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The webmaster is Sue Ingham.

If you have any suggestions or material for the website please contact Sue on

Upcoming Non-EWBA Events

Dorset green-pointed Swiss Pairs Saturday 29th January 2022 11am RealBridge

Dorset green-pointed Swiss Teams Sunday 30th January 2022 11am RealBridge

For further information about the above events click here.

Wiltshire green-pointed Swiss Pairs/Teams 15th/16th March 2022.

Wiltshire are hoping these events will be face-to-face at Bath University but this will change to RealBridge if necessary.   

For further information and details on how to enter click here.

EWBA Committee Meeting
EWBA Committee Meeting
WBU Newsletter





Welcome to East Wales Bridge Association
EWBA League and Knock-out 2021/22
EWBA League and Knock-out 2021/22

The East Wales League and Knock-out competitions are run by Mia Deschepper:
The 2021/22 teams are as follows
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3

One Off In a Laydown 

Royal Bulawayo

Cardiff All Stars

Penarth Menagerie

Newport Dragons

The Outsiders

Archway (Chepstow)

Chepstow Chancers

Brecon Bees

Chepstow Archers

Rhiwbina Diamonds

The Allsorts

Ace of Clubs

Rhiwbina Ruffnecks

A Bridge Too Far



Bees Buddies



To see the names of captains and team members click here.

To see the fixtures for Division 1 click here.

To see the fixtures for Division 2 click here.

To see the fixtures for Division 3 click here.


To view current standings in the three divisions click on this link.



All teams playing in the League are entered in the knock-out. This event is handicapped, with a 25 imp bonus per division difference. The schedule is shown in the draw.  

For the KO draw and results to date, click here.

Western League

The Western League co-ordinator is Richard Welsford (, who also runs the C Team.

The A and B Teams are selected by Mike Best (

Please inform Mike or Richard of your availability. 


2021/22 Season

This season the Western League reverts to head to head matches, playing each county in turn. Matches will be played on the RealBridge platform. Matches will comprise A, B and C games, each of 24 boards. Teams of 8 may be a possibility for some matches, but the default will be teams of 4.


These are the dates (all Saturdays, with an assumed 2pm start):

2nd October v Avon

27th November v Cornwall

11th December v Wiltshire

15th January v Devon

12th February v Herefordshire

12th March v Dorset

2nd April v Somerset


Click here to view 2021/22 players and results to date.


For A Division current standings click here.

For B Division current standings click here.

For C Division current standings click here.


For final league tables for the 2021 season click on the links below

A Division

B Division

C Division

WBU News

Welsh Bridge Union News


The WBU Management Committee has resolved that the fee for annual membership of the WBU will be set at the reduced rate of £10 for the 2022/23 season (commencing April).

There will be NO CHARGE for East Wales area membership.


East Wales Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to Gwynn Davis & Sue Ingham, winners of the East Wales Mixed Pairs.  Full result below. 

Patrick Jourdain Open Teams 2021

Congratulations to Diane & Filip Kurbalija, Gwynn Davis & Sue Ingham, winners of the Patrick Jourdain Teams.  

Full result below. 

Stan Berger Pairs 2021

Congratulations to Greg Howell and Richard Stevenson, winners of the East Wales Pairs.  Full result below. 


Arthur James Bowl and Beatus Cup

Congratulations to Chris Rochelle and Simon Gottschalk, winners of the Arthur James Bowl held in conjunction with the East Wales AGM. Beatus Cup winners were Bill Parkinson and Guy Thomas

East Wales Congress Swiss Teams 2021

Congratulations to Helen Erichsen, Fiona Brown, Alan Cooke and Ollie Burgess, winners of the online Swiss Teams in a field of 40 teams. 

East Wales Congress Swiss Pairs 2021

Congratulations to Alan and Jette Bailey, winners of the online Swiss Pairs from a field of 74 pairs. 

EWBA Mixed Pairs
Patrick Jourdain Open Teams
Stan Berger Open Pairs
Arthur James Bowl & Beatus Cup