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Welcome to Easy Bridge Hertford

Easy Bridge Hertford is an independently-run service founded by Paul and Patricia Quayle in 2000. We specialize in duplicate play and tuition at a "no fear" standard. We offer weekly play and tuition sessions: click "Calendar" on left for duplicate sessions.

Play: Mondays at 2:00 pm: Duplicate Ladder Pairs (with "find me a partner" host service), based online via RealBridge.

Fun and Friendship Online

Updates & Events for 2022

  • Click "Calendar" in the lefthand menu for all scheduled dates to December. We return on 26th September. Session on 19th cancelled in deference to Queen Elizabeth II.
  • We try to avoid a sitout table at most sessions, so 18 to 21 boards played by all.
  • You can join any Monday session any time from 1:40 pm. In our lefthand menu or righthand tab, click "Calendar" or "RealBridge Login" to open the session link. Please leave the lobby area no later than 1:55 pm and take your seat with partner.
  • Scores are available throughout the session and at the end, both on the RealBridge site and on this site within a few minutes (see post mortem advice below). You can review hands in detail at your leisure.
  • Please ensure that your table money account remains in credit (4.00 per session). Email us for payment details (do not use pre-July 2021 bank details) at or on 01992 589660. If using "Payee Verification", name "Howard Quayle" works best.
  • Note on Undo requests: If you mis-click in your bidding box (without changing your mind), you can click "request undo" provided partner has not subsequently called. Director should be called (opponents need to reject the undo request first). If opponents allow the undo without calling the Director, any legal replacement call stands. If you mis-click in card play, please do not request an undo as opponents are not required to allow it.
  • Announcing and alerting: EBU Rules have been updated, Sept. 2022. In our menu click "Enjoy your duplicate", then click "EBU announcing rules". Click the red link at the top if you want a printable summary.
  • Monday hand post mortems: there are many ways (perhaps too many!) to do this. For simplicity, we recommend starting from the results page on our website after clicking either "latest result" or clicking a date from the "results" lefthand tab. Do NOT click your partnership names in the ranking list as this will lock you into using BridgeWebs software linked to either BBO or BSOL graphics. Instead, click the RealBridge link shown underneath the event title date, ie the 6th small tab on the right. This will take you straight to RealBridge's own scoring analysis (provided the current session has been terminated by the Director), ie the same graphics that you can use during play if waiting for a round to end. Just select a board number to review, then click on the contract that your pair played to open the interactive hand display on the right where you can re-play trick-by-trick using the small forward arrow at the bottom left. Please note that the "makeable contracts" table shows maximum tricks possible, rather than makeable bidding levels.
  • IPads, MacBooks, iMacs & Lenovo laptops: If you are using one of these devices you might be experiencing audio/visual etc. problems, depending on software. Fixes are available from RealBridge on their website: click "Contact", then click under "Video and Sound Support Options".
  • Windows using Microsoft Edge Browser: If you have installed the latest browser version, it might be adding icons to the bidding box. Fix this via the RB website as above: click on the last option listed under "Windows".

Unplanned Cancellations

It's always worth checking this page between noon and 1:00 pm each scheduled Monday.  The "next session" notice below will be altered from OPEN to CLOSED for the relevant day.  Check no earlier than 12:00 noon.


Monday Afternoon Pairs

2:00 pm online.
Click "Calendar" for all dates.

3rd October 2022
RealBridge Online
2:00 pm
10th October 2022
RealBridge Online
2:00 pm
17th October 2022
RealBridge Online
2:00 pm
RealBridge Online
RealBridge Online
RealBridge Online