of luck and are assured of her continued dedication to our growing club.

Thanks to  Maria & Gerry Stone for their generous donation to the club. Maria & Gerry are welcome to play anytime when in Enniscrone.


Winners of Fr. Seamus Memorial Competition
Winners of Fr. Seamus Memorial Competition

Prize winners at the Fr. Seamus Heverin Memorial Bridge Competition held at Enniscrone Bridge Club recently.

Back row from left; John Fleming, Marie Clarke, Kevin McLoughlin, Des Sweeney, Christine Kirby and Huey Daly (tournament director).

Front row; Ann Fleming, Nora Gilhawley, Kay Jacob, Nora Kennedy (President), Sally Egan and Odette Casey.


Bridge resumes the 9th January 2019.

Wednesday Pairs
Director: Agnes Moran
Scorer: HDTD
Wednesday Pairs
Director: HDTD
Scorer: Huey
Wednesday Pairs
Director: HDTD
Scorer: Huey