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Welcome to Sunshine Coast Bridge
National Tournaments 2022

To enter for National or Regional events co-ordinated by SABF click on the  link to "Login to SABF Online" to the right of this box. 


Sunshine Coast Bridge
Sunshine Coast Bridge


This is the homepage which deals with Sunshine Coast Bridge aspects as well as some events run by clubs that wish to use this site to publish their events.  Currently results of online Pairs events run under the auspices of the Sunshine Coast Bridge Club (SCBC), Port Alfred Duplicate Bridge Club and Jeffrey's Bay Bridge Club are displayed on this site.


Pairs Events Schedule

Monday afternoons 14:00 - SC Pairs (One section 24 boards)
Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 09:45 - SC Pairs (One section of 24 boards)
Thursday afternoon 14:00 Jeffrey's Bay Closed club pairs 

Wednesday night 19:00 - SC Pairs (One section of 18 boards)
Friday afternoon 14:15 - SC Pairs (One section with boards based on attendance)

As from 2021 results are uploaded to SABF for Masterpoints


Excellent Squeeze - by Peter Bircher
Excellent Squeeze - by Peter Bircher

This gem cropped up on BBO on the Sunshine Coast BBO on the 24 October 

After north had opened 1NT, he declared in 6NT (Yes, I know 6♣  is cold) 

Assuming East does not lead a give-away spade, making 12 tricks on a neutral club lead is quite a challenge

You knock out the ♣A but before cashing the clubs, which may be needed later for transport, you test diamonds. When east discards a spade on the 3rd diamond you cash the A-K of spades and run the clubs. Before the last club is cashed, with the lead in dummy, this is the 4-card ending:

               ♠  5

                          ♠  Q                         
  Q87                  J95             

              ♣  J

When declarer cashes the ♣J, west has to hold on to the  J, so throws a heart

Having done its job, north can now throw the  6

East is under pressure having to hold on to the ♠Q so also pitches a heart

The  10 now becomes trick 12

Analysing Results

By clicking on "Results" in left Menu and then "Personal Analysis" you can see the entire list of players associated with SC Pairs.  By selecting a player you are able to see the detailed graph of performance since inception late July 2020.  It allows you to sort by partner or event etc and then you can click on any specific event for more detailed analysis of your play in that event.  This is a super tool for those interested in improving their partnership and/or personal play!

In the menu on left you will find additional information on how best to interpret the analysis of play.

SABF Masterpoints

Currently all SC Pairs, Kenton, JBay and PADBC events have been uploaded to the SABF for allocation of Masterpoints.  

For your own SABF Masterpoints it is recommended that you log-in to  where you can review you profile, masterpoint standing as well as view the results that were uploaded for you.

If you do not yet have a password click on "Request Access" and you will be guided to creating a password.

3rd Quarter Results (Jul/Aug/Sep 2022)
3rd Quarter Results (Jul/Aug/Sep 2022)

Well done and congrats to you all who played and enjoyed your bridge this past quarter!  Included are the PADBC Face to Face (FTF) results.  Please do click on "Competitions" in the left hand menu for detailed results and to look at your standing.  We recommend using the powerful analysis tools in Bridgewebs to improve you bridge.  For assistance click on the menu item "Analysis of Results" and then open the document - it is a detailed guide for using the analysis capability of Bridgewebs.


8th December 2023
SP 0900
Director: Arie
Host: sabf_33
11th December 2023
PABC Mon Red
Hall 1400
11th December 2023
PABC Mon Green
Hall 1400
11th December 2023
Pairs KoS/PADBC Mon
BBO 1400
Host: sabf_33
Pairs EC Fri
Director: JBay
Pairs EC Thurs
Director: Ricardo
JBay Thur
Pairs EC Wed
Director: Les
Pairs EC Tue
Director: Ricardo