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23rd Nov 2022 10:16 GMT
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AGM 2022 minutes
AGM 2022 minutes

Emsworth Bridge Club

Minutes of the 45th AGM held on 25th January 2022


Alan Thomas (Playing Captain), Judith Humphreys (Treasurer) and Margaret Pascoe (Secretary).

There were 17 other members present.


Heather Archer, Sylvia Mundy, Angela Meakin, Tricia Bangert, Chris Evans, Jen and Ken Wills.

Minutes of the last AGM and Matters Arising

The minutes were accepted.  There were no matters arising.

Treasurer’s report

The amount held in the bank account plus cash in hand is £730.01.   For the period of 01/01/2021 to 31/12/21 income and expenditure were minimal due to the club’s closure for 15 months during the pandemic.  Michael Woodhams was thanked for auditing the accounts.

Playing Captain’s report and presentation of prizes

The average number of tables in 2020 was 6.5 per evening until covid restrictions forced the club’s closure from March 17th 2020.  Since reopening in August 2021, the average has been 5.5.  There has been a welcome influx of new players which augurs well for the future when members, still worried about covid, return.

The suspension of play means no prizes were awarded for both years 2020 and 2021.

 There was an open invitation for any member to do the scoring which is currently undertaken by Alan Thomas.

Election of Officers

All officers agreed to continue.  There were no nominations for chairman so Alan Thomas volunteered to take on the role, with unanimous support.


  1. The change to club rule 9 that guests would pay £2 per visit with no restriction on the number of visits, was carried unanimously.
  2. It was agreed that we make a contribution of £50 to ESSC for their local charity (St Wilfred’s or Rowans).

AOB  None.                                                                                                                        The meeting closed at 7.05