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About Us
John & Jane - Club Founders/Directors/Teachers

John Demeulemeester , Jane Youngberg & Ed L'Heureux

When John is not directing, he can often be found helping a group by explaining a bid or a play.

He is a very approachable director and accomplished player.

Along with Jane, he is a founding member of the club.

Jane can often be found at the microphone giving a bridge lesson before and after the game.

Ed L'Heureux and Jane Youngberg are the founders of the sister club, the Surrey Duplicate Bridge Club. 

Ed with the help of Bob Dillon has done a terrific job of developing and growing the club!




        Director/Manager: John Demeulemeester           Instructor/Director: Jane Youngberg      Instructor/Director : Ed L'Heureux
          • Gold Life Master                                                   • Gold Life Master                                      • Ruby Life Master            


                                Jane achieves Gold Life Master      


Duplicate Lite Philosophy


Mission Statement: To develop duplicate bridge in a friendly environment in South Surrey.


  1. Provide a welcoming and safe environment for all players:

    • following the zero tolerance guidelines as outlined by the ACBL.

    • Encouraging director calls

    • encouraging players to come forward to report any poor behavior and following up with appropriate consequenses

  2. Work towards the establishment of a mini bridge center and eventually our own full time bridge center.

    • investing in new programs 

    • building a fund to support the necessary investment to accomplish the establishment of a bridge center.

  3. Encourage new players to join Duplicate Bridge and provide a section for the newer player to learn and develop.

  4. Support bridge in our community, our unit, our district, and the Canadian Bridge Federation

  5. Provide lessons and continuing education

  6. Infuse the game with fun activities (special events)

  7. Support and recognize our volunteers with free plays and bridge gifts.

  8. Having 2 directors, allowing more time for explaining director rulings; allowing players to call, ask questions and share knowledge and provide support. (and make coffee)

The Phenomenal Success of Duplicate Lite

    In early 2011,  Jane Youngberg had a vision of starting a new Bridge Club in Surrey, BC.

Along with her partner Director/Manager John Demeulemeester they formed Duplicate Lite

The phenomenal success of this club is due to John's skillful directing and Jane's pleasant personality and expert teaching ability