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RealBridge Link

For the RealBridge session on Wednesday 24th February click the link below

Click on the link to take you to the login page, then enter your
First Name and Surname and EBU Number
if clicking does not work contact David -  or 01753 552717

Standby Pairs Wanted
We are grateful to the members who act as Standby Pairs, to avoid the need to have robots.
As always, we are seeking volunteers to fill in gaps in the list for the next few weeks.

Please have a look at the email which is being sent out and let Evelyn know if you can help


January Competitions
The wnners of the January Competitions were
Best Individal                        
Naomi Gibbs
Best Pair   Bob James & Charles Chisnall
Best with Four Partners            Eva Wallen
Best Non-expert                     Becky Cowie

The final positions in all the competitions can be seen, using the titles on the feft

February Competitions.
The February competitions are now running.
See the LH index for the current positions

The usual four Competitions - Best Pair, Best Individual, Best with Four Partners
and Best non-Expert (for the Gentle sessions) will continue in February, plus two new Competitions

Jack-High Competitions in February
Two new Competitions are being held in February for players and partnerships below the rank of Queen
They will be for Best Pair, and Best Individual in the regular sessions,

Private NGS Rankings

A few members have Private NGS rankings, which are not disclosed.  Players with Private NGS rankings and their partners will not be eligible for any prizes which depend on these rankings.  It is possible that some might not realise that their rankings are private; this classification can be removed by informing the EBU.

Online Events Elsewhere

National Pairs Heat
Reading Bridge Club will be holding a heat of the green-pointed EBU National Pairs on Sunday 21st March

This will comprise 2 sessions of 24 boards each on BBO
Leading pairs will qualify for a National final on RealBridge in April
The Enrtry Fee will be 8 BBO$
Click the link to Reading Bridge Club below for more details

Date Event Ttitle Organising body Contact
Sun 21st Feb Friendly Pairs Berks & Bucks CBA
Sat 27th Feb North Devon Congress Pairs (Blue-Pointed) Devon Bridge Assoc
Sun 28th Feb North Devon Congress Swiss Teams (Blue Pointed) Devon Bridge Assoc
Sun 21st March National Pairs Heat Reading BC Reading Bridge Club
Sun 25th April Seniors Pairs Berks & Bucks CBA
Sun 16th May Mixed Pairs & Flitch Berks & Bucks CBA

Click on the title above to see the schedule of
bridge classes for 2021 

Please contact Chrys Poole 01628 440600 or 
for further details

BBO Improvement
In future we will have a winner in each direction for all table numbers from 10 upwards as BBO restrictions on movements have been eased

Find a Partner
We are sometimes asked to help in finding a partner.
Members Only in the LH index provides a link to Find a Partner, where anyone can put there name down for any session. 

Names in Profiles
Most members have responded to requ
ests to show their full names in their BBO profile.  It is a Club Rule that  everyone should be able to see your Name

Standby Volunteers Needed
Please contact Evelyn to volunteer as a Standby
and help prevent the need for Robots .

To see sessions needing standby pairs
Calendar, Standby Pairs in the LH Index


Members or anyone making enquiries about any aspect of the Club's online bridge
are welome to contact any of the four SBBC Company Directors.
The details below show their special interests.

Evelyn Crossley
  Chairman and Administration   
01628 630254
Brenda Vitty
Social Activities and Membership liaison 

07702 452890
Nigel Marlow
Finance Director. Bridge Results and Records  
07801 525147
David Beever
   Technical Matters. Webmaster
01753 552717

We have no idea when we might be abe to return to the barn
and will continue to provide online Bridge

We thank all those members who volunteer as standbys, avoiding the need for robots.
We are now seeking standby pairs for  the next few months

Please contact Evelyn Crossley (details above) if you can help.

This column lists
the online calendar
and recent results

Stand-by Pair: Doug and Maura Manocha
Stand-by Pair: Rosella and Lester Emanuel
Thursday Gentle
Stand-by Pair: Susan Hegi and Anita Sulley
Thursday afternoon
Stand-by Pair: Rosella Emanuel and Gill Walker
Wednesday morning on RealBridge
Wednesday Evening
Stand-by Pair: Liz and Roger Hughes
Tuesday Afternoon
Stand-by Pair: Pat Dowdeswell and Chris Hall
Gentle Duplicate
Monday morning
Stand-by Pair: Sarah Ward and Bruce Leslie
Burnham @ SBBC
Stand-by Pair: Adrian King and Ian Clark
Stand-by Pair: Tom and Sarah Rowland
Mon 1st Mar 2021
Monday morning
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Rosella Emanuel and Gill Walker
Mon 1st Mar 2021
Burnham @ SBBC
7.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Judith Swain and Penny Jennings
Tue 2nd Mar 2021
Gentle Duplicate
10.30 a.m.
Tue 2nd Mar 2021
Tuesday Afternoon
2.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Roger Johnson and Malcolm Williams
Wed 3rd Mar 2021
Wednesday morning on RealBridge
10.30 p.m.
Wed 3rd Mar 2021
Wednesday Evening
7.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Nick Thorne and Don Lorraine
Thu 4th Mar 2021
Thursday Gentle
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Gillian Read and Jill Cooper
Thu 4th Mar 2021
Thursday afternoon
2.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Tony Parkinson and Ian Mackinder
Fri 5th Mar 2021
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Don Collier and Phil Sharman
Sun 7th Mar 2021
2.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Rosella Emanuel and Gill Walker
Mon 8th Mar 2021
Monday morning
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Amanda and Leon Abecasis