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September Competition Results
Winners of the September Competitions were:
Best Pair:
Neil Crawford & Nigel Wolfendale
 Best Individual: Nigel Marlow
Best Non-expert:
Gulab Rastogi & Tim Davies (jointly)
Best with 4 Partners:
David Owen

The October Competitions have now started

We are pleased to say that South Bucks Bridge Club will be entering a Team
in the County's new online Teams of Eight Competition. The Team will be: 

Maggi Giblin (Captain), Heather Oliver, Malcolm Oliver, Dick Graham,
Mike Tennant, Jacky Tennant, Mark Prentice, Sheila McKenna,
Sue Reid, Gail Goodwill.

Matches will be played between October this year and April 2021
The number of matches and the fixture list will be decided  when entries are complete.

We wish them an enjoyable and successful season 

Friday Movement - an Apology
We specify movements for all numbers of tables so that pairs meet as many opponents as possible and  avoid playing the same opponents more than once.  Unfortunately on Friday 18th September the Director accidentally started the wrong movement.  Although he quickly realised the mistake, once play has started the movement can not be corrected, so pairs met two sets of opponents twice each.
We apologise for the mistake and will try not to let it happen again

Members or anyone making enquiries about any aspect of the Club's online bridge
are welome to contact any of the four SBBC Company Directors.
The details below show their special interests.

Evelyn Crossley
  Chairman and Administration 
01628 630254
Brenda Vitty
Social Activities and Membership liaison 
07702 452890
Nigel Marlow
Finance Director. Bridge Results and Records  
07801 525147
David Beever
   Technical Matters. Webmaster      
01753 552717

It is unlikely that we will be playing bridge in the barn again before the New Year
We thank all those members who volunteer as standbys, avoiding the need for robots.
We are now seeking standby pairs until the end of the year

Please contact Evelyn Crossley (details above) if you can help.

Bridge Classes, 2020/21

New classes are starting in September for all levels of players:

Beginners, Improvers, Consolidation, Card Play and Defence.

Please contact Chrys Poole 01628 440600 or 
for further details

There will be a course to suit your needs.  Currently our courses are held online,
however when the Covid situation changes they will take place at SBBC.

Psychic Bids

The rules about psychic bids and the Club's attitude towards them apply to online bridge in the same way as in face-to-face bridge

A Psychic Bid (or psyche) is one which deliberately mis-describes the strength or distribution of a hand in a way which is very different from the system or conventions which a pair claims to be playing.

Psyching is not against the laws of bridge but our Club strongly discourages them. This applies especially to the more expert players, who must not try to take advantage of their greater experience by using such methods.

 We ask all members to please call the Tournament Director at the time or at the end of a session if they consider that someone has psyched. 

Session Details and Times
all sessions are weekly

2.30 p.m. Sunday                  SBBC Pairs.
10.30 a.m. Monday               SBBC Pairs
7.30 p.m. Monday               
Burnham Bridge Club at SBBC
This session is also open to all SBBC members

10.30 a.m. Tuesday             
Gentle Bridge Pairs
2.30 p.m
. Tuesday              SBBC Pairs
10.30 a.m. Wednesday     
SBBC Pairs
7.30 p.m. Wednesday        SBBC Pairs
10.30 a.m. Thursday         
Gentle Bridge Pairs
2.30 p.m Thursday           
SBBC Pairs
10.30 a.m. Friday             
SBBC Pairs

This column lists
the online calendar
and recent results

Thursday Gentle
Thursday afternoon
Stand-by Pair: Ian Mackinder & Tony Parkinson
Wednesday evening
Stand-by Pair: Brendan King & Kumar Patel
Wednesday morning
Stand-by Pair: Rosella & Lester Emanuel
Tuesday Gentle
Tuesday afternoon
Stand-by Pair: Rosella Emanuel & Gill Walker
Monday morning
Burnham at SBBC
Stand-by Pair: Ian Clark & Adrian King
Stand-by Pair: Michael & Maurizia Trowell
Stand-by Pair: Don Collier & Phil Sharman
Thursday Gentle
Fri 2nd Oct 2020
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Denise Miller and Nigel Clayton
Sun 4th Oct 2020
2.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Clair Sirkis & Marc Rivoira
Mon 5th Oct 2020
Monday mornng
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Ranjan Patel & Helen Duff
Mon 5th Oct 2020
Burnham at SBBC
7.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Rosella and Lester Emanuel
Tue 6th Oct 2020
Gentle Duplicate
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Marie-Louise Marsh and Hazel Sharpe
Tue 6th Oct 2020
Tuesday Afternoon
2.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Roger Johnson & Malcolm Williams
Wed 7th Oct 2020
Wednesday morning
10.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Leslie Kendall & Jane Leonard
Wed 7th Oct 2020
Wednesday evening
Stand-by Pair: Sarah Cole & Tom Rowland
Thu 8th Oct 2020
Thursday Gentle
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Mike and Rosie Winston
Thu 8th Oct 2020
Thursday afternoon
2.30 p.m.
Stand-by Pair: Rosella & Lester Emanuel
Fri 9th Oct 2020
10.30 a.m.
Stand-by Pair: Don Collier and Phil Sharman