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EWBA League results update


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Update EWBA League results


New Junior Bridge section with report


Malvern Congress Swiss Pairs winners

New 'Historic News Items' page

EWBA Committee Meeting
EWBA Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will take place in Cardiff Bridge Club on Thursday 16th January at 3pm. All clubs are invited to send a representative to attend the meeting.

Minutes of the previous meeting can be found here.

Junior Bridge
Junior Bridge

Mel & Soozy putting a lot of effort into the project.

The first report on our new juniors project has come through: Juniors Report 2019-10-30

WBU news

Our chairman, Geoff Evans, attended a WBU committee meeting on 16th September, the minutes of which can be downloaded here. If you want more detailed information, please look on the WBU website.

WBU Master Points

Master Points by Name - Updated Aug 2018
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Patrick Jourdain Teams
Year 1st 2nd 3rd

Mike Best & Geoff Evans

Kevin Maddox & Tony Haworth

Ceri Pierce & Aida Aris

Debbie & Simon Richards

Ann & Mike Hirst

Diane & Filip Kurbalija


Ceri Pierce & Erik Cummins

Debbie & Simon Richards


Ann & Mike Hirst

Diane & Philip Kurbalija

Liz Atkinson & Chris Rochelle

Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davies

Trevor Towers & Geoff Evans

Mike Best & Kevin Maddox


Tim Barsby & Steve Webb

Erik Favager & R. Holloway

David Birt & Geoff Evans

Mike Best & Kevin Maddox

Sue Ingham & Aida Aris

Chris Rochelle & Gwynn Davies


Tony Ratcliffe & Patrick Jourdain

Diane & Philip Kurbalija

David Birt & Mike Best

Philip Felman & Geoff Evans

Liz Atkinson & Mia Deschepper

Mrunalini Dewan & Helen Houston


J. & H. Westcott

M. Clarke & C. Mowat

M. Sewell & B. Harden

G. Howell & P. Smith

J. Secular & A. Johns

S. Brindle & T. Campbell


David Birt & Mike Best

Philip Felman & Geoff Evans

Gordon Roxburgh & Tony Haworth

John Beard & Liam Sheridan

Tony Ratcliffe & Patrick Jourdain

John Glubb & David Jones

Patrick Jourdain 2019

Patrick Jourdain 2017         

Patrick Jourdain 2016      

Louis Lermon 2015       

Louis Lermon 2014      

Louis Lermon 2013