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New 0-20 Section

As you requested, a 0-20 Section has been added to Marie's Friday morning 299er Game!  Come and Learn.

Play with Cookie Tuesday Morning for a $5.00 Afternoon Game

Play in Cookie's  and Marie'sTuesday
and Friday morning 299er games and

pay only $5.00! for the 1:00 PM 750 Section!

$5.00 for the 2nd game!


As a 503(c)(3) organization your donations to Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  You might want to consider donating appreciated stock that has been held for at least one year.  In doing so your tax deduction is the fair market value of the stock on the date of donation (not what you paid for the stock).  You also avoid paying capital gains tax (usually 15% of the gain) if you transfer the stock directly to Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation (as opposed to selling it and donating the proceeds). 

Should you wish to donate stock to Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation the following information needs to be to be provided to your broker:

  • DTC # 0226
  • Fidelity Account # Z48-721996

Your contribution will go towards the construction of your new bridge center and would be most welcome.  Make personal checks payable to CVBF, c/o Guy Brackett, 1595 S. San Joaquin Drive, Palm Springs, CA  92246.

Sign on by clicking above and choose Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation.

or you can send your tax deductible check to CVBF c/o Guy Brackett, 1595 S. San Joaquin Drive, Palm Springs 92264.

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Welcome to Duncan Bridge Center


Mick's Class & Sean's Brown Bag

Mick's Wednesday 11/6, 9:00 AM  to 11:00 AM, $20:
Western Cue Bidding--the Modern Way!

Wednesday 11/6, 11:15 AM to Noon
Join Sean for this Wednesday's Brown Bag FREE lesson.
Topic:  Forcing and Non-Forcing Notrump
Pack a lunch and stay for the game!

499er Pass Program Oct-Dec - Pay Once Play ALL Games using your monthly PASS

Back by popular demand we are re-starting the 499er "Shoulder Season Pass Program." Effective October 1, 2019, if you have 499 masterpoints or less on that date, you are eligible to purchase "The Pass."

Pass pricing is $75 for one month or $200 for 3 months for October, November and December. The Pass allows you to play in an UNLIMITED number of games at DBC--that's 8+ games a week, morning or afternoon, restricted or open, new facility and old. You may sign up for this great value-offer with Sean.  The Unit's hosted December 1 Holiday Game is not included.


Pass Length
A Home of our Own

November 7, 2019

Dear Friends and Players,

We are expecting completion of construction of the Duncan Bridge Center in the Wernick Family Building by December 1. This new facility has been the goal of the Coachella Valley Bridge Foundation (CVBF) ever since Ray and Jan Duncan envisioned a "home of our own."  We will start to hold games there as soon as the tables and chairs are moved, approximately mid December.  We are planning a Grand Opening Gala Celebration in mid January.  This will be your celebration and a truly fun day with a few surprises planned.  It wil be a DO NOT MISS event.  I will let you know as soon as the date is confirmed.

Duncan Bridge Center is unique.  It is the only wholly-owned tax-deductible and charitable dedicated center in the Valley.  It gives back 100% of its revenues to the bridge playing community.  We appreciate your support of this Center so that we are able to continue our mission.

Now comes a new goal!  We will have a loan from Bob Wernick for the balance of the cost of the building.  We will strive to pay him back as soon as possible.  When this has been paid off, CVBF will be in a position to lower card fees and bring affordable bridge to many more players.  We are dedicated to bridge instruction and will have a dedicated class room. Thanks to all of you who have given already.  If you have not donated to the CVBF, please consider doing so, so that others may continue to learn and enjoy the game.
Donations may be made payable to CVBF, c/o Brackett, 1595 S. San Joaquin Drive, Palm Springs, CA  92264

Beverly Hartin and the CVBF Board of Directors




Aft Open Stac
Director: Sean Lui
Morn 399er
Director: Cookie Ostrow
Aft Open
Director: Mick Riccio
Director: Marie Covey
Friday Afternoon Session
Director: Sean Lui
Nov 11, 2019
Aft 0 - 750 Stac
Director: Bob Price
Nov 12, 2019
Morn 299er - Stac
Director: Cookie Ostrow
!!: 2nd Game $5.00 !!
Nov 12, 2019
Aft 0 - 750 Stac
Director: Bob Price
Nov 12, 2019
Aft Open Stac
Director: Sean Lui
Nov 12, 2019
Director: Sean Lui
New Reservation System

Use the reservation system at http://cloud.bridgefinesse.com/C263830Profile.html to reserve a spot for one of our games.


I/N Winners Circle

Welcome to the under 750 Winners Circle 
Congratulations to our advancing players for the week of 10/28!

Afternoon 750 Section

Mon-N/S   Jana McCormick & Marcy Blumstein
         E/W  Linda Voelker & Bill Germana
Tues-N/S   Linda Miller & Judi Henwood
         E/W  Maureen Soichuk & Peter Hirschmiller
Wed-N/S    Robin Bollinger & Tae Kim
         E/W  George & Cressy Sayse
Thu-N/S    Mary & Fred Flegal
         E/W  Carolyn Oakson & John Bowden
Fri-N/S      Jerome Halperin & Susan Anderson
         E/W  Jerome Weinstein & Carl Birnberg
Sat-N/S     Myrna Odwak & Bernice Lane   
       E/W   Diasy Spitzer & Herb Bernstein

Morning 299er

Tue-N/S   Mike Harper & Nick McCully
        E/W  Jane & Paul Gray
Fri- N/S    Ron & Lorraine Berube
        E/W   Nick McCully & Carolyn Oakson

Morning 399er

Sat-N/S   Janet Rasmussen & Yvonne Montgomery
       E/W  Fran Prelesnik & Pam Campbell
       E/W  Daisy Spitzer & Herb Bernstein
       E/W  Leslie Lowman & Carolyn Radin