Student League 2019

Congratulations to The Six Queens
Julie King, Hazel Sharp, Penny Ford, Debbie Gowing, Anne Bowles and Sue Harrison
on coming second in this year’s Student League.
They were just 4VPs behind the winning team. 
The Six Queens were taught at SBBC by
Clive Lewis.

Well done all.

Chapel Drying Out

The Chapel remains unusable folllowing flooding 
over the weekend of  12/13th May

Until it is completely dried out and renovations completed

 all tables on Fridays will be in the Barn
and one or both balconies are likely to be in use.  

Please let Don know if you have difficulty in using the stairs
so that he can find a position where that will not be necessary.

Competition Winners

The Club's latest series of competitions ran for 13 weeks from January until Easter.  There are overall prizes and a prize for each of the regular sessions, usually based on the player's best 7 results. No Player can win more than one prize.
Winners were 
                All Sessions
David Owen
                Best Result with 6 partners: Nigel Marlow
                Monday Morning: Roger Johnson
                Tuesday Daytime: Evelyn Crossley
                Tuesday Afternoon:  Miggy Beever
                Tuesday Club: Hilda Hope & Clive Lewis (first equal)
                Wednesday Club: Liz Hayton & Charles King-farlow  (first equal)
                Thursday Club: Colin Dale
                Friday Club: Pat Dowdeswell
For the first time in this Period we presented a prize for the best pair from all sessions
                         - to
 Hilda Hope and Clive Lewis

Psyches, Unauthorised Information and Convention Cards

It is only permissible to make use of information provided by the bidding or play of the cards. Advantage must not be taken of information obtained in any other way, for example because of a hesitation by partner which might indicate a difficult decision.

A Psychic Bid (or psyche) is one which deliberately mis-describes the strength or distribution of a hand in a way which is very different from the system or conventions which a pair claims to be playing. Psyching is not against the laws of bridge but it is not permissible to do it frequently. If partner knows this, it is difficult not to make allowance for this unauthorised information.

There is another reason why we wish to discourage psyching at SBBC.  We are a large club with members having a wide range of experience and expertise playing together. The more expert players should not try to take advantage of their greater experience by using such methods.

Our Bridge Directors often hear comments after the end of the session that someone has psyched. We ask all members to please call the Director at the time if they consider that someone has psyched.  The Club keeps a record of psyches and will take any necessary action but it is important that all players involved should agree on what has happened.

Convention Cards
We encourage players to have Convention Cards, but do not insist on it if playing a simple system. If playing an unusual system it should be announced briefly when arriving at a table and both players should have a completed convention card available for opponents to examine.

Please arrive in good time

Try to arrive 10 minutes before the starting time for any bridge session.

If you might be late phone 01628 668700 to notify the Director, or contact your partner.

It is very unhelpful and impolite to the Director, your partner and the other players to be late

If you are late, without having notified the Club, you might not be allowed to play.  This is especially important for the larger sessions where table numbering and movement might need to be changed according to the number of tables in play.


Please display your Blue Badge permit if you park in one of our Disabled Parking spaces.

Otherwise please use the car park behind the building, or on a very busy day it is acceptable to park carefully on the drive. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

League of Eight

The 2018/19 County League of Eight season started in September and we are hosting three teams:

A Team Captain: Ron Hoar  

B Team Captain: Maggi Giblin

C Team Captain: Anna Assaf 

We wish them a successful and enjoyable season.


This column lists
forthcoming events
and recent results.

Summer Seminars

Seminars from
8th to 25th July

See Centre Column

Please note that when food is available for purchase, or provided, at any bridge event at SBBC,
no other food may be eaten on the premises.

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