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Bridge News

    Burnham BC   at  SBBC    
Mondays now at 10.30 a.m.

Stand-by Volunteers Needed

The response has been very good
and we are very grateful to all those
who have volunteered as stand-by players,
who play or not as necesary
to ensure that there is not a half-table. 

We need to keep up our stream of volunteers
to ensure that we will never have to bring in outsiders
who do not fit in with our standard of bridge.

Anyone who acts as a stand-by will get a free session
when they play or for their next game if not

Please contact Chrys Poole on 01628 440600,
preferably as a pair, but singles also welcome,
if you are prepared to consider helping.

Master Point and NGS Results

Master Point have been issued for all SBBC events from May 5th onwards and will count for NGS ratings.

But we have to apologise because many of the results have not yet been uploaded to the EBU.
This is because of technical problems with translating User names to real names.

These problems have now been sorted out and all will soon be included on the EBU site.

Gentle Bridge Sessions

Our Gentle Bridge sessions for less experienced players have now been running for two weeks.
We are delighted that they have been well supported
and they will be continuing
every Tuesday and Thursday morning

Please show your Real Names

Our games are for Club Members and guests
If you wish to play in SBBC Online,
please ensure that your first name and surname are shown in your name profile.

SBBC, together with Burnham BC,
have online duplicate bridge events  on 6 days per week,

incuding Gentle Bridge sessions for less experienced players.
All sessions are restricted to members of SBBC or Burnham BC, and their guests.

Each session will play 18 boards and will last for under 2½ hours
See below for session times

There is a Fee of £3.00 per session for all events
Fees will be collected monthly in arrears, when players will be asked to pay
by direct transfer to the Club's bank account.

For information about joining SBBC Online, or using Bridgebase Online,
click the topic in the Menu on the left

Gentle Bridge Success

Gentle Bridge for less experienced players
10.30 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Our new Gentle Bridge sessions are being well attended

These Gentle Bridge sessions are for players to gain experience 
in playing  competitively against others of similar standard,
before playing with more experienced players.
Inexperienced players may also play with an experienced partner
 who is helping them.

18 boards are played, with a time limit for each round.
Players may register for the event in BBO from about 9.00 onwards.

As for all online games, players must register
with Bridgebase Online to get a User Name
and then let Chrys Poole know that you wish to play online

Only simple systems - EBU Level 1 or Level 2 may be used.

A £3.00 fee is charged for all online sessions 

Session Details and Times
all sessions are weekly

2.30 p.m. Sunday                  SBBC Pairs.
11.00 a.m. Monday               
Burnham Bridge Club at SBBC
This session is also open to all SBBC members

10.30 Tuesday                     
Gentle Bridge Pairs
2.30 p.m
. Tuesday              SBBC Pairs
10.30 a.m. Wednesday     
SBBC Pairs
10.30 a.m. Thursday         
Gentle Bridge Pairs
2.30 p.m Thursday           
SBBC Pairs
10.30 a.m. Friday             
SBBC Pairs

This column lists
the online calendar
and recent results

Friday Morning
#4912 Pairs SBBC Gentle
#7030 Pairs SBBC Thursday Afternoon
#6550 Pairs SBBC Wednesday Morning
Gentle Duplicate
Tuesday aft.
Burnham BC at SBBC See Burnham website for details
Sunday Online
Thursday Aft.
Gentle Duplicate
Sun 7th Jun 2020
Sunday Online
Mon 8th Jun 2020
Burnham at SBBC
Tue 9th Jun 2020
Gentle Duplicate
Tue 9th Jun 2020
Wed 10th Jun 2020
10.30 a.m.
Thu 11th Jun 2020
Gentle Duplicate
Thu 11th Jun 2020
Fri 12th Jun 2020
10.30 a.m.
Sun 14th Jun 2020
Sunday Online
Mon 15th Jun 2020
Burnham at SBBC
10.30 a.m.
Tue 16th Jun 2020
Tuesday Gentle