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27th Nov 2021 11:26 GMT
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Welcome to Easy Bridge Hertford

Easy Bridge Hertford is an independently-run service founded by Paul and Patricia Quayle in 2000.  We specialize in duplicate play and tuition at a "no fear" standard.  We offer weekly play and tuition sessions: click "Calendar" on left for duplicate sessions and "Tuition" for more details.

Play:  Mondays at 2:00 pm:  Duplicate Ladder Pairs (with "find me a partner" host service), based online via RealBridge.

Tuition:  click on left for details of tutored options when available online.

Fun and Friendship Online

Calendar Events for 2022

  • Click "Calendar" in the lefthand menu for all scheduled dates to April 2022.  Our Christmas recess starts from 20th December (last session, 13th December).  We resume on Monday, 17th January.
  • We try to avoid a sitout table at most sessions, so 18 to 21 boards played by all.
  • You can join any Monday session any time from 1:30 to 1:50 pm.  In our lefthand menu or righthand tab, click "Calendar" or "RealBridge Login" to open the session link.  Please leave the lobby area no later than 1:50 pm and take your seat with partner.
  • Scores are available throughout the session and at the end, both on the RealBridge site and on this site within a few minutes. You can review hands there in detail at your leisure.
  • Please ensure that your table money account remains in credit (£4.00 per session).  Email us for payment details at or on 01992 589660. If using "Payee Verification", name "Howard Quayle" works best.
  • Note on Undo requests: If you mis-click in your bidding box (without changing your mind), just click "request undo" which opponents will then allow.  If you mis-click in card play, please do not request an undo as opponents are not required to allow it.




Unplanned Cancellations

It's always worth checking this page between noon and 1:00 pm each scheduled Monday.  The "next session" notice below will be altered from OPEN to CLOSED for the relevant day.  Check no earlier than 12:00 noon.


Monday Afternoon Pairs

2:00 pm online.
Click "Calendar" for all dates.

6th December 2021
RealBridge Online
2:00 pm
13th December 2021
RealBridge Online
2:00 pm
20th December 2021
Start of Xmas Recess
RealBridge Online
RealBridge Online
RealBridge Online