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Welcome to Eastern Cape Bridge Union
Eastern Cape Bridge Union Overview
Eastern Cape Bridge Union Overview


This is the Easter Cape Bridge Union homepage which deals with ECBU aspects as well as events run by clubs within it's ambit.  Currently results of online Pairs events run under the auspices of the Sunshine Coast Bridge Club (SCBC), Kenton Bridge Club, Port Alfred Duplicate Bridge Club and Jeffrey's Bay Bridge Club are displayed on this site.  


Pairs Events Schedule

Monday afternoons 14:00 - Club events JBay, St Francis, KoS-PA Red and Green
Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 09:45 - EC Pairs (Two sections of 24 boards) 

Wednesday night 19:00 - EC Pairs (One section of 18 boards)                                
Friday night 18:30 - EC Pairs (one section of 18 to 21 boards based on attendance)

As from 2021 results will be uploaded to SABF for Masterpoints


Quarterly Results (Aug/Sep/Oct)

The following are the winners of the various events for the quarter from 1 Aug to end Oct.  For more detail and standings go to the "Competitions" in the left hand menu and select the one you are inerested in.

Tuesday EC Pairs Red  - 1st Sandy Fitzgerald & Valerie Volck
                                          2nd Andrzej Osinski & Cecilia Fletcher

Tuesday EC Pairs Green - 1st Phillip & Phyllis Levinsohn
                                             2nd Geraldine Wilton and Gloria Lundie

Thursday EC Pairs Red - 1st Derrick Newson & Mike Newport
                                           2nd Andrzej Osinski & Elzabe Rodrigues

Thursday EC Pairs Green - 1st Gay Ford & Wilma Jurgensen
                                              2nd Geraldine Wilton & Maureen Dewar

Wednesday Night EC Pairs - 1st Andrzej Osinkski & Kathy Botha
                                                 2nd Derrick Newson & Joy Faulkner

Friday Night EC Pairs - 1st Derrick Newson & Joy Faulkner
                                        2nd Sarita & Vivek Mathur

Jeffrey's Bay - 1st Herman Malan & Zdenek Kucera
                         2nd Hilde Kucera & Stan Horwell

KoSPADBC Red - 1st Andrzej Osinski & Kathy Botha
                              2nd Eve Clayton & Marge Wesselo

KoSPADBC Green - 1st Gay Ford & Wilma Jurgensen
                                  2nd Cherry Ladner-Burke & David Long

Well done and congrats to you all who played and enjoyed your bridge this past quarter!  Please do visit the site and look at your standings.  We encourage those tops in Green to give Red a go in the following quarter!


Analysing Results

By clicking on "Results" in left Menu and then "Personal Analysis" you can see the entire list of players associated with EC Pairs.  By selecting a player you are able to see the detailed graph of performance since inception late July 2020.  It allows you to sort by partner or event etc and then you can click on any specific event for more detailed analysis of your play in that event.  This is a super tool for those interested in improving their partnership and/or personal play!

In the menu on left you will find additional information on how best to interpret the analysis of play.

SABF Masterpoints

Currently all EC Pairs, Kenton, JBay, St Francis Bay and PADBC events have been uploaded to the SABF for allocation of Masterpoints.  

For your own SABF Masterpoints it is recommended that you log-in to  where you can review you profile, masterpoint standing as well as view the results that were uploaded for you.

If you do not yet have a password click on "Request Access" and you will be guided to creating a password.

9th December 2021
EC Red Pairs
BBO 0945
Director: Les
Host: sabf_2
9th December 2021
EC Green Pairs
BBO 0950
Director: Ricardo
Host: sabf_2
10th December 2021
EC Night Pairs
BBO 1830
Director: Stan
Host: sabf_2
EC Night Pairs
Director: Ricardo
EC Green Pairs
Director: Rod
EC Red Pairs
Director: Les
KoS/PA Red Pairs
Director: Arie