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BBO Tournaments
CBAI125512(Dundalk Bridge Club) will be running every Tuesday night 7.30pm - 21 Boards on BBO.

Some Hints for Entering BBO Tournaments.

Stay on the Competitive Page of BBO 

You must be logged onto the competitive page of BBO. If you move into the Casual side you will be seen as offline and not included in the tournament when it starts. Make sure both you and your partner are logged in at least ten minutes before start time. 


Difficulty Logging On / Tournament Starts Without You

 If you are having difficulty logging on, or if the tournament starts without you, contact the Tournament Director to let them know. Contact the Club (CABI1255120 or  dollymix or BMBK on BBO chat or ring Bernadette at 085 8598027 or


Looking for a Partner, use the Partnership Board

Where you register for the tournament on BBO, there is also a partnership board where you can add your BBO name, another club member might already be there looking for a partner, click and invite them to play with you.

The attached link is a brief supplement on EBU regulations for on-line Bridge, highlighting issues like “Illegal Communications “, “Unauthorised Information” Alerting”, Disclosure of Systems”, etc.  It is well worth reading. (Click Here) 

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Best A Mixed Pairs
Mary Hogg & Paddy Duggan
Best A Mixed Pairs
Inter A Best Local Pair
Inter A Best Local Pair
Christine Gallagher & Breda Lavelle
Congress Mixed Pairs Winners
Congress Mixed Pairs Winners
Terry Blackman & Beatrice Lawless with CBAI President Neil Burke
Regional President Eileen McEntegart, Congress President Eoin Manning & Dolores Martin Secretary
Mixed Pairs Best Local Pair
Mixed Pairs Best Local Pair
Kathleen & Eoin Manning, 
Neil Burke CBAI President
Dolores Martin Secretary


The New Season is starting in September.
We will be running:
Dundalk Bridge On Line Every Tuesday at 7.30 all members and their friends are welcome. (CBAI125512)
Live Bridge in Dundalk Bridge Centre Every Thursday 7.15 - please bring your mask.
Warrenpoint Bridge Club will be running every Thursday 7.30 vNIBU134 All members of Dundalk are welcome to join.
If anyone has any problems please contact or
Please Keep Safe
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♥ ♠  ♣  Happy New Year and here's hoping that 2022 will be an improvement on the preceding two years! .♠   ♣ 
To make things more interesting for the New Year we have been challenged to a friendly Team match against Tyler Hill Bridge Club based in Kent.

Wednesday 9th March is the proposed evening.

Each match is an individual match using random boards on BBO. 16 boards, as 2x8 stanzas with a switch at half way so that both pairs in a team play both of the opps pairs.
The teams are ranked so we match teams of similar ability so that nobody gets beaten out of the park.
No match has a director and so in the spirit of a friendly game any issues are resolved locally. 
No kibitzers are allowed. 
There is a barometer scoring on this so that all players can chart progress, as in a pairs session.
Undos are permitted in the bidding but not in the play in line with latest EBU rules.  We will be using the standard imps/VP scoring for 16 board matches.
So gather your team together and send me the names.
Should be lots of FUN!!!
Christmas Message From Our President
Dear Members,

This has been such a challenging year for us all.  Playing Bridge was, and still is, a big part of our lives and thanks to BBO we can still enjoy the game.  It definitely is not the same as meeting up with all OUR friends in the Bridge Club and hopefully we will be able to return at some stage next year.  Thank you, Bernadette and Dolores, for all your help in making it possible for us to play and also, Nuala, for your diligent work and to all others who helped in any way.

I would like to pass on my sympathy to all members that have lost loved ones over this past year.

Lastly I would like to wish all  members and families A VERY HAPPY AND PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS.

Best Wishes

Mary Berrills


Membership Fees for the Season 2021-2022 are now due.                    At last we can hope that the Club will be open for most of this season; perhaps from October as predicted.
We are indebted to the members who paid their subscriptions for the 2020-2021 season as coupled with payments from BBO we have been able to cover our expenses.These include Insurance, Gas, Water and Alarm system. Our deficit for the season is for much needed refurbishment, undertaken when Club House was vacant. Inside the Club is looking better than ever before , beautifully painted, cleaned carpet and repairs to toilet facilities.

Payment methods are the same as before.   
Looking forward to seeing you all at AGM on 17th September @ 7.30pm.
Continue to take care and keep safe.


N.E. Regional President - Peter Byrne

N.E. Regional President : Peter Byrne

Happy New Year and here's hoping that 2022 will be an improvement on the preceding two years! .

On behalf of Dundalk Bridge Club,

congratulations to Peter Byrne on accepting the position of N.E. Regional President for 2021-2022.

 Peter as the curent President has nominated Kay Goldsworthy as President Elect for 2022-2023. 

Every Tuesday at 7.30 O'Clock (21 Boards)
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You can registered up to two hours before hand for the tournament.  If you need to be unblocked text 085 8598027
Please make sure you and your partner are log in at least ten minutes before start of tournament to avoid you missing lift off.
BBO will be charging us for our tournaments in future,  BBO $3
To get your BBO$ just click on the BBO$ box which is located on the front screen just to the left of the Login/Register buttons.  Thereafter, the process is straightforward using Credit/Debit  or Paypal with a minimum purchase of BBO$20.  You will receive an immediate receipt to your email account account and your account will be debited by WWW.Bridgebase in Euro at the prevailing rate. 
 We recommend you purchase your BBO$ via your PC or Laptop. Buying them from the BBO shop, via the App on your phone or tablet is seriously more expensive. 
NB. Dundalk BBO club is  purely for fun and carry no masterpoints(at the moment) or vouchers.  We want everyone to enjoy playing with us on BBO in a competitive setting.
Remember to just Play Friendly Bridge and be nice to TDs.
Bernadette Brennan
Dolores Martin

Officers For Season 2021 - 2022
President: Mary Berrills
          Vice President: Eoin Manning
Secretary: Tony Kearon
    Treasurer: Nuala Connolly
            Committee: A.McNee (ex officio), E.Manning, B.Brennan, E.McEntegart,
             M.Cotter, R.Daly, D. Lucheroni, M.O'Brien, M.Moriarty
Tournament Directors: D.Martin, T.Kearon, B.Brennan, A.McNee
Tournament & Play Committee: S.Grimes, E.Devlin, 
Auditors: R.Daly, F.Murphy
Hon. Members: B.Corcoran
Cúchulainn Cup Winners 2020
Cúchulainn  Cup Winners 2020
Frank Davey & Pat Duff being presented with the Cúchulainn Cup  from  Ann McNee (Club President) &  Eileen McEntegart (Regional President)
Congress Winners 2019
Congress Winners 2019
Colette King & Margaret O'Hare.
1st Intermediate B Pair.
Best Local Congress Pairs
Ken Walsh & Brendan Byrne
Best Local Congress Pairs
Dundalk Salver 2019 Winners

Dundalk Salver 2019 Winners

  Maureen Walsh and Margaret Winters
with Regional President Eileen McEntegart
& Dundalk Bridge Club Vice President Mary Berrills

Hello All

Hope you are keeping safe and well.

A number of members will be familiar with the website Bridge Base Online (BBO). 

For those who would like to use BBO the following link gives clear instructions on how to Register and Play Bridge with friends on line.

This site is free -- no sign up charges or fees.

To give all who are interested the opportunity to play bridge with their friends on line from the comfort of their own homes during Covid19 a Special What’s App Group called  Bridge on Line DLK  will be set up where they can,

* look for partners
* arrange a time and date to play bridge online.
(Please confine the use of this What’s App Group to the (BBO.)

This has been discussed with and welcomed by our President Anne McNee and other members of the committee.

To join the What’s App Group your name, mobile number and username will be needed

(You will have chosen a username when joining BBO.)

 For further enquiries contact Tom at (085)8875733 or Anne at (087)9921891  

 All the Best,   Nuala Connolly

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video How to use BridgeBase

Dundalk Charity in Aid of The Birches Alzheimer Care Centre
Dundalk Charity in Aid of The Birches Alzheimer Care Centre
Mary Gaughran, Hon Secretary, The Birches, Alzheimer Day Care Centre, is presented with the proceeds of the Charity night by President Dolores Martin on behalf of Dundalk Bridge Club.
#55523 Dundalk B. C. & Friends
Director: Bernadette Brennan
Dealer: BBO
# 16868 Dundalk B.C & Friends
Director: Bernadette Brennan
Dealer: BBO
Briege Quinn RIP

 It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Briege Quinn on Friday 7th January 2022.

 Briege was a long time supporter of Dundalk Bridge Club and served on the committee for many years.

 We extend our sympathies to her family.       

      May She Rest In Peace.  ​​​


(1) Bank Transfer: Please email Nuala for bank details or text her 0877991076 for same.

(2) Cheque or Postal Order made out to Dundalk Bridge Amenity Centre and posted in to the club, Ramparts, Dundalk

(3) You can call in to Bernadette Brennan at Don Keating, Distillery Lane, Dundalk

Here are the Links to above so you can have a greater choice of Clubs to play in. 
The procedure is very simple:  
For the First game in a New Club:
Contact Club TD with Names, BBO Names & CBAI Numbers
 to be added to the participants list.                                              
CLICK on CBAI at top left of page, then scroll down until you see "List of CBAI Virtual Clubs" and then CLICK here at centre of article