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Psychic Bids
Psyches and Unauthorised Information

It is only permissible to make use of information provided by the bidding or play of the cards. Advantage must not be taken of information obtained in any other way, for example because of a hesitation by partner which might indicate a difficult decision.

A Psychic Bid (or psyche) is one which deliberately mis-describes the strength or distribution of a hand in a way which is very different from the system or conventions which a pair claims to be playing. Psyching is not against the laws of bridge but it is not permissible to do it frequently. If partner knows this, it is difficult not to make allowance for this unauthorised information.

There is another reason why we wish to discourage psyching at SBBC.  We are a large club with members having a wide range of experience and expertise playing together. The more expert players should not try to take advantage of their greater experience by using such methods.

Our Bridge Directors often hear comments after the end of the session that someone has psyched. We ask all members to please call the Director at the time if they consider that someone has psyched.  The Club keeps a record of psyches and will take any necessary action but it is important that all players involved should agree on what has happened.