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Membership & Partnership

   Find a Partner

  Members with no Internet
  Mike Foster..604-538-5121
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Registration & Partner Info
Registration & Find a Partner Information

How to Register

New members must register, click on "Members Only"

Follow simple instructions using your email and password, then click "Register"

Club code .....bridge2016

      To update or change your account login to "Members Only"


How to use Find A Partner

1. Click on the FIND A PARTNER  to view members requesting a partner.

2. Click on email (envelope) or phone to reply.

3. Add your own listing by clicking on.... LOGIN  (top right on request page)

4. You will be asked to enter your email and password 

If you have forgotten your Password, use forgotten password to reset 

5. Select date, partner required, (PR) also select email, phone, or mobile  -  CLICK CONFIRM

6. Use Partner Required only  (PR)   Do not select playing (PL) or not playing (NP)

7. Please remove your request when you find a partner - uncheck partner required - CLICK CONFIRM

Note: Players can list their email only giving them more choice of who they want to partner with. For best results post your request early