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BBO Etiquette

1. Fill in your profile so others can see it. 

2. Put your NAME in profile

3. Announce your system at each table (if can be different depending on partner)

4. You must alert unusual bids by clicking on alert and not in the chat box. 

5. You cannot communicate with your partner in the chat box during play.

6. Introduce yourself and your partner at each table. This way you will know who you are playing against. 

7. Be polite at all times. Save terms such as 'Well done op.' 'Hard Luck op.' ' Thanks for game.' and use them in each game.

8. If someone is abusive to you, record their name and let BBO know. The person will be sanctioned. Bridge is a game there is no place for abuse. 


President- Teresa Whitaker 
Vice President & Hon Secretary - Ruth Sheil
Treasurer - Peter Chapman
Competition Secretary - Declan Doyle
TD & Technology - David Whitaker
Tournament Directors
Declan Doyle - TD
Owen Fox - TD
Martina Lee TD - Scorer 
Ann Marie MacGoris - TD
Katharine Verso TD - Scorer
Helen Waters - TD Scorer
The Origin of Playing Cards

The origin of playing cards ♠   ♣  

Playing cards originated in China and dates back to around the year 1120.  Originally cards were used for fortune telling and gambling. 
Cards were introduced into Italy and Spain around 1370, probably coming from Egypt and were introduced in Italy in 1440.

Bridge is based on the game of whist in that 4 people play and win ‘tricks’ and dates to 16th century

Bridge may be named after the Galata bridge in Istanbul, where British soldiers crossed the bridge to a coffee house to play cards.  Harold Vanderbilt introduced a scoring system in the 1920s

Acol bridge started in England in 1930s (called after Acol Road, Kent) first book written by Ben Cohen and Terence Reese

DLGC Bridge Club

DLGC Bridge Club can trace its history back to the foundation of the Golf Club.  The first record is in 1910 when the Council discussed the need to purchase a Book of Rules on Bridge. 

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Dun Laoghaire Golf Club (Bridge Section) - News
Welcome to DLGC Bridge Club
Welcome to DLGC Bridge Club

Welcome to DLGC Bridge Club, a fully affiliated Bridge Club with CBAI since 2018. Following the AGM on Friday 23rd Sepember normal face to face live bridge commenced. There is nothing to beat the sociability and cameraderie of live bridge. It was great to witness the buzz and laughter afterwards in the bar. Bridge is played every Friday evening in the Kingstown Room at 7.00.  Monday bridge is played in the Spike Bar at 10 am. We ask players to arrive 15 minutes before the competition because it cannot be set up until the Tournament Director knows how many tables are playing. Why not come up earlier on Friday evening and treat yourself and partner to dinner before the competition? 

We are a sociable, friendly club with over 100 members at all levels of ability from beginners and novices to master players. Once a month we have dinner before bridge with a draw for partners. This adds to the sociability of the club. We welcome new members. Sincere thanks to Tournament Directors: Declan Doyle, David Whitaker, Ruth Shiel and Peter Chapman for running last season's competitions. Table money is 5 euros on Friday nights and 2 euros on Monday mornings. 

Membership: DLGC is a social club in Dun Laoghaire Golf Club (DLGC). Only members of  DLGC (Full, 6 day, 5 day, Pavilion) can become a member of DLGC Bridge Club provided they pay their annual membership. The bridge year begins in September and ends in April. The annual subscription of €30 is due in September which includes €12.50 membership of Contract Bridge Association Ireland.

Governance: The bridge section of DLGC is a social club, which is bound by the Constitution of DLGC. 

GDPR and Data Protection – Like other organisations DLGC Bridge Club is subject to Irish data protection legislation. Data is only kept for the purpose for which it is required, e.g. for DLGC Bridge Club only. Member’s contact details are kept on file in a password protected computer and sent to CBAI for membership (affiliation) purpose. Member’s data is not shared with any other external parties. Any member can opt out of receiving emails or can remove their names from the WhatsApp Group. At the beginning of each new year member are informed about their rights under GDPR and a collective consent is (option to opt out) is sought from all members.

Guests: Guests can play up to a maximum of 4 times a year in non-major competitions. 

Majors: To be eligible to win the President’s Prize, a member must have played on at least 3 club nights prior to that competition during the current year. Players who do not fulfil this condition may play in the competition but will not be eligible to win that competition’s prize. 

Player of the year

The ‘Player of the Year’ will be the member with the highest average score out of her or his 12 best competitions to include  a minimum of 4 different partners. Prizes will be awarded to the best overall player, and to the best in each category (A, B (intermediate) and N (novice)) as defined by CBAI.

Committee (2022-2023):  Teresa Whitaker (President), Ruth Shiel (Vice-President/Secretary), Declan Doyle (Competition Secretary), Peter Chapman (Treasurer), David Whitaker (TD and Technology). We’d love a few more volunteers particularly to help with the Monday competition, work on the website, set up and clear up for competitions.


Bridge Club away trip

Galway Trip

The Bridge Club outing to the Ardilaun Hotel on 3rd March was a resounding success with forty players attending. Unfortunately four people had to cancel due to winter viruses.  We gathered at 4 o'clock on Friday for refreshments, then dinner at 6 followed by bridge. Bridge again on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. People took the opportunity to take in the fresh Atlantic air by walking the prom in Salthill.  Others managed retail therapy in Galway! Saturday night we danced, sang, and told stories helped by a local musician.



President Teresa welcomes you
President Teresa welcomes you

It is a great honour and privilege to serve as President of DLGC Bridge for a second year. Some of the things that we were not able to accomplish last year

because of the pandemic, we hope to do this year. In particular, we hope to get away for a weekend of fun bridge to the Ardilaun Hotel next March. DLGC bridge

club has been in existence since 1910. It is notable that the bridge club has survived world wars, civil unrest, pandemics and recessions due to the fact that

bridge provides us with social interaction and a constant challenge. It is good for our mental health and cognitive well being. It survived Covid-19 because we

were able to continue play online on BBO thanks to Declan Doyle who made a major contribution to the development and the sustainability of the club.  Thanks to

Declan’s incredible patience many players stepped up to the plate and mastered the technology.

Sincere thanks to the outgoing members of the committee. We are grateful to Peter Daly who as Treasurer has provided excellent guidance with the accounts;

Maeve Cassidy who has worked hard on the committee for the past three years, buying prizes and acting as Covid Lead and Secretary.

We welcome our new committee: Declan Doyle who actively promoted online bridge during the pandemic and ran an interclub competions. Ruth Shiel is Vice-

President and Secretary;  Peter Chapman will help to run the Friday evening competition. Sincere thanks to my better half who is a genius with technology and 

who is acting as TD on Fridays and Mondays. 


Our mission is to serve the members and listen to what they want from the club; promote solidarity and cohesion while also developing competitions.  

Here's wishing you all a great bridge year full of fun, friendship and laughter. Wishing you good health. 

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting and Prize Giving of Major Prizes (2021-22) was held Friday 23rd September in the Kingstown Room at 7.30. The meeting was well attended. A minute's silence was observed to note the passing of longstanding member: Ellie Madden (RIP).

The following prizes were presented:

Overall Player of the Year: Margaret Leonard

Novice Section - Player of the Year: Bernadette Heneghan

B Section - Player of the Year: David Whitaker

President's Prize: Margaret Leonard & Piers Segrave-Daly

Centenary Trophy: Peg O'Mahoney and Alison Polley

Covid-19 Trophy [President's Prize to Monday players}: Angela Maher and Maria Talbot

The new committee was elected: Teresa Whitaker (President), Ruth Shiel (Vice-President and Secretary), Peter Chapman (Treasurer), Declan Doyle (Competition Secretary), David Whitaker (Technology/Bridge Pro)

Inter Club Competitions and Leagues
Inter Club Competitions and Leagues


Founded by Helen Boland in 1991

Dun Laoghaire Golf Club was very proud to host the Rose Bowl on Sunday 16th April 2023. The Competition rotates on an annual basis among 7 seven Dublin clubs: Castle, Dun Laoghaire, Edmondstown, Elm Park, The Grange, Milltown, and Rathfarnham.   This is a 'Team of 4' event, with each club being represented by two teams (56 players in total). John Royds was tournament director. DLGC was represented by Declan Doyle and Jean Hennebry, David Whitaker and Victor Ryan, Martina Lee and Margaret Leonard, Pam Cooper and Vera McCague. The evening was a great success.  The Rose Bowl was won by Edmondstown who soared ahead of the others. Congratulations to the proud winners. 

Charity Night27th January


Sincere Thanks for your generosity

In Aid of The Down Syndrome Centre

Sincere thanks for your amazing generosity and support for the Down Syndrome Centre which was established in 2014 as a service-led centre for children with Down Syndrome and their families (see The Charity night was very well attended with 100 players. Players reported that they enjoyed the event. So far, we have raised in excess of 3,200 for the Down Syndrome Centre. We will keep the iDonate page open for a month


North/South 1st Isa Saurin & Anne Banville, 2nd Martina Lee and Simon Burrell, 3rd Teresa and David Whitaker.

East West 1st Jean Hennerby & Cora Ryan, 2nd Siobhan O'Kelly and Bernie Crosbie, 3rd Maeve and Tim Cassidy. 


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President's Prize Winners 2023
President's Prize Winners 2023



We had a great turnout for the President's Prize night (15th April 2022) with 44 people attending. John Royds was the Tournament Director who successfully managed the event with great calm and patience. He brought pre-dealt hands. Our worthy winners with an amazing score of 73 per cent Tim and Maeve Cassidy.

  • 1st Tim and Maeve Cassidy
  • 2nd [joint] Theresa Murphy and Deirdre Baneham
  • 2nd [joint] Ida Murphy and Alison Polley
  • 4th Vera McCague and Pam Cooper
  • 5th Declan Doyle and Katharine Verso

The winners were also presented with the perpetual trophy for the President's Prize. Prize giving took place in the bar with light refreshments provided by Ger and Oscar. A wonderful fun filled evening was had by all. The Chief Medical Officer is encouraging people to return to face to face bridge because it is good for our health. 

CBAI Eastern Region Qualifier for the National Pairs
CBAI Eastern Region Qualifier for the National Pairs

The CBAI National Finals were played in Ennistymon in late March. Well done to those players from DLGC who participated including Vice President Ruth and her husband Cathal who came 9th out of 40 players. Others from DLGC were Vera McCague, Pam Cooper and Jean Hennebry.

Warmest congratulations to Martina Lee and her bridge partner Simon who won in the Eastern Region Qualifier for the National Pairs. What a great achievement for them and a great honour that Martina is a member of our bridge club. Well done to other participants, Ruth Shiel, Jean Hennebry, Pam Cooper and Vera McCague. You are all great ambassadors from DLGC Bridge club!