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Xmas Prize Quiz Hand 2019
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Xmas Prize Quiz Hand 2019
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Xmas Prize Quiz Solution

West leads the club 10.  What is your declarer plan and how will you execute it?

 Declarer can count 11 tricks, ie 10 off the top and 1 diamond by force.  The 12th trick has to come from spades or by avoiding a spade loser. Had west not bid, that would be very tricky as declarer could easily lose one spade and one diamond.  Fortunately, we know west holds 6-10 of the missing HCPs, with no HCPs in hearts and surely none in clubs:  leading the 10 from Q109(x) looks desperate to say the least!  After placing west with the spade KJxxxx and, perhaps, the diamond jack, he still must surely hold the missing ace for his weak two opening?  If so, we must play both diamonds and spades through west.  So, win the lead and come to hand with the trump ace:  if both follow, take out the other trump with the king.  Now place the diamond four on the table to give west a mission impossible play (Morton's Fork coup).  If he takes his ace, declarer has time to discard two spade losers on dummy's diamond queen and club king.  If west plays low, declarer wins his diamond queen and discards the king on the club ace, so no diamond trick lost.  Now return to your spade ace and play low towards the queen for the 12th trick.

Four entries this year by the 4th Jan. deadline.  Well done to Geoff Cordingley and to Pauline McCarthy on taking very plausible lines:  suggest share top prize from our first Bayford session in 2020, ie 3rd February.  Consolation prizes for the two runners-up.  Happy New Year to everyone.

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