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Competition Rules
Bridge Ladder

The bridge ladder is based on the number of local master points awarded at the club within the calendar year.  It is updated each week and there is a link to it from the home page.

Ealing Cup

The Ealing Cup is held annually and can only be won by club members.

Handicap Pairs Cup

The Handicap Pairs Cup is held annually and each pair's handicap is based on their NGS grade. It can only be won by a pair who are club members and by players whose NGS is available. Note that EBU masterpoints are given on the non-hadicapped results.

Individual and Pairs Ladders

These show the best individual and pairs scores and run concurrently with the bridge ladder. There are no cups or prizes for these two ladders.

Jane Cup (Mixed Pairs)

The Jane Cup is held annually and can only be won by a mixed pair who are club members.

John Baron Christmas Trophy

The John Baron Christmas Trophy is held at the club's Xmas party and can only be won by club members.