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BridgeClubLive Tips
Bridge Club Live - Tips & Tricks

Table Etiquette - in the 'ChatIn' window

typ - thank you partner

glp - good luck partner

wpp - well played partner

vwpp - very well played partner

wpo - well played opposition

hlp - hard luck partner

hlo - hard luck opposition

typ - thank you partner

tyo - thank you opposition

brb - Be right back (usually by dummy when going for a coffee)

ta, tu - thank you

lol - laugh out loud


A Private Table for 4.

In the Social Room only you will see OPTIONS to start a table with your own selected table name and, optionally, with a password.


 Press Options (top left in the Social Room table view)


A Table Name is required 
A Password is Optional 



Once the password is set, inform the other 3 players. 
After having pressed REFRESH, the other 3 players see the table with a padlock 


Select a seat, enter the password to join the table.



Simple Overview of Ratings (PPI)

The PPI (Past Performance Indicator) is the estimated percentage score that a player would expect to average.

Card symbols in a BCL member profile indicate their standard.

 PPI over 55% (16% of our members)

 PPI from 51% to 55% (25% of our members)

 PPI from 46% to 51% (33% of our members)

 PPI below 46% (26% of our members)

Which rooms are rated?

The rated rooms are Daily MPS, Improvers Tourney, OPEN Individual, SUN Individual and Swiss Pairs League.

Click here and here for further details