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Unicef-Children in Ukraine

             ECatsBridge Sumultaneous  Pairs - w/c 23rd January 2023                                            


ECatsBridge will be providing a set of boards for each day of the week; you can either play at your own local club, join us on-line

or join in our local Hybrid session.

Whichever way you decide to play, you'll get a "local" result as well as a "national" result.

Commentaries will be available for each of the hands played, on the day after the event.

A donation towards Children in Ukraine of £3 per player, is requested, but it's up to you whether you pay more or less.

Playing Opportunities

Date Club Venue  Results Session No. Commentary Sign-up/more info.
Monday 23rd Gt Yarmouth Bridge Club NR31 6JT: sit-down 18:30  Monday 3665  Monday click here
Tuesday 24th East Norfolk Bridge Club Online: sit-down 18:45 Tuesday 4121  Tuesday click here
Wednesday 25th       5268  Wednesday  
Thursday 26th       6141  Thursday & Friday  
Friday 27th Alpha Bridge Club NR31 6PE:sit-down 13:20 ** Hybrid event 6141   click here
  East Norfolk Bridge Club Online: sit-down 14:00  Thurs/Fri 6141  Thursday & Friday click here

** Please note that if you play on Thursday 26th, you cannot play on Friday 27th


To add to the charity collection, please click this link where you can pay via Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cheque - in all cases it is important to add the correct "payment details" - see below

If paying by Paypal on the ECatsBridge website:

Club Name - ENBC

What is this payment for - WCP

If paying by BACS/Bank Transfer

Reference - ENBC WCP


FAQs - Frequently asked Questions


What is Simultaneous Pairs?

Simultaneous Pairs is a form of Duplicate Bridge whereby the same boards are played at different locations on the same day and the results

uploaded to ECatsBridge who collate them into a national result.


What is a Hybrid event?

Hybrid events are where the same boards are simultaneously played at a local Face-to-face duplicate session as well as an online session on the same day. The results are subsequently combined to give an overall result as if all players were playing at the same table.


How much does it cost to play?

We'd obviously like to raise as much money as possible for the Children in Ukraine: the recommended amount is £3 per player (of which £2.40 goes directlty to Unicef's children's appeal). The £3 figure is not "set in stone" - you can pay more or less than this amount: it's entirely up to you....


Who are Unicef and ECatsBridge?

Unicef are an international charity that raises funds for children world-wide - further details here 

ECatsBridge have been managing national and international charity Bridge matches for over 15 years and raised well in excess of £2 million

for various charities over that period.

Last year they raised over £4,500 for Unicef charities, merely by encouraging us to play our favourite game .... further details here