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Need a Partner

We no longer have a host. But if you require a partner, phone David Taylor on 07908-861333

Welcome to East Midlands Bridge Club

We are a friendly club.  We pride ourselves on our welcome for novice players, to the extent that we restrict our players to Level 2 (this means that experienced players cannot play systems that make it hard for novice players to compete against).  

From Monday September 6, we will be back at Spondon playing Face-to-Face at 7 pm

For any further information contact  Liz Hall (01283 703705).


We are very sorry to hear that Alan Smith passed away on Wednesday evening, following a long illness. 

Alan was a founder member of East Midland Bridge Club.  He was also President of the DCBA.  Alan and his wife Pat were regular players at the club until her death.  But Alan continued to play bridge until his health prevented this.    Alan was always friendly and was a popular bridge player.  

Deepest sympathy is extended to his family, bridge partners and the wider bridge community.  Further information will follow.



 Congratulations to Tim Hallam and Malcolm Young the 2022 winners

shown here being presented with the trophy by Judy Lomas 

Please remember that EMBC Monday night bridge only allows Level 2 systems.

This item addresses the question "What does Level 2 mean'.  

It has been updated with the Blue Book changes (1-9-2022). 

One Level Opening Bids
A one-level opening bid in a suit must either show 11+ HCP, or show 8+ HCP and satisfy the Rule of 19.  An opening 1NT must be non-forcing. It may show any agreed range with at least 10 HCP, with no singleton or void and no 7-card suit. Within those constraints, any common English system may be played e.g.:
• Natural one-level openings (such as Acol), including the possibility of a three-card minor suit opening on some balanced hands
• Five-card majors with better minor or a short club suit
• A strong club, possibly with a nebulous 1D opening (e.g. Precision, Blue Club, Nottingham Club). The 1C opening must, by agreement, satisfy
   (a) any hand of at least 16 HCP
   (b) any hand of as few as 13 HCP in any two suits totalling 10+ cards

All standard responses are permitted, but (apart from negative responses to a Strong 1C opening, or a catch-all 1NT response) artificial weak bids in response to a one-level suit opening are not allowed.  
This means transfer responses to a short club opening are not permitted.

Two Level Opening Bids
Any opening that shows 4+ cards in the suit opened is allowed (e.g. Acol Twos, Lucas or Weak Twos, a Precision 2C opening), as is any meaning or meanings showing a hand conforming to 16+ HCP or 13+ HCP in any two suits totalling 10+ cards (e.g. Benjamin 2C and 2D openings).
A two-level opening showing a three-suited (4441, 5431 or 5440) opening bid including length (three or more cards) in the suit opened is also allowed. Alternatively, two of a suit may show a three-suited opening bid short in the suit opened (such as the Precision 2D opening).
‘Multi’ style openings are not allowed.   Neither is a 2NT opening bid showing the minors.

Click the title of this item for a summary.   Alternatively, if in doubt, please see the EBU Blue Book or ask an EMBC TD

Would you like to learn to play Bridge?

Bridge Classes are available online and can be set up on a day and time to suit you.  

If you or someone you know is interested in learning to play bridge contact Anne Townsend by email at or phone 07377 555341

Latest Teams Results

1 February 2023

EM Red lost to BR B 4 - 16 

EM White lost to Derby B 1 - 19  

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6th February 2023
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