League of Eight

League of Eight 2018/2019 end of season newsletter

All the matches have now been played and the results are as follows:

Division 3

SBBC B team : 4th

SBBC A team: 7th

Division 4

SBBC C team : 4th

The A and C teams did well but the B team had an excellent season. Well done to them, especially for their very good result in their last match.

We wish to thank the captains of all three teams for all their hard work; as always they have done a sterling job. Our gratitude goes to Ron Hoar (A), Maggi Giblin and Heather Oliver (B) and Anna Assaf (C).

If there is anyone who would like to play for the League of Eight next season, please contact Brenda or Chrys. It is a very friendly environment and it is a good opportunity to play teams instead of duplicate bridge.

Heather Perry

Division 3 Results


Click here: http://www.ebu.co.uk/leagues/BRB-000014-03

Division 4 Results


Click here: http://www.ebu.co.uk/leagues/BRB-000014-04