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Play with Cookie Tuesday Morning for a $5.00 Afternoon Game

Play in Cookie's Tuesday morning 299er game and
pay only $5.00! for the 1:00 PM 750 Section!

$5.00 for the 2nd game!

299er Pass Program Oct-Dec and Fri AM 299er Game is Back

Back by popular demand we are re-starting the 299er "Shoulder Season Pass Program." Effective October 1, 2019, if you have 299 masterpoints or less on that date, you are eligible to purchase "The Pass." Pass pricing is $75 for one month or $200 for 3 months for October, November and December. The Pass allows you to play in an UNLIMITED number of games at DBC--that's 8+ games a week, morning or afternoon, restricted or open, new facility and old. You may sign up for this great value-offer with Sean.  The Unit's hosted December 1 Holiday Game is not included.




As a 503(c)(3) organization your donations to Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  You might want to consider donating appreciated stock that has been held for at least one year.  In doing so your tax deduction is the fair market value of the stock on the date of donation (not what you paid for the stock).  You also avoid paying capital gains tax (usually 15% of the gain) if you transfer the stock directly to Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation (as opposed to selling it and donating the proceeds). 

Should you wish to donate stock to Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation the following information needs to be to be provided to your broker:

  • DTC # 0226
  • Fidelity Account # Z48-721996

Your contribution will go towards the construction of your new bridge center and would be most welcome.  Make personal checks payable to CVBF, c/o Guy Brackett, 1595 S. San Joaquin Drive, Palm Springs, CA  92246.

Sign on by clicking above and choose Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation.

or you can send your tax deductible check to CVBF c/o Guy Brackett, 1595 S. San Joaquin Drive, Palm Springs 92264.

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Gitt Award Rules of Contest

Conditions of Contest
The 299er Award at Duncan Bridge Center
sponsored by Marilyn and Jerry Gitt

Purpose:  To promote player skill-development in the game of duplicate bridge among our advancing players.

Eligibility:  All ACBL members having earned less than 300 masterpoints at the start of the qualifying period.  Determination of masterpoint holdings will be based on the published ACBL report of earned masterpoints on or about March 10 and September 10, prior to each qualifying period

2 Qualifying Contest Periods/Year:  April 1  through September 30 and October 1 through March 31.

Award:  25 Free Game passes for games held at Duncan Bridge Center, Palm Desert, CA, for each qualifying period. Unit Games played at DBC are included.

Winners:  There will be 3 winners in each qualifying period, one each from three (3) categories of  masterpoint-holdings.

Categories:  0 to 49, 50 to 149, and 150 to less than 300 masterpoints.

How to Win:  Earn the most masterpoints in your starting-category during the qualifying contest period in games held at Duncan Bridge Center.  Masterpoints earned at other venues and overall points scored at the district level will not be counted toward the award for purposes of this competition.

Free Passes:

  • Redeemable at Duncan Bridge Center only.  Exception:  3 Unit Games:  The Annual Unit Election Game, Unit Awards Game and Unit Holiday Game.
  • Valued at regular card fee rate.  Any additional fees charged by a director for Special Event, STaC and/or Charity Games, will be paid by the Free Pass holder.
  • Free Passes are transferable.  Holders may use more than one pass at a game, i.e.:  treat a partner.
  • Free passes for this qualifying period will be issued for use during a 12 month period, expiring a year after issue.

Contact for any additional questions or call 760 318 4266