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Calendar Month

Calendar Month for Booking and Partner Finding

Calendar Month in the LH index is a new feature of the website.
It gives access to results 
 and information about future events.

Included with the information about events to come are clickable icons, enabling a member

  • to make a booking with a Partner for events which require this (currently all face-to-face events) 
  • to seek a Partner for any event. Show your email address or phone number so that partners may contact you.

For  more information about Calendar Month select
Using Calendar Month in the LH index
This is currently being completed and will be available on Thursday 21st

Standbys Needed Urgently

Standby Pairs Needed for Online Games

Thank you to everyone who has reponded to our requests for standby players.
But at present we have very few volunteers for October and November. 

Please have a look at Standby Pairs on the LH index and let Evelyn know 
if you can help to fill any of the gaps

Register Online in Good Time

Please Login Early for Online Games

Please register for online games in good time.  Preferably 10 but at least 5 minutes before starting time is appropriate.
Last minute logins cause  difficulties for the Tournament Director and might not be accepted

Face-to-Face Bridge and Covid

Special arrangements have been made in the barn, as recommended by the Government for such indoor meetings:

  • Masks are not mandatory but players may choose to wear one
  • Hand sanitiser, masks and disposable gloves are available.
  • The room is well ventilated
  • There are fewer tables in the barn so that they are spread out.
  • Social distancing is encouraged.
  • There are fresh bidding boxes at every session. Players may take their box with them if they choose.
  • Boards and bidding boxes are ‘rested’ for at least 72 hours between sessions
  • No handling of money.

Not Feeling Well - Keep Away!

Players should not come to the barn if they are unwell or have any symptoms.
Anyone who develops any symptoms after playing should contact us straightaway
so that we can tell other players.

Competition Results

It is good to see some new names in the Monthly Competition Results for September

Results were as follows:

Winning Pair; Colin Steele & Mike Gentry
Winning PlayerDavid Owen
Winning Player with 4 Partners:
Brenda Vitty
Winning Jack High Pairs: Maurizia & Michael Trowell
Winning  Jack High Individual: Heather Perry
Winning Non-Expert:
 Roger Heppleston

The latest results for October can be seen using the LH Index

Names Please!

This is a reminder that the Club expects that everyone playing must show their full name
(First and Surname) in their profile.
As a Club site, members should be able to see who they are playing against.
May we remind some of our newer players and a few more experienced ones that they should comply.

Undos in Bidding

Undos in Bidding
The Club now allows Undos for misclicks in the bidding, but not in the play.
As soon as you realise that you have misclicked you may ask for an Undo. 
The opponents will usually agree, in wh
ich case you may change your bid without penalty. 
If an opponent objects, or in case of doubt, the Director should be called.
This brings us into agreement with most other Clubs

Please note that Undos are permitted only for genuine misclicks. 
You may not ask for an Undo if you realise that you made the wrong bid.

Undos are still not permitted for misclicks during the play

Burnham Bridge Club are continuing to disallow all Undos

Click on the title above to see the schedule of
bridge classes for 2021 

Please contact Chrys Poole 01628 440600 or 
for further details

Members or anyone making enquiries about any aspect of the Club's online bridge
are welome to contact any of the four SBBC Company Directors.
The details below show their special interests.

Evelyn Crossley
  Chairman and Administration   
01628 630254
Brenda Vitty
Social Activities and Membership liaison 

07702 452890
Nigel Marlow
Finance Director. Bridge Results and Records  
07801 525147
David Beever
   Technical Matters. Webmaster
01753 552717

We have no idea when we might be abe to return to the barn
and will continue to provide online Bridge

We thank all those members who volunteer as standbys, avoiding the need for robots.
We are now seeking standby pairs for  the next few months

Please contact Evelyn Crossley (details above) if you can help.

Thursday afternoon
Thursday Pairs f2f
Wednesday Evening
Stand-by Pair: Graham and Sue Dickens
Wednesday Pairs f2f
Gentle Duplicate
Stand-by Pair: Brenda Vitty and Clive Lewis
Tuesday Afternoon
Stand-by Pair: Ranjan Patel and Helen Duff
Tuesday evening f2f
Monday morning
Stand-by Pair: Leslie Kendall and Chris Jones
Burnham @ SBBC
Stand-by Pair: Sarah and Tom Rowland
Thu 21st Oct 2021
Thursday Gentle f2f
10.30 a.m.
Fri 22nd Oct 2021
10.30 a.m.
Sun 24th Oct 2021
2.30 p.m.
Mon 25th Oct 2021
Monday morning
10.30 a.m.
Mon 25th Oct 2021
Burnham @ SBBC
7.30 p.m.
Tue 26th Oct 2021
Gentle Duplicate
10.30 a.m.
Tue 26th Oct 2021
Tuesday Afternoon
2.30 p.m.
Tue 26th Oct 2021
Tuesday evening f2f
7.30 p.m.
Wed 27th Oct 2021
Wednesday Morning f2f
10.30 a..m.
Wed 27th Oct 2021
Wednesday Evening
7.30 p.m.
Thu 28th Oct 2021
Thursday Gentle f2f
10.30 a.m.