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Hosting and Partner Finding

The membership section of the web site enables members to notify others that they are seeking a partner for a session.

We encourage players to find a partner before coming to a session, but if you do not have a partner you may come and play with anyone else who is also seeking a partner. 
The Director of the session will help in pairing up players and will act as a host and play with anyone who cannot be fixed up in this way, subject to the guidelines below.

  • The host system is intended to provide partners for members and visitors who occasionally come without a partner; it is not intended as an alternative to members finding a partner for themselves
  • Members who come along to use the system must play with anyone else doing likewise (subject to help from the Director); it is not permissible to decline to play if not happy to play with whoever is available.
  • Members are not expected to come frequently without a partner, the guideline being not more than 12 times in a 12 month period, although leniency will be shown towards new members and for Supervised Play and Novice sessions.
  • The Director of every Duplicate session will act as a host, help to "pair up" players coming without a partner, and will play with anyone who cannot be fixed up in this way.
  • The Host system does not apply to Swiss Pairs or other special events.
  • The Club may withdraw or suspend the right to use the host system if there are complaints about a player's behaviour or for any other reason which is causing a problem.
  • The session Director may decline to act as host in the very unlikely event that it is deemed to compromise the smooth running of a very busy session.  If this were to happen, the person who was unable to play would be given a free voucher to play at a future session.