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Bid & Lead Prize Quizzes 2020
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Week 4, Mon. 26th & Thurs. 29th October

Two weekly bridge quizzes will be available for 24 hours each, from noon Monday and from noon Thursday. Enter as many as you like by email to from 5th October to 17th December to build points towards our popular Xmas Prize draw (separate first and runner-up prizes for both Duplicate Members and Chicago/tuition students).  Each quiz you enter should reach us by noon following the day of publication and need only provide a brief single comment such as "bid 2H" or "lead spade 10" . Early Autumn will comprise mainly bidding quizzes and late Autumn mainly opening leads.  Recommended answers and explanations will be published each Wednesday and Saturday, ranked between 5 and 0 for you to build score points. Your scores will not be published on the site unless you win a prize in December, but please keep a record of accumulated points to agree with ours! Use the print icon top left if you want a copy of the quiz and/or recommended answers (best to email us from your own contacts rather than from links on this site).  We h inviope you enjoy.

Thursday:  West to re-bid (please indicate if using a convention)

Thursday: Recommended best call:  2S (5 marks);  2C (4 marks);  2D (0 marks)

If your partnership agreed with Monday's responder raise to 2S, you may want to discuss this one, but do not adopt it unless both regular partners are happy!  If you don't want to adopt Monday's style, then always re-bid 2C with this hand. This week's recommended bids are not conventions: thay are part of Modern Acol, as compared with 1950s/1960s Acol. They follow the principle that we should test a major fit even with 3-card support provided we are at the 2-level and hold a weak shapely hand. This time it's opener with a weak hand, 11-14, and a long minor(s).  A 2C re-bid is OK, but what will you do when resoponder gives perference to 2D or even 3D (on this hand he should re-bid 2NT)?  Now it's very tempting to test 2S/3S rather than guess at NT.  If you do that, partner will know your 3154 shape, but he will expect 15+ HCPs because you failed to raise to 2S first time.  On this hand, east is now a 7-loser and will go to 4S, a likely making contract and possible top.  Many pairs will end in diamonds or 2NT.  Even if 3NT squeeks through, 3NT+1 is impossible, so +420 scoops the pot.  What if we remove the spade queen and heart ace from the east hand, say 4333 shape?  Now we pass and settle for 2 heart ruffs in dummy.  With 4 spades and 11-12, we re-bid 2NT invitational, leaving opener in good shape to place the final contract.


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