Masters Pairs

EBU Masters Pairs
Sunday February 24th

This event is open to players below the rank of Regional Master.
This includes: Local Masters, Club Masters, Area Masters, District Masters, County Masters, Masters,
Advanced Masters, Star Masters, Tournament Masters and Premier Masters.
There will be two full sessions with a 45 minute break between. 
The starting time will be 11.00 am and we expect to finish at about 6.15 pm.
The event will be scored over the entire field via the internet.
The cost is £12 per person payable on the day

Jacket potatoes / soup / salads and sandwiches will be available in the break,
but only if purchased on arrival BEFORE start of play. 
NO other food may be eaten on the premises.

Book using the form below
or email
or contact Chrys on 01628 668700.